At a distance of 14 km from the capital of Samos is the port town Pitagorion, also known as Pythagorio. The best way is to drive yourself, because this way you can visit all the most interesting things at a convenient time for you. It only takes 20 minutes to get there.

It is named after the famous mathematician and thinker Pythagoras. The settlement is considered the oldest on the island and preserves the history of the sunny land. It contains the island's main attractions, beautiful beaches and colorful tavernas. The narrow streets, the Greek-style houses, the flowering trees and the ruins of the ancient buildings add to the special atmosphere of Pythagorio.


The first thing to do is to go to the Pythagorion Archaeological Museum. It has a huge collection of ancient exhibits: everyday objects, sculptures, ceramics and external archaeological excavations. In this way you can better immerse yourself in the millennial history of Samos.

Be sure to take a walk along the waterfront, look at the statue of Pythagoras against the background of moored yachts. There are several other museums, an art gallery and ancient ruins in the settlement.

The most important sights are a little outside the center, so after exploring the settlement go straight to the Eupalinos Tunnel and the Temple of Hera.

The tunnel can be reached by car in just 5 minutes, or you can walk and spend 20 minutes enjoying the surrounding nature. This place has great historical significance. As far back as the 5th century BC it was used to bring water to the city. Now the tunnel is one of the most visited places on the island.

5 km from the city are the remains of the temple of Hera. This is an archaeological museum under the open sky. Here you will learn the legends about the goddess and Zeus, see the tall columns and picturesque ruins

What else to do in Pythagorio

  • Take a boat trip to the small neighboring island of Samiopoula; 
  • Visit the nearby beaches of Potocaki or Ireo; 
  • Check out the cozy taverns and restaurants; 
  • Nature lovers can visit the nature reserve in the Aliki Lagoon with its many birds and landscaped lake.

Local food

The food of Samos island is of a high quality. Even in ancient times, Hippocrates and Galen said so. Here they grow delicious olives, citrus fruits, prepare dairy products and excellent cheeses.

And since Pythagorion is located on the seashore, its restaurants and tavernas always have freshly caught fish and seafood dishes.

Be sure to try the traditional Greek salad, moussaka and stuffed peppers with tomatoes. Island recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, so wherever you go, you'll be treated to delicious, fresh and varied food.