On the east coast of the island of Zakynthos lies the lovely resort of Tsilivi. From the capital of Zakynthos it is only 6 km away. By car or rental car it is a mere 15 minutes drive.

Tsivili is attractive with its infrastructure, clean beaches and clear sea. You will not find any important historical monuments here. Its beauty is in beach recreation and entertainment.

What to do:

  • have breakfast at a local tavern with national dishes;
  • visit the amusement park or water park, a great place for a trip with children;
  • play mini-golf or bowling;
  • visit stores and souvenir stores;
  • go to the beach and swim in the azure sea.

Among the attractions in Tsilivi is the maritime museum. Here you can learn about the development of the history of the sea since the 17th century and see exhibits of Byzantine ships that tell the history of maritime transport.

The sea and the beach

Tsilivi beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag. This indicates that it is clean enough, well maintained, with clear sea and compliance with safety standards. The sea here is shallow, so it is ideal for relaxation with children and for those who do not know how to swim.

In addition to a quiet beach holiday in Tsilivi you can rent a water bike or skis, and have fun riding on the sea waves. Along the coast there are many sports and water facilities.

Local food

Traditional recipes and cooking methods make the local dishes especially delicious. Greeks are very fond of adding olive oil, lemons, tomatoes and aromatic spices.

In the taverns of Tsilivi you must try:

  • Sarza dish (beef, sheep cheese, garlic and tomatoes);
  • Scordostubi (eggplants, tomatoes and garlic in olive oil);
  • Mizitra cheese (with honey or sugar added, of course);
  • for dessert, you can have mandolato (a mixture of eggs, almonds and honey) or nougat, curabier and different kinds of honey.

Finish off with a Greek-style coffee or an invigorating fresh fruit juice.


The symbol of the island is the turtle Caretta. Therefore, it is the main souvenir. You can buy a magnet, a children's toy or just a turtle figurine.

Products of local craftsmen are especially popular: ceramics, embroidered tablecloths, carpets, leather goods and jewelry.

Pastilles and local sweets, honey, olive oil and wine are brought from here.

When is the best time to visit

The tourist season begins from May to October. Beach lovers will enjoy a fairly stable, warm weather. If you want to swim in the sea, it is better to come in June. Tsilivi is a holiday village, so in winter time here will not be so interesting.