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Koktebel car rental prices

How much is renting a car in Koktebel?

Car rental prices in Koktebel vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices in Koktebel per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go by car rented in Koktebel?

Koktebel is a resort village in the south-east of the Crimean peninsula at the foot of the extinct Karadag volcano. There are stunning landscapes, picturesque bays and a warm sea. Ideal for a relaxing beach holiday and nature walks.

  • Mount Klementyeva and the observation Starfall of Memories.
  • Cape Chameleon and the volcano Kara-Dag.
  • Genoese fortress and cape Alchak.
  • Cape Kapchik, Golitsin’s trail and Chaliapin’s grotto.

Koktebel car rental questions

💥 If I violate the traffic rules in Koktebel, how will the police know?

The local police in Koktebel have the right to stop you for a traffic violation. In this case, the payment of the fine will be entirely on the tenant.

🏠 How can I contact the representative in Koktebel if the car is not delivered at the right time?

Such in Koktebel situations usually do not arise. But in any case, you will have the manager's contacts - they are indicated at the top in the voucher that you will receive from us by mail after confirming the car. The manager will also have your contacts - if necessary, they will definitely contact you.

👪 Can I pay for additional boosters for children and GPS on the spot, or should I inform about this in advance when renting a car in Koktebel?

All additional options (child seats, navigator, etc.) must be specified when booking a car. This is often extra paid. You can also find prices and a list of options in the description of your car. If you did not specify the options when booking a car, just write to us in the chat or contact us in any other way indicating the desired options.

🅿️ Is it possible to find free parking spaces in Koktebel?

Customers don't usually complain. Places can be found really. In general, there are no problems with parking in Koktebel.

💵 Do you have options for paying rent by installments in Koktebel?

The way the process is organized, in fact, is the installment plan. When renting a car in Koktebel through us, you pay only 15-20%. cost when booking, and pay the remainder upon receipt. Or we didn't understand your question.

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