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Sevastopol car rental prices

How much is renting a car in Sevastopol?

Car rental prices in Sevastopol vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices in Sevastopol per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go by car rented in Sevastopol?

Sevastopol is a hero city on the south-west coast of Crimea and the largest seaport. Centuries-old history, unique architectural sights, good beaches, excellent infrastructure - here everyone will find rest to their liking.

  • Inkerman monastery and fortress of Kalamita.
  • Submarine Museum in Balaclava.
  • Cape violet and the grotto of Diana.
  • Genoese fortress Chembalo.

Sevastopol car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Crimea

Sevastopol car rental questions

📖 Are there any advantages of early car booking in Sevastopol?

Of course. All in Sevastopol rental companies offer a better rate to customers who book a car in advance.

📄 Can a foreign passport be required when registering a car renta in Sevastopoll?

Under the terms of the service, you will need a main identity card to get your rental car. When renting a car in Sevastopol, a foreign passport is always required.

📖 Are there any benefits for booking a car in Sevastopol in advance?

Of course - the earlier you book, the better the price. Moreover, if you choose in advance, you, of course, have a wider choice and are more likely to find a suitable option.

⚠️ Super CDW is a full car and liability insurance in Sevastopol?

Super CDW in Sevastopol or as it is sometimes also called "Full CDW" will help you relax on vacation and not think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

💥 How do you handle the issues of a sudden breakdown of a car rented through your website in Sevastopol?

Usually, the rental price in Sevastopol includes the risk that if the car breaks down, it must be replaced. Another question is where exactly this will happen and the circumstances of the incident. In case of a sudden breakdown, you should call the manager of the rental company. His phone number will be indicated on your voucher, letter and rental agreement.

💵 Do I pay for the online car booking in Sevastopol?

By booking a car in Sevastopol through us, you do it absolutely free. Everything here is fair and without overpayments and unexpected fees.

🛣️ Is there always an extra charge for the delivery of a rented car in Sevastopol?

On our website there are cars of many rental companies in Sevastopol and for each of them the conditions will be individual. You can find cars with free delivery by using the filter "Options" => "Free delivery".

💵 Will the prepayment be returned in case of car reservation cancellation in Sevastopol?

According to the terms of booking, the advance payment is refunded if the cancellation or change of the order was made no later than 7 days before receiving the car. Otherwise, the advance is withheld.

📖 What should I do if I do not have time to return my rented car by the due date in Sevastopol?

Don't worry, most of the time in Sevastopol companies have a certain waiting period from the appointed time during which you can return the car. Usually, for a delay with a return of 1-2 hours, you will not be charged money. But it is better, of course, to notify the manager by phone as early as possible that you will be late with the return.

📌 Is it safe to travel in expensive cars in Sevastopol?

Quite safe. We have not heard any negative feedback from our clients in Sevastopol. You can safely book a car.

⚠️ In the booking forms of some cars, there could be a free option of super CDW, which covers all the damages. Does this type of insurance work?

As for Super CDW, yes, it works like that. All descriptions of offers on our website in Sevastopol are up-to-date and accurate. You can safely trust them.

🛣️ How long does it usually take to receive a car in Sevastopol?

On average, car in Sevastopol acceptance usually takes place quickly and does not take longer than 5-15 minutes. The manager will quickly inspect the car and return the deposit if you have agreed to a cash refund.

🛣️ Is Availability of the driver obligatory when receiving the car in Sevastopol?

Yes, Availability of the driver is required. Upon receipt of the car, the main driver signs a car rental agreement in Sevastopol.

📄 Should the voucher for car rental in Sevastopol contain information about the second driver?

Information about the second driver must be entered into the car rental agreement in Sevastopol, it is not required in the voucher. You can either indicate this when booking, or add a second driver and pay extra for it on the spot.

🛣️ We plan to live near the city, where you rent cars. Is delivery outside of the city possible for an additional fee?

Local car rental companies often deliver the car to nearby communities. We have presented the main settlements where you can get a car. If you have not found the desired settlement in the list, contact us in any convenient way and we will try to find the options available to you.

🚗 Not all the cars present on the website are available for booking in Sevastopol?

If a one-off car that the local company in Sevastopol owns is booked through our website, it will be automatically removed from the search. Also, managers can indicate on which dates the cars are already occupied. We recommend that you make a request for the car you are interested in - in rare cases, if the car is not available, we or the manager will contact you and offer an alternative.

⚙️ If I see a car in Sevastopol on the website, does it mean it is available for the selected dates?

Yes, this means that you can book this car as it is available for your chosen dates.

🛣️ What should be done when picking up a car in Sevastopol?

Upon receipt of the car, you only need to pay the remaining rental amount and sign a car rental agreement in Sevastopol. Be careful and make sure to read all terms and conditions.

💵 Are there any obligatory tolls in Sevastopol?

You will not have to pay any additional fees separately when renting a car in Sevastopol through us. The price you see on the website and in the voucher is final.

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