When you rent a car in Croatia, it's essential to know the ins and outs of the country's toll roads and car ferry options to make the most of your trip. In this article, we will cover the quality of roads, toll fees, and car ferry services that await you in Croatia.

Quality of Roads in Croatia

Croatia boasts well-maintained roads and highways that make driving a pleasure. The country does not require a vignette; instead, it utilizes a toll system for the use of its highways. Major highways are in excellent condition, with clearly marked signs and regular rest areas, while secondary roads may vary in quality but are generally satisfactory.

Toll Roads and Fees in Croatia

Croatian toll roads are a part of the Autocesta network. Here are the major highways with tolls, their routes, when it's worth using them, toll fees, and payment methods:

  • A1 (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik): The most important highway in Croatia, connecting the capital with the Dalmatian coast. It's ideal for reaching popular coastal destinations quickly. Toll fees vary depending on the distance traveled, starting from around 15 HRK (approximately 2 EUR) and going up to 200 HRK (approximately 27 EUR). Payment methods include cash (HRK), credit cards, and the ENC electronic toll collection device.
  • A3 (Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac): This highway connects the country's western border with Slovenia to the eastern border with Serbia. The route is useful for those traveling across the country or to neighboring nations. Toll fees range from 10 HRK (approximately 1.3 EUR) to 90 HRK (approximately 12 EUR).
  • A6 (Zagreb – Rijeka): This highway connects the capital with the city of Rijeka, a gateway to the Istrian Peninsula and the Kvarner Gulf. Toll fees range from 10 HRK (approximately 1.3 EUR) to 45 HRK (approximately 6 EUR).

Car Ferries in Croatia

Croatia is home to over a thousand islands, making car ferries an essential mode of transportation. Jadrolinija, the main ferry operator, offers numerous routes connecting the mainland with the islands and between islands. Prices vary depending on the route, vehicle size, and season but generally start from 100 HRK (approximately 13 EUR) for a standard car and two passengers. Check the Jadrolinija website for updated schedules and fees.