The rocks that were under water in the distant past are now Meteora, "soaring in the air." It is a complex of monasteries, which is located on the inaccessible tops of the cliffs. Today there are 6 sanctuaries out of 24.

No camera can capture this place, so you have to visit it and see the miracle of light with your own eyes at least once in your life. Centuries-old relics and monasteries astound with their beauty and uniqueness. To get here from Athens you will need a rental car and 4 hours.

Things to do at Meteora:

  • visit the soaring monasteries;
  • stop by the village of Kastraki, which is located between the rocks or Kalambaka;
  • visit local workshops where you can buy unique products;
  • see an ancient cave;
  • ride a mountain bike.

Soaring Monasteries

An unusual place where nature and the creation of human hands are reunited. On almost every rocky peak there is a monastery. Of the once active 24, only 6 structures remain today: 2 female and 4 male monasteries. The rest lie in ruins or destroyed completely.

An interesting fact is how these sanctuaries were built. After all, the place is difficult to access and is at an altitude of 600 m.

Now tourists can climb to the monasteries on stone steps or suspended winches. In the past monks had to walk up hinged wooden stairs or in special nets, which were pulled up by other monks. The rest of the people visited the shrines in the same way.

Meteora is an amazingly beautiful place. They come here to look at the unusual pillar-shaped rocks, interesting buildings on top of them, to explore the ancient inscriptions, sacred relics and feel the local atmosphere. This place is hard to convey in words, it is better to see once.

In addition to the shrines you can admire the sunset or sunrise from the observation decks, hiking trails and enjoy the nature. This is a great place for rock climbing enthusiasts.

If you have time left, be sure to check out the villages nearby. Here you can taste the local cuisine, visit the workshop and souvenir stores, museums and other attractions.

Local food

Cafes and restaurants are located in the local villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka. The atmosphere of the institutions will delight you with their homelike atmosphere and delicious cuisine. You can enjoy juicy grilled or spit meat: lamb ribs, pork kebabs, homemade sausages. Panellinio serves perfect Greek moussaka (stuffed vegetable casserole), and at Meteora you can walk into the kitchen and choose your favorite dish from there. If you're in Kalambaka and want to try a delicious dessert with coffee, check out Zoomserie. Here they offer the most delicate pudding "spatula", homemade jam and national halva.