Situated 89 km from the capital of Mitilini is the small and cozy village of Sigri. If you travel around the island by rented car, it is definitely worth stopping here to get a taste of the real Greece. The road will take about 2 hours along the olive groves.

It is not a very popular place among tourists, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Why come here:

  • to relax away from large crowds of people;
  • to visit the main architectural sights;
  • to dine in atmospheric taverns and restaurants;
  • to go kitesurfing;
  • to go the Petrified Forest.


Lovers of architecture and history can see the ruins of a Turkish fortress on the edge of the harbor of Sigri.

The church of Agia Triada was built by the Turks in the form of a mosque, a reminder of the time when the island was dominated by the Ottoman Empire.

Next, visit the Natural Science Museum, which has an excellent collection of fossils. It holds the history of 20 million years ago. You can see dinosaur skeletons, plant fossils, and various stuffed animals, some you can even touch. An interesting feature of the museum is the earthquake simulator, which is very popular with children. The museum is also the center for management, research and conservation of the Petrified Forest.

The Petrified Forest

At 8 km from Sigri is a wonder of the island - the Petrified Forest. Its area is 150 km square. Walking around the park you can see the trunks of trees and their root system, walled in stone. This phenomenon happened thanks to a volcanic eruption. And once there were forest thickets on the territory. Today it is the main natural monument on Lesbos and a UNESCO Geopark.

Other activities

In addition to the historical sites in Sigri, the village of Sigri is a great place to relax on the shores of the Aegean Sea. There is a surf center here, so fans of extreme sports will enjoy kitesurfing or windsurfing, and beginners can take lessons and try to ride the waves.

Snorkel or dive. The seabed along the west coast is rich and varied.

Go for a bike ride in the area, play volleyball or badminton on the beach, visit the Roman baths or the spa. The taverns along the sea offer fresh traditional food and beautiful views.

The village of Sigri attracts tourists who appreciate a less crowded holiday. Unlike other cities on the island it is quiet and peaceful at any time of the year, so you can enjoy plenty of privacy with nature and ancient history.