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Karlovy Vary Airport (KLV) car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Czechia

Dmitriy Serov
Dmitriy Serov

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Czechia

All OK. I will definitely use it again!

October 2019
Alexander Glazkov
Alexander Glazkov

Skoda Octavia Kombi in Czechia

When issuing a car, they asked for cash payment. With the reservation stipulated on the website of 400 euros, as a result the reserve amounted to 600 ... About half an hour reservation was made. The car was very decent. Clean, responsive, stable on the road. But the passenger airbag was turned off, this moment was a little annoying. On the third day, I had to add coolant to the radiator, the indicator light came on. The navigator pleased! In the whole car were satisfied! But when handing over the car at the Karlovy Vary airport, I had to wait for the agent almost at the close of the registration for the flight. A man was driving from Prague, got into a traffic jam.

August 2019
Vitaly Makhov
Vitaly Makhov

Fiat Ducato in Czechia

We were given a dirty car. The car was dirty inside and out !! When asked why the car is so dirty: the manager will wash it ourselves. How do you like this? In general, the car was normal.

February 2020

Karlovy Vary airport car rental prices

Car rental prices at Karlovy Vary airport (KLV) vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days.

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chartAverage car rental prices at Karlovy Vary airport (KLV) per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Czechia not included.

Frequent Questions

What is the best car to rent at Karlovy Vary airport?

Depends on your travel needs. In general a 2.0 mid-size car will help you make the most of your trip to Czech Republic.

Can I rent a car at Karlovy Vary airport with no deposit?

Yes, some companies at Karlovy Vary airport have car rental offerings without deposit required.

What are the car rental rules at Karlovy Vary airport?

We operate with a number of car rental companies at Karlovy Vary airport, each with their own terms, conditions, charges, and fees. Most important, the terms and conditions are displayed during booking and fixed in your rental Voucher.

Am I going to get the exact car that I am booking at Karlovy Vary airport?

Rental companies do their best to supply the exact car that you booked at Karlovy Vary airport. Every effort will be made to provide the specified make and model of the vehicle. However, in an unlikely case, it may be necessary to supply you with a model from the same or a higher class of cars during your travel to Karlovy Vary.

Do I have to pay at the time of booking a car at Karlovy Vary airport?

Most rental companies at Karlovy Vary airport will not hold a car for a specific client unless the client has committed to renting it (i.e. prepaid it). We don't require full payment, but we do collect a small deposit as a commitment that you're willing to rent a car at Karlovy Vary airport. This way, we may guarantee that the selected vehicle will be reserved for your car hire. If you change your plans, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before pickup at Karlovy Vary airport (subject to the rental company's Terms).

What kind of car rental insurance do they have at Karlovy Vary airport?

Third Party Liability (TPL) – provided for free with 100% cars. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – provided for free for 70% of the cars. Super Collision Damage Waiver – provided for free for 15% of the cars.

Can I rent a car at Karlovy Vary airport without a credit card?

Some rental companies at Karlovy Vary airport have no deposit rental car offerings or accept debit cards for deposit. Make sure you have enough money on your debit card to lay down a deposit.

Are there cars to rent without a deposit at Karlovy Vary airport?

Most car hires at Karlovy Vary airport ask for a deposit at pick up. Deposit sums in local car hires vary depending on the company and the car class. Expensive cars will ask for a higher deposit than the economy ones. All Deposits are taken to cover the costs of possible expenses. If no costs to the Rental company occur, the Deposit will be fully refunded.

How do I rent an automatic vehicle at Karlovy Vary airport?

If you wish to rent a vehicle with automatic transmission, look for the Automatic TM displayed on a car page. When searching for a car, you can also use our search filters to hide all manual cars and display cars with Automatic TM only.

How do you calculate car rental prices at Karlovy Vary airport?

Car rental prices at Karlovy Vary airport are based on a 24-hour time period, e.g. if you reserve and pick up your car rental at 10:00 you will have to drop it off the next day at 10:00 the latest so you don't get charged for an additional day. The number of hours that a car rental company at Karlovy Vary airport will wait for a delayed return is entirely at their discretion.

Can I rent a diesel car at Karlovy Vary airport?

We clearly indicate which vehicles are diesel. In most cases, if a diesel vehicle is selected, a diesel vehicle will be provided.

What is the cheapest car hire at Karlovy Vary airport?

Our cheapest car to rent at Karlovy Vary airport would be a Škoda Citigo manual, 1.0, Petrol.

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