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Simeiz car rental prices

How much is renting a car in Simeiz?

Car rental prices in Simeiz vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices in Simeiz per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go on a rented car from Simeiz?

Simeiz is a resort village on the southern coast of Crimea, 17 km from Yalta. A beautiful resort with atmospheric streets, a picturesque bay and nice beaches. There are many old villas with beautiful architecture, and the wonderful aroma of juniper and pine trees is floating in the air.

  • Vorontsov Palace and Miskhor Park.
  • Palaces Yusupovsky and Dyulber.
  • Chernorechenskoe reservoir.
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Simeiz car rental questions

⚙️ How to rent a car through you in Simeiz?

Here, on this page above. If you don't see the booking form, prental disable ad blocking extensions like AdBlock.

🚗 Can I choose a car model when renting in Simeiz?

Of course, you can find a car in Simeiz with the guarantee that you will be given the exact car. Some companies reserve the right to provide you with a car of the same class and characteristics, you need to pay attention to this when booking, this is always announced in advance.

🏷️ Is it possible to find a car in Simeiz for under 1000 RUB per day?

Certainly. You only need to limit the price range in the in Simeiz car search tools. Set the maximum price and the system itself will offer you options that will fit into your budget.

💳 Is it possible to avoid a deposit if you rent a car in Simeiz for a long time?

The deposit is a required interim amount and one of the conditions for renting a car in Simeiz. Alternatively, we can advise you to search for cars without a deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

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