Corfu has an amazing place, which is especially loved by couples and lovers. Sidari is a resort on the northern part of the island. Its main feature is a tunnel of rocks into the sea, called the "Love Canal". Legend has it that by crossing it, a couple in love can make their love eternal.

In the capital of Kerkyra you can rent a car and travel around the island at your convenience. Thus, the distance to Sidari is about 37 km (one hour drive time).

Why to come here:

  • to see a natural landmark and experience the atmosphere of romance;
  • to do sea and beach activities; 
  • to experience the most beautiful sunset on the island;
  • to take healing clay baths; 
  • visit the water park.


There are no historical and architectural monuments in Sidari. The main charm of this region is the "Canal of Love. Locals give it a mystical meaning, so romantically inclined people come here with the goal to swim through the tunnel and meet their love. If you already have a soul mate, this ritual should strengthen your feelings.

Leaving the legend aside, it's just very beautiful and you can take great pictures here. A bonus is the clearest water and deeper bottom between the rocks, which is ideal for those who want to dive deeper.

Other activities

The beach infrastructure is quite developed, so visitors can rent sun loungers, enjoy water activities, eat delicious food in the beachside taverns and meet the most beautiful sunset from the top of the mountain.

The sea activities offered in Sidari are diving, surfing, water skiing, motor boats, bananas and inflatable mattresses. There are also excursions to Otony Island, or you can take a boat from local fishermen and go there on your own. There is a cave, ruins of a Venetian castle and an old church.

To get your adrenaline pumping, you can fly a paraglider. The local scenery is particularly nice from above.

Be sure to get off the beach and walk through the nearby villages, along pleasant flower-filled streets with neat houses, past citrus orchards and olive groves. Climb the rugged cliffs, breathing in the scent of the sea breeze and green trees.

If you're traveling with kids, the water park is worth a visit. Steep slides, playgrounds, pools and other activities are sure to delight little and big visitors alike.

Local Food

Sidari offers a good selection of restaurants and taverns where you will taste a variety of Greek dishes. Traditional Greek salad, grilled dorado fish, moussaka, shrimp in tomatoes and vegetable pie are something everyone at the resort should try. And crisp, fresh bread is served here for free.

A good dessert will be waffles with homemade jam or honey, delicate cheesecakes, refreshing ice cream and fragrant, juicy fruits.

You can also try not only local but also Asian, Mexican, European and Indian cuisine.