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Gurzuf car rental prices

Car rental prices in Gurzuf vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Gurzuf per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Frequent Questions

🛣️ Will the car be served to any chosen address in Gurzuf, or are there any restrictions?

There are certain restrictions, of course, and it depends on where the rental company is located. Within the framework of the settlement, the car will be delivered to any place.

💰 Does your company have a loyalty program in Gurzuf?

We do not have a loyalty program as such in Gurzuf. Write to us in the support chat and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Gurzuf.

💡 Which cars are suitable for 4 adults in Gurzuf?

For four adults, there can be many options. It very much depends on how much you plan to travel, where to go and what you are used to on the road. Contact us via the support chat and we will try to find the most suitable car for you in Gurzuf.

📄 Upon receipt of the car in Gurzuf, will we receive documents stating the condition of the car?

You will receive an act and all the necessary documents for the car from the rental company. The condition of the car will be recorded in the act to the car rental agreement in Gurzuf.

📌 Are there any special driving rules to be aware of before driving in Gurzuf?

In general, driving rules in Gurzuf are the same as those to which drivers from Russia and the CIS countries are accustomed. The local driving style is calm and adequate. If you are interested in something specific, you can always contact us in the support chat or ask the manager of the local car rental company directly.

🎯 Is it possible to guarantee that a car of a certain class will be received in Gurzuf?

We do not have any cases of replacing a car with a class below in Gurzuf. You are guaranteed to get the car you need. In exceptional cases, a car of a similar or higher class can be provided.

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