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Is the Russian old-style driving license valid in the country?

To drive with the old-style license in Cuba, you will most likely need a certified translation (you do not need it for a new license). Contact us and we will clarify how best to proceed.

If something in the car that we have booked in Cuba does not satisfy us in technical terms upon receipt, then what should we do in this case?

If the car does not meet the booking conditions or has decent technical malfunctions, you have the right to cancel your rental with a return of the prepayment and without withholding any fines. But in our memory in Cuba there have not been such cases yet. All cars are officially registered, pass the mandatory advanced technical inspection provided for rental cars in Cuba, and correspond to the declared characteristics. In our opinion, you are fully protected from unpleasant surprises.

Why is the in Cuba delivery so expensive for some cars in Cuba?

The cost of delivery depends on the specific car, the city of receipt or return, and the location of the rental company. Some rentals in Cuba are ready to bring a car even to a remote settlement, but, of course, they will ask for the corresponding amount.

If you have cars in the city, is delivery free within it?

Delivery within the city is usually free. If delivery is paid separately, this must be agreed upon when making a reservation - you see the details of the rental amount.

How is the car return organized at the airport?

You park in the designated area, where the receiving manager is already waiting. After a cursory inspection, you sign the return certificate and fly home. The deposit in Cuba is returned either immediately or after a certain period, in accordance with the car rental agreement.

Is the deductible always the same as the deposit?

The CDW franchise can sometimes be equal to the deposit, in which case your liability for CDW is the amount of the deposit that is indicated in the description of the car.

How does the rental car insurance work in case of an accident in Cuba occurred at third party's fault?

If an accident is not your fault, you first need to call the police. Together with them, you draw up an accident report, if you are not found guilty, the guilty party will pay for the repair. In general, in Cuba accidents are extremely rare, 80% of damage to cars is usually caused by inaccurate parking, without a second side.

What is covered by CDW car rental in Cuba?

CDW usually insures the vehicle against damage, not including damages such as wheels, mirrors, underbody. You can read more precisely about the effect of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Do the deposit and the procedure for its return depend on a specific car?

The amount of the deposit depends on the specific car. Also, both the size and the procedure of return may depend on the rental company in Cuba that owns the car. You can search for details on the page of the rental manager, or send a private message if you have questions left.

The amount of the deposit indicated in the car booking form in Cuba applies to the entire period or is it only for one day?

The deposit is indicated for the entire period. You leave it when you pick up the car and it is returned to you when you return the car, if everything is in order.

Can I provide documents as an alternative to deposit?

No, this deposit method is not available for car in Cuba hire. We can advise you to look for cars without a deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

How to find a car without a deposit in Cuba?

A deposit is most often a necessary condition for renting a car in Cuba. Don't worry - this amount will be returned to you after the rental is completed. The prescence of available cars without a deposit for your dates in Cuba can be checked using the search tools. Select Options => No Deposit.

Is it possible to rent a car in Cuba without a credit card?

When booking, you will need to guarantee your intention to take the car, for which we ask you to leave an advance payment of 15-20% of the rental receipt. You can use a debit or credit card. If you are unable to make an advance payment in this way, write to us at cuba@localcarhires.com and we will try to help.

Can there be problems with a card not issued in Russia?

We accept cards of any bank of Visa and MasterCard payment systems. There shouldn't be any problems.

Are there alternative ways to pay rent in Cuba if card payment is not possible?

Regarding alternative payment methods, we can try to solve this issue on an individual basis with each client. Prental contact us via live chat or mail cuba@localcarhires.com.

Do I pay for the online car booking in Cuba?

By booking a car in Cuba through us, you do it absolutely free. Everything here is fair and without overpayments and unexpected fees.

Can the car rental in Cuba prepayment be done via bank transfer?

Any prepayment for car rental in Cuba is paid by card only through our website. If you require other payment methods, prental contact us via our support chat or by mail cuba@localcarhires.com.

Does the prepayment percentage differ depending on the rental company in Cuba?

The percentage of advance payment that you pay for renting a car through our website is always about 15-20% of the total rental price. The figure may vary slightly depending on the rental provider.

