Untouched snow-white beaches, clear sea, dense mangrove forests, rich flora and fauna, and a large water park - all this fits in a beautiful place, in Sirinath National Park. It covers an area of 90 km2 in the northwestern part of Phuket.

It is easily accessible directly from the airport. If you travel around the island in a rental car, from anywhere on the island, the road will take no more than an hour.

Locals love to fish and eat here, and tourists come to relax and enjoy the surrounding wildlife.

What to do in Sirinath Park

  • Explore all the beaches in the park;
  • Visit the Jungle Splash Water Park;
  • Walk through mangrove forests and meet relict reptiles;
  • See red-listed turtles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs;
  • Dive along coral reefs;
  • Picnic on the beach under the shade of trees.

Park Guide

There are 3 beaches along Sirinath: Mai Khao, Nai Yang and Nai Ton.

  • Mai Khao is the closest to the airport. Its main feature is the white sands and turtles. This place is ideal for those who like a quiet holiday without much entertainment. Any infrastructure can interfere with the reproduction of reptiles. Also here you can watch the flying planes and take great pictures.
  • Nai Yang is ideal for exploring the underwater world. Come here to do scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach with clean sand is surrounded by tropical thickets and rocky headlands.
  • Nai Ton beach is quite sparsely populated. There is not a large influx of tourists due to the not quite convenient location, but there are excellent restaurants on the coast and a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. It is more convenient to get here by car.

Exploring the local beaches can be combined with a walk through the mangroves. On the territory you can see the black, white and red varieties of trees. These unsightly-looking plants are important to the locals. There was a time when they saved the population from a tsunami because of their powerful roots. The mangrove area is also much loved by varans, crustaceans, and mangrove snakes.

At the northern end of the park is the unusual Tachachai Trail. It has the advantage of offering the best views of the mangroves and rare plants. A special atmosphere is created by crabs that hide in the sand and make melodious sounds.

For vacationers with children and just lovers of water fun in Sirinat is a water park. Here you will find steep slides, plenty of pools with sun loungers and a children's town with rides.

A picnic on the beach is the perfect way to end the day. Especially if you arrange it at sunset. Such emotions will be remembered for a long time.


Separate attention are sea turtles that nest on the beach. If you come in the period from November to February, you can observe a unique spectacle - laying eggs in turtle nests. However, you should never touch them, but report your find to the park staff.

The found eggs are brought to the Marine Biological Center, where they incubate under the strict supervision of specialists. And in April-May the pups are released into the sea.