On the west coast of Kaliningrad stretches an interesting village Yantarny. It is home to the world's only plant for the production of precious stones - amber (its mining and processing). Here you will find everything you need for a good rest and a healthy pastime.

From the capital Kaliningrad is more convenient to travel by rented car. The road will take about an hour (49 km) and you can, without hurrying to explore the main attractions, stroll through the cozy streets, which have preserved the buildings of the 20th century and visit the local beach. This is especially convenient if your time is limited to one day.

The main landmarks

To learn more about the history of Yantarny, to learn how it developed, while listening as well as seeing for yourself, first go to:

  • Amber Castle Museum

It is located in one of the parts of the defensive fortress. Here tourists will see exhibits from years past: antique furniture, objects were, German crockery and weapons. History touches upon the times of German and Soviet rule. There is a room where prisoners were tortured and hidden.

  • Amber Factory

One of the main attractions of the region, which should be visited by everyone. You will learn about the processes of mining, processing, and creating products from amber. You can also try to build your own jewelry.

You should definitely take a walk through the Becker Park. It is a historical monument and the main place of interest for amber jewelers. It is a historical monument and the main pearl of the village. On the territory stretches picturesque alleys with rare plants and trees, sculptures. There are viewing swings over the precipice, where you can admire the sea and the beach.

On the territory there are cafes, hold fairs of local artists, where you can buy a unique product as a souvenir.

Lovers of temples can visit the Orthodox Church of the icon of Kazan Mother of God. It has preserved the historical appearance of the Lutheran church.


The beach line of Yantarny is divided into two parts: Central part and Anna's Mine. There is well developed infrastructure here. The beaches have been awarded many times with the "Blue Flag" for cleanliness and safety.

Two beaches are connected with each other by a promenade with wooden decking, where tourists can walk along the coast, enjoying the surrounding beauty. The length is almost 2 km. There are lanterns and places to rest.

Local food

In Yantarny there is a good choice of cafes and a large variety of dishes. You can choose from both local and international cuisine. However, when traveling through the coastal settlements of Kaliningrad, it is worth trying traditional local dishes in order to get a better sense of the local atmosphere and traditions. The culinary peculiarities are reflected in Russian and German cuisine.

Be sure to try: hot smoked eel, forshmak of lightly salted herring, stroganina of pelamis, pike cutlets, homemade sausages, meatballs in a sauce of capers (klops).

For dessert, get the stollen, apple strudel and marzipan.