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Yalta car rental prices

Car rental prices in Yalta vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartAverage car rental prices in Yalta per day, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Crimea not included.

Frequent Questions

⚠️ Is it true that some cars are rented without CDW in Yalta?

To find out the scope of CDW coverage, move the mouse cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option. There will be information about the risks that this particular insurance covers when renting a car in Yalta.

🏷️ Do the prices for cars in Yalta differ in winter and summer?

Yes, seasonality can affect the price. Car rental companies determine their own pricing policy and many of them charge higher prices during the high season in Yalta.

💳 What is the deposit in the car description in Yalta?

Bail and deposit are the same things. You pay a bail (or deposit) upon receipt of the car in Yalta to compensate for fines, delays, fuel, etc.

💰 When booking in winter in Yalta, is there a discount?

The tariff policy is determined directly by the rental companies. You can easily compare prices through the search functionality. Indeed, rental prices will often be lower during low season in Yalta.

💡 What is the cheapest but reasonable rental option in Yalta that you can offer?

It's hard to say, because everyone has their own criteria. We recommend that you limit your choice using the search tools: you can request cars up to a certain rental price per day. This will help you find cars that are already right for you. Then you can choose the best option in Yalta, based on the characteristics of the cars, reviews and photos.

🛣️ What determines the price of car delivery in Yalta?

Delivery price depends on the car, city and rental. In the search tools you can use the convenient filter Options => Free Shipping to see a list of cars that can be brought to you for free in Yalta.

👨‍🔧 Are the car rental companies in Yalta responsible for the maintenance of your cars?

Yes, this lies in the competence of the car rental companies, since the cars belong to them, but we cooperate with reliable car rental providers who regularly carry out maintenance, in accordance with the contract.

⚙️ More than a day has passed since the booking of a car in Yalta, we have not received confirmation. What should I do?

We try to process applications as quickly as possible - from several hours to a day. Sometimes overlaps happen, sorry to keep you waiting. Prental contact us via live chat and describe the problem. We will check your in Yalta booking and get back to you as soon as possible.

⚠️ How do we pay for insurance while renting a car in Yalta?

The insurance is paid together with the principal amount of the rental upon receipt of the car in Yalta. As far as payment methods are concerned, this will depend on what methods are accepted by the rental company from which you rent a car through us.

🚗 What does 'mileage limitation' mean for a rented car?

Some cars in Yalta are rented on condition that the renter will not drive the car for more than a specified number of kilometers per day during the rental period. For multi-day rentals, the limits are summed up. For example, if the mileage limit is 250 km. per day, so when renting for 5 days, the total mileage should not exceed 1250 km. It's easy to check. When the car is being passed to you, the current odometer value is recorded in the rental agreement. When returning the car, the odometer readings are also checked and the total mileage for the rental period is calculated. If the difference exceeds the limit, the kilometers over the limit are additionally paid according to the "overrun" tariff. You can see if this limitation exists in the rental conditions when booking, so that all conditions are known to you in advance.

🚗 Do you have any information about the current condition of the cars in Yalta?

We do not have data on the current condition of the cars in Yalta, but we can assure you that we cooperate only with reliable partners who regularly carry out maintenance, monitor the condition of cars, and rent them out clean and fully meeting the client's expectations.

👪 Is there any information on the real capacity of the car in Yalta?

The number of seats in the car is always indicated on the car page, which you can go to by clicking on the car card from the search. At the top, under the photos, there will be basic information about the car, including the number of seats in the car. If you want to clarify the trunk capacity / comfort of the car for traveling by a certain number of people, contact the manager in charge of the car via private messages.

🚗 We are looking for a car in Yalta with three rows of seats, do you have such cars?

We have cars of different classes in Yalta, including crossovers and minivans. In the photo, you can often see the interior of the car. You can also check with the manager if they have a three-rows car.

🏠 How to find the contacts of the car owner in Yalta?

First, you can contact the rental manager directly through our website by sending him a personal message. Secondly, the manager's phone number will be indicated in the voucher for car rental, which you will receive from us by mail, along with the confirmation of your car booking.

💰 Are there special booking conditions for long term rentals in Yalta?

For long-term rentals, the cost per day will always be lower. But it depends on the specific rental company in Yalta and discounts are already reflected in the rates.

🛣️ If I would like to pick up the car by myself, can I indicate this in the booking form in Yalta?

Yes, if you want to pick up the car directly from the office of the company, then indicate the "Office of the company" as the pick up address when making the rental in Yalta.

💳 Is it possible to make a deposit at the time of booking a car in Yalta?

The deposit is paid on the spot in Yalta. That is, it is received and returned directly by the rental company from which you rent a car through our service. When registering a car rental online, it will not work.

💵 What is the time range for making a prepayment for car rental in Yalta?

Advance payment (15-20%) for car rental in Yalta must be paid immediately after booking. The payment link is active for 10 minutes. If you do not have time to pay, the reservation will be deleted and you will need to book again.

⚠️ If I see only the MTPL option in the car rental in Yalta form, is it possible to add a CDW by request?

If CDW is not specified, then it is not possible to order it additionally. All possible insurance options are indicated on the booking page of each car in Yalta in the Insurance section.

📖 Is it possible to change the rental price in Yalta and recalculate it already in place?

There will be no recalculation of the price from the rental side in Yalta - it is fixed in the voucher for you. If you somehow modify your rental, purchase additional services or increase the rental period, then the total amount may change.

🛣️ Does anyone other than the driver have the right to receive a car in Yalta?

Only the main driver must always receive the car and sign the rental agreement in Yalta.

🏷️ Is there a difference in car prices in different cities?

Of course, because there may be a different set of rental companies. However, within the same country in different cities, rentals will overlap, since many companies are ready to transport a car for customers between settlements for free or at an additional cost.

⚠️ Do you offer convertibles in Yalta with insurance included?

Convertibles, like other cars, will be compulsorily insured only under TPL. As for additional insurance options, it will depend on the car and the local rental provider. You can see the terms of provision and the cost of insurance for each on the car page.

💳 Is it possible to reduce the deposit when renting a car in Yalta?

The deposit is not negotiated. According to our booking rules, you need to agree to the terms of the rental company, including the amount of the deposit in order to rent a car in Yalta. Remember that the deposit will be fully returned to you after you finish the rental, if there are no claims to the condition of the car on the return.

🛣️ How is the process of getting a car in Yalta organized, what is required from the renter?

The car is received after its inspection, acceptance of the technical condition and signing of the rental agreement. If the car does not meet the booking conditions or has technical malfunctions, you have the right to cancel its rental with a return of the prepayment without withholding any fines. But in our memory in Yalta there were no such cases. All cars are officially registered, pass the mandatory increased technical inspection provided for rental cars, and correspond to the declared characteristics. You are protected as much as possible from unpleasant surprises.

⚙️ Is it possible to book a car in Yalta by phone?

You can choose and order a car directly on our website. In the search bar, specify your cities (it can be different) and rental dates. The system will show only available cars for your numbers and at prices that are relevant exactly for your request. Any car found in this way, you can immediately book it. We accept all orders only through the website. As an exception, sometimes through support. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the chat at the bottom right of the page.

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