In the southernmost part of the island there is a beach called Vlihada, which is unique in its beauty. Steep cliffs with bizarre patterns, black sand and a coastline of 2 km. Many say it is the most picturesque beach in Santorini.

The infrastructure is underdeveloped, but there are sun beds with umbrellas and a few cafes, stores. This holiday is suitable for lovers of relaxation and unusual nature.

From Thira, the best way to get by rental car. The road takes only 20 minutes and you'll find yourself in a sparse, authentic and wonderful place.

What to do at the beach

People come here to admire the mighty rocks that resemble the Martian landscape. It seems as if you are on some other planet. You get great pictures in this place.

On the soft volcanic sand is nice to sunbathe, although you can rent sunbeds. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but because of the frequent winds the sea can be restless.

There is no entertainment as such, so on the beach Vlihada need to relax and unwind. Walk along the shoreline, looking at the rocky landscapes. In some places, there are caves where you can climb and hide from the scorching sun.

There is a bar on the beach where you can grab a snack and a refreshing drink. But if you go a little higher, there are several more cozy taverns and stores within a 10-minute walk. Here they offer delicious Mediterranean cuisine and you can buy a souvenir that will remind you of this trip.

Excursion ships come here and it is a great opportunity to see other coasts, scuba diving and swimming in the open sea.

Café and local food

There's Theros Wave Bar on the beach near the sun loungers, where you can order food or drinks and take a free sun lounger under an umbrella. It serves delicious Greek food and cocktails, and the staff is pleasant.

A little further down the beach is the Family Taverna with homemade food. Cozy atmosphere, reasonable prices and always fresh food. Be sure to try the grilled fish, fava (national pea puree), zazziki and Greek salad.

Restaurant "To Psaraki" pleases with beautiful views of the sea and yachts and special offer (catch of the day). You should also order sardines with greens, dolma, and for dessert - homemade baklava.

And "Taverna Dimitris Vlichada" will surprise not only with delicious food, but also with live music. There is a homely and soulful atmosphere and a wide variety of dishes.

Best time to visit

To enjoy not only the local views, but also to swim in the sea, it is best to visit from May to September. Any other time is windy and the sea gets cold. But if you are vacationing in Santorini from October to April, you should not miss the chance to see Vlihada in the cooler season. The beach will open up to you from the other side.