What are the terms for the prepayment refund in case of early cancellation of the car reservation in Cuba?

Normally, prepayment in such cases will be returned to your card within a few days.

Is it possible to prolong the rent on spot in Cuba, given that the car is available?

If the car is available for the period you need, you can extend it. If the car is busy, we can offer you alternative options for renting a car in Cuba.

Do compact cars usually have enough power, taking into account the condition of the roads in Cuba?

It depends on your trip, where you plan to go, how many people will be in the car. In general, of course, for increased comfort, it is worth considering cars of the Comfort class and higher. We recommend that you read the reviews of previous car rental customers that interest you to learn about their experience.

Is there a possibility that the rental fee in Cuba will change?

If you mean whether car prices change over time, then yes - closer to the travel dates the price may become higher. This is how the pricing policy of all rental companies in Cuba most often works.

We are planning the trip in Cuba in advance. Can we book a car six months before the trip?

Of course, you can book a car in Cuba in advance. Thus, you get access to the widest possible choice of cars, as well as win in the rental cost, since it is always more profitable to book in advance.

What rights of the renter are fixed in the contract?

The usual national driving license of the main driver, if the international one is not required by the rental agreement for a specific car in Cuba. This will always be stated in the conditions on the booking page. The additional driver is subject to the same requirements as the primary driver.

Can I check the availability of air conditioning in the car in Cuba?

Of course, information about the availability of an air conditioner can most often be found on the page of the car you are interested in in Cuba. If it is not clear whether the car has air conditioning, you can also contact the manager to clarify such details.

Does the range of cars depend on the city?

Undoubtedly, in each city a different number of cars will be available, depending on the location of the rental company and its ability to deliver the car to the pick-up point of your choice.

What should we base our choice on when choosing a car in Cuba?

Based on our in Cuba experience, customers are most often guided by budget and their own expectations, such as car type, price and specifications. Already having a choice of several suitable options, you can choose with the help of photos, reviews from other customers, as well as consulting with our support.

Is it required to leave a foreign passport when renting a car in Cuba?

No, you do not need to leave your foreign passport when renting a car in Cuba. His data just fit into the contract.

Is the old-style driving license suitable for renting a car in Cuba (not a plastic card)?

An old-style driver's license for renting will work, but keep in mind that to drive with an old-style license in Cuba, you will most likely need a certified translation (with new ones, you do not need). Contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and we will clarify how best to proceed.

Is Ukrainian driving license valid in Cuba?

Of course. As for the IDL, you need to clarify in the conditions when ordering.

Will I need to show the rental company voucher?

Yes, the voucher will need to be presented when picking up the car. You can print the voucher or show it from your smartphone screen.

Where can I find out about the positive and negative aspects of each car in Cuba?

The easiest way to learn about the positive and negative aspects is from the reviews of our clients. When booking through us, you can always familiarize yourself with the impressions of other travelers from the car you like first. You can find reviews on each car's in Cuba page. Don't forget to give us feedback after your trip is over!

Can you check the availability of a navigator in Russian in the cars available for rent in Cuba?

Navigator is an additional option that is most often ordered separately when booking a car. You can check the available languages ​​with the manager of the rental company in Cuba, but most often the navigator will support English and / or local language.

Do you have cars in Cuba with roof racks?

The roof rack is optional equipment. Contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner and we will try to help you find your car in Cuba. You can also check with the manager of the rental company, who is responsible for the car you are interested in, whether they can provide you with a trunk.

Do you have a "second driver" service for cars in Cuba?

Yes, this service can be provided for most cars in Cuba. Once you have selected a car for the dates you need, you will be taken to the booking page, where you can select additional options, including the "additional drivers" service

Is it possible to choose a seat for a child of 7 years old?

On our website, the seats are presented by weight category - this is the easiest way to navigate. For each car in Cuba in the "Child seats" section, you will see the options available and you can add them to your car booking as needed. If you need help with your choice, write to us in the chat in the lower right corner of the page and we will help you.

We want to rent a car with a driver in Cuba, can we do it through you?

