When you rent a car in Rhodes, the island's diverse landscapes and historical sites become easily accessible, allowing you to explore at your own pace. This article will cover the quality of roads, toll roads and fees, and car ferries in Rhodes, so you can plan your journey with confidence.

Quality of Roads in Rhodes

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, has a well-maintained road network with main roads being in good condition. Secondary roads, especially in mountainous areas, can be narrower and more winding, so extra caution is advised. The island of Rhodes does not require a vignette for car travel.

Toll Roads and Fees in Rhodes

There are no toll roads on the island of Rhodes. All major highways, including the island's main road connecting Rhodes Town to Lindos, are toll-free. This means you can drive around the island without worrying about additional costs. Keep in mind, however, that parking fees may apply in some popular areas like Rhodes Town and Lindos.

Car Ferries in Rhodes

Rhodes offers car ferry connections to other nearby Greek islands and the mainland, allowing you to extend your road trip beyond the island. Some popular routes include:

  • Rhodes to Symi
  • Rhodes to Kos
  • Rhodes to Patmos
  • Rhodes to Piraeus (Athens)

Ferry prices vary depending on the route, time of year, and the type of vehicle you are transporting. Expect to pay between €40 and €100 for a car, plus an additional fee for each passenger. Check with individual ferry operators for up-to-date schedules and pricing.