30 km from Prague, in the town of Karlštejn of the same name, there is a majestic fortress. The place makes a stunning impression. It is the royal castle of the XIV century, which bravely defended the symbols of Czech statehood against the attacks of enemies.

It's nice to admire the views from the castle wall to the surrounding scenery. Although the road to it is also beautiful.

This Gothic fortification structure will not leave anyone indifferent. It feels like you are transported back to the Middle Ages. How were these impregnable strongholds taken, except by force? Where is its weak point?

How to get there

The journey takes only 45 minutes by car. After leaving the car in the parking lot, you will have to walk through a small village. There you can eat good food and drink coffee. On the way there are many souvenir shops and stores with pottery. There is an opportunity to bring home something unusual, such as the local hollow beer mugs. Moreover, souvenirs in the area of the castle are much cheaper than in Prague. If you do not want to walk on foot, you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and feel yourself in the Middle Ages.

It was a fortunate decision to locate it on the mountain. Right on top, surrounded by nature. The picture is harmonious and even slightly mystical. Especially when the fog falls on the castle.


Excursions are not conducted throughout the castle, only in some parts and on weekdays. There is a Russian-speaking guide, but once a day. For those who did not have time, you can buy an audio guide and join the foreigners. And yet it is very interesting to see how they used to live, the interior furnishings, furniture, what clothes they wore. The treasures of the castle also will not leave indifferent.

The castle was built on the steps principle. The highest point was the Great Tower with the chapel of the Holy Cross, which kept the royal relics.

There are 3 types of tours:

  • Tour 1: The private chambers of Charles IV, the historic interiors of the Imperial Palace and the Marian Tower;
  • Tour 2: The most valuable scenery of the castle, including the Chapel;
  • Tour 3: View from the Great Tower.

When to visit

In September the "Karlsteiner Grape Harvest" is held here, with a costume procession led by Charles IV.

And how beautiful it is in winter, when everything is covered with snow. Imagine yourself as a hero fighting for the king's honor, and it's like being transported into a fairy tale.

The castle is not heated from the 15th century, so even in the summer, when it is warm outside, you should bring closed shoes and a jacket.

Karlstejn is open every day except weekends and Christmas holidays. Whatever time you go, the castle is beautiful in its own way, only the nature around changes. Photos do not convey the atmosphere that reigns there. It was certainly worth it to visit this place and see with your own eyes all the power and grandeur.