Alas, we only provide cars for self-driving in Cuba, but contact us in support, we will think of something manually.

How can I understand that the rental company allows traveling abroad?

The company's policy regarding travel abroad is always presented in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental in Cuba. You can familiarize yourself with them on the rental page, as well as when checking out one of their cars.

What car can you recommend in Cuba?

We recommend choosing based on information from the public domain. You can easily compare cars by basic technical characteristics, additional services, price. Also, the advantage of our service is that you can see real photos and reviews and build on them when choosing a car in Cuba.

What kind of cars do families with children usually rent in Cuba?

Families with children tend to prefer larger, more comfortable cars. Namely, families often rent from us in Cuba crossovers, SUVs and cars with a third row of seats.

Is there a language barrier when communicating with employees of local companies in Cuba?

Usually our clients in Cuba do not have such problems. The managers of the rental company, Normally, speak several languages, at least at a basic level. Very often it is English, and sometimes Russian.

Which car can be rented at a low rate in Cuba?

We have options for any budget in Cuba. If rental price is an important factor for you, our search tools can help you. You can initially limit the price range, or sort the cars using the "Cheap first" filter.

Do you provide a guarantee for the prepayment refund if we do not get the car we rented in Cuba?

Such situations usually do not arise, prepayment is your guarantee of the intention to rent a car in Cuba. In case of force majeure, if the car was not provided due to the fault of the rental company, each case will be dealt with by us separately, and in this case, of course, you have the right to demand a refund of the prepayment and leave a bad review.

Is the return of the deposit guaranteed by the rental company in Cuba?

Of course, subject to all conditions of the agreement, the deposit is returned to the tenant by the rental company in Cuba in full. Deposit return methods are usually indicated on the manager page.

I am booking child seats for the car, is there any chance of not getting them?

Do not worry - just add this option when booking a car. Child seats will be provided to you.

Is there a guarantee for the availability of additional equipment when renting a car in Cuba?

When booking, you can see the optional equipment options available and add them to your booking. If available, the local car rental company in Cuba will be able to provide you with them. If they are absent, the manager will contact you and inform you in advance.

Does the car company in Cuba employ local people?

Yes, the companies we work with in Cuba are locals. These are usually small family businesses. This is a big plus, since they are aware of everything that is happening, they will always tell you not only about the car, but also advise you on the route for the trip or a restaurant where you can dine.

Can I pick up the car in Cuba on Sunday?

Sure. Companies represented on our site in Cuba usually work seven days a week.

What can be used when using parking in Cuba?

It is best to check with the local manager of the car rental company about the current payment methods for parking.

Are there any good life hacks for using local parking in Cuba?

It is better to contact the manager of the rental companies you have chosen with such requests - they are local and will prompt you better than others. You can also read the reviews of our customers and search there for relevant information about parking in Cuba.

Auto in Cuba is delivered with full tank of fuel?

Usually in Cuba the fuel policy is either full / full, that is, it is issued with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. Or same / same, that is, you need to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was upon receipt. The most honest and fair approach for everyone is full / full. A good car rental in Cuba, which provides quality service, in our practice adheres to the full / full policy.

Where else do you operate, except Cuba?

We operate in most tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Turkey, find car rentals in Montenegro and Georgia. Many tourists want to rent a car in Crimea with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Will you give a discount if we rent a car in Cuba for few months?

If you are going to rent a car through us in Cuba, then, of course, the rate will be lower, but all prices already include a discount for a long rental period. We do not have specific discounts, but rental companies usually reduce the rental price per day as the rental period increases.

The system considers the rental period as two days, although we want to return the car the day following the pick-up day. Is it correct?

The system calculates the car rental period in Cuba by day. If the return time is later than the pick-up time, the system will count it as 2 days of rental. Everything is correct.

I urgently need a car in Cuba, what should I do?

Contact us via the support chat by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to urgently find a car in Cuba for you.

Can pets be transported in the car?

Such a request is not very common among customers renting cars in Cuba. It is better to check directly with the manager of the rental company or contact us via the support chat and we will try to help.

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