The popular resort of Psalidi is located on the east coast, near Kos, the capital of Kos. You can reach it in just 10 minutes by renting a car. And a car can come in handy for a day of sightseeing and entertainment.

In Psalidi there is mostly a pebble coast. The sea is calm and clean. When the winds blow, it is an ideal place for water activities. From here, you can see the Turkish coast, which makes the scenery even more picturesque.

This place is ideal for family holidays with children. There is a park nearby, a lot of greenery, there is entertainment for both adults and children.

What to do in Psalidi

The first thing you'll want to do is to relax on the beach and swim in the sea. There is a kitesurfing and windsurfing center, where you can try your hand at conquering the waves. Also offer other water activities: diving, surfing, banana and catamaran rides, sailing. The latter is especially romantic during sunset.

Here you can play golf, go horseback riding along the picturesque coast, taste the Mediterranean cuisine in the cozy cafes and go shopping in gift stores.

Near the main beach is a reserve with a salt lake. You can take a bike tour here, come by car or walk on foot. In summer, the lake dries up, but you can admire the lush vegetation and many birds.

But the vacation in Psalidi does not end there. Nearby there is a place called Termes, which is suitable for recuperation and hot baths in sulfur springs. They flow directly into the sea and are available to every visitor.

In Psalidi you should enjoy the surrounding nature, fresh air and sea relaxation. Take cool pictures that will remind you of this beautiful place.

Best time to visit

Kos has a typical Mediterranean climate. The temperature rarely drops below +10 in winter and rises above +30 in summer. The resort season starts in mid April and lasts until October. The hottest months are July and August.

September and October are considered the velvet season and this is the most comfortable time for swimming and lying on the beach. Plus during this period there is a huge amount of fruit.

In summer it can be very hot and the only salvation is a beach holiday. The rest of the year on the island is good for exploring the local attractions and strolling through parks, nature reserves and picnics outdoors.