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Sudak car rental prices

How much is renting a car in Sudak?

Car rental prices in Sudak vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

Average car rental prices in Sudak per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Where to go with a rental car from Sudak?

Sudak is a resort city on the south-eastern coast of Crimea, 80 km from Alushta. It attracts tourists with its picturesque views, beautiful nature, interesting sights, among which the famous Genoese fortress is listed.

  • Cape Kapchik and Chaliapin's Grotto.
  • Cheese rocks and the Lighthouse Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • Panagia gorge and the Arpathian waterfall.
  • Cape and lighthouse Meganom.

Sudak car rental questions

🚗 What car categories are the most popular in Sudak?

The most popular options among our customers in Sudak are Economy and Comfort cars for short trips, and Crossovers for long-distance trips in large groups. You can also filter cars by class when searching for a car on our website.

💳 If minor damage to the car occurs, will it be covered by the amount of the deposit?

Depends on the damage itself and who is guilty for the accident. Also depends on what insurance options you had purchased (if any). In case of minor damages, the damage will most likely be covered by the amount of the CDW deductible, if there is one on this car.

💵 Are there any alternative payment options for booking in Sudak – PayPal, Payoneer etc.?

We can accept payment via Yandex. Money or PayPal. To do this, you will need to go through the entire booking process on our website, click the "Pay" button and close the payment service page. Then email us at and we will send you payment instructions.

👨‍💼 Are there car rental options in Sudak for drivers with little driving experience?

Yes, it is possible. But only cars of the Compact and Comfort class categories and with a rental period of at least 3 days.

📖 How many days in advance can I book a car in Sudak?

It is better to book a car for June in February-March.

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