There are many natural attractions on the island of Rhodes and one of them is the Seven Springs Reserve (or Epta Piges), which you must visit while vacationing here. With great force on the territory pours a spring of 7 places. This is the only body of fresh water on the island. The springs flow into a lake with crystal clear water. It is not allowed to swim in it, so as not to pollute and disturb the aquatic ecosystem.

You can come here by yourself to enjoy the atmosphere and take a rest. From Rhodes it's only a 30 minute drive (26 km). 

The Legend of Seven Springs

On the territory of the reserve there is a narrow tunnel. The locals have given this place a special belief: if you pass through the tunnel, without stopping once, you can be purified from the 7 sins. It is also said that a person who walks in the darkness to the light, rethinking his life and gets rid of negativity, while getting inspiration for new achievements. And girls can wash from all the springs and become 7 years younger (so the legend goes).


When you enter you will immediately notice the local nature. Centuries-old pine trees provide shade, so it's a great place to hide from the scorching heat. You will walk along wooden bridges and paths, look at a small waterfall, take a lot of pictures. The protected forest is amazing in its beauty and the number of animals you can meet on the walk.

In the lake swim rare fish Gizani, eels and crabs. Nearby is a cafe, on the territory of which boldly walk geese, ducks, peacocks and even goats. Interestingly, the birds are so used to tourists that they can come up to you and ask for food. Here you can eat Greek food and rest near the source.

If you want to tickle your nerves, then do not miss the tunnel. Its length is 180 m in complete darkness. The only place where sunlight breaks through is in the center (the light shaft).

It is so narrow that two people can not pass each other. So if you dare to come in here, there's no turning back. You will have to walk through the cold water that flows through the tunnel. It can be slippery, it is better to stick to the walls. All kinds of thoughts spring to mind along the way, but when you get to the end and see the light, the feeling of happiness and joy is assured!

You should come to Seven Springs to walk through the reserve, walk through the tunnel, have a delicious lunch with tame birds and feel the atmosphere, which is covered with legends. This place is ideal for nature lovers and for measured, hikers.