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Alushta car rental prices

Car rental prices in Alushta vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Alushta per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Frequent Questions

💵 We would like to pay by credit card. Is this payment method available in Alushta?

Yes, among our car rental companies there are those who work with bank cards.

⚠️ Is insurance included in the car rental price in Alushta and what does it cover?

If enabled, it is indicated. If not, then usually you can add one or more insurance options to your rental. To understand what this or that insurance covers when renting a car in Alushta, hover the mouse cursor over the question mark - a hint will pop up that will explain everything. The conditions for providing insurance (included in the price or providing for a fee) depend on the specific local rental and the car that you rent through us.

🛣️ Why is the in Alushta delivery so expensive for some cars in Alushta?

The cost of delivery depends on the specific car, the city of receipt or return, and the location of the rental company. Some rentals in Alushta are ready to bring a car even to a remote settlement, but, of course, they will ask for the corresponding amount.

👨‍💼 If the contract specifies two drivers, is it possible to process a rent in Alushta only in Availability of one of them?

Yes, Availability of the main driver will be enough to get the car in Alushta. But you will need the data of the second driver's license to complete the contract.

🛣️ Do we pay extra for car delivery in Alushta?

For some cars in Alushta, delivery may be free, depending on a number of conditions, such as the rental period, seasonality, percentage of fleet utilization, etc. If an additional amount is charged for delivery, this will be indicated in the search results and on the page of each car.

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