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Can the car be rented out to me if I do not have the driving license on me but have a huge driving experience in Egypt?

Renting without a driving license in Egypt is not possible. A driver's license and documented driving experience are a prerequisite for car rental.

How are late arrivals for picking up and returning a car in Egypt regulated from the rental company and the renter sides?

Each rental company has its own Late Return Policy, which is specified at the time of booking a car. You can see this in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental in Egypt. Most often, there are no penalties for a delay of 1-2 hours. In any case, if you are late, try to contact the manager as soon as possible and report it. The rental companies we work with are usually punctual and do not come late for meetings, and if they are late, they warn the client in advance.

Will we meet sharply at the appointed time or could there be a delay in the car pick-up in Egypt?

Usually our rental providers plan their schedule carefully and are not late for meetings with clients. In any case, the rental companies in Egypt have your phone number and in case of any overlaps they will contact you.

How long does it take to get a car in Egypt?

The process of obtaining a car in Egypt does not take longer than 5-15 minutes. All you need to do is inspect the vehicle, sign a contract and pay the remaining rental amount.

Do you make a reservation at the airport?

Through us you can order a car for collection at the airport. But you can only make a reservation in advance.

Are there queues for processing documents for car rental in Egypt at the pick up a car at company's office?

Most often, managers plan a schedule for reception / receiving cars with a stock and there are no overlaps. We remind you that you can also order a car and receive it anywhere in Egypt.

If something in the car that we have booked in Egypt does not satisfy us in technical terms upon receipt, then what should we do in this case?

If the car does not meet the booking conditions or has decent technical malfunctions, you have the right to cancel your rental with a return of the prepayment and without withholding any fines. But in our memory in Egypt there have not been such cases yet. All cars are officially registered, pass the mandatory advanced technical inspection provided for rental cars in Egypt, and correspond to the declared characteristics. In our opinion, you are fully protected from unpleasant surprises.

Is it possible to deliver cars to other settlements besides those indicated in the search?

All more or less large settlements are in our database. If you cannot find the settlement you need through the search, select the nearest point (for example, look for cars in Egypt) and in the address indicate the exact coordinates and address of the place of pick-up and return of the rented car.

Which airports can you bring the car to?

You can see a list of possible locations in the search tool on our website. Start typing the name of the town or country and you will see all the available options, including the airports where we can deliver the car.

Where do company employees meet customers when picking up a car at the airport?

Employees meet customers in the arrivals area. Don't worry, the manager will be waiting for you with a nameplate, so you can easily be found. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to contact by phone specified in the voucher that you will receive after booking a car rental through us in Egypt.

Why could the car delivery cost in Egypt be so high?

Delivery costs are determined by rental companies located in different cities. Some rental companies are ready to bring a car in Egypt, even if they are located in another locality, but, of course, they will ask for the corresponding amount.

What risks are not covered even with the most comprehensive insurance in Egypt?

Only the full game is not covered by full insurance. For example, damage caused by alcohol or drug intoxication.

Why do I need insurance against theft in Egypt? Doesn't CDW account for such a risk?

No, usually CDW does not cover these risks. So if you want to be as secure as possible, add this option to your in Egypt rental.

Are there cars "without a deposit" in Egypt?

Availability of cars without a deposit in Egypt can be checked using the search tools. Select Options => No Deposit.

Is it possible to avoid a deposit if you rent a car in Egypt for a long time?

The deposit is a required interim amount and one of the conditions for renting a car in Egypt. Alternatively, we can advise you to search for cars without a deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

Is the deposit paid after the pick-up of the car in Egypt? What are the delays of deposit return?

The deposit is paid upon pick-up of the rented car in Egypt and is returned either immediately or after a certain period after the end of the rental, in accordance with the rental agreement for a particular car.

Will the deposit be frozen on the credit card we used for the prepayment?

The deposit is made already upon pick-up of the car in Egypt. The deposit is received and returned by the rental company. In the same way, the deposit is refunded - when the car is returned. The methods of depositing can be cash or cards, depending on the specific company.

How long will it take to get the deposit back in Egypt?

The deposit is refunded according to the rental agreement that you sign when you pick up the car in Egypt. This may happen both immediately and within a reasonable period, for example 2-3 weeks, since fines may not reach us immediately.

Is there an option to pay for a rental in Egypt with a euro card?

The rental payment methods depend on the specific rental company. You can clarify how you can pay in advance. Some rentals only accept cash, while others also accept card payments, the card currency is generally not important, all banks carry out conversion without problems.

Can I pay the remaining amount of car rental payment in Egypt in dollars?

The remaining rental amount in Egypt is paid upon receipt either in local currency in cash or by any card.

How will the cost be calculated if we decide to renew the rental in Egypt?

The price formula will remain the same, the rental price per day will remain unchanged. But keep in mind that if the car has already been booked by someone, then the extension will be impossible.

Is it possible to book a car in Egypt if we are not sure about the exact route?

The return location can be changed even during the rental itself. However, it is necessary to decide on the settlements in advance, the availability of the car and the rental price will depend, among other things, on this.

Can we renew the rental on spot in Egypt and what is the best way to do it?

You can settle this with the manager of the rental company in Egypt or contact us via the support chat to agree on the terms.

Is it possible to get a car today in Egypt?

You can easily check the availability of available cars for today through the search tool. Enter where you would like to pick up and return the car and dates and you will see the available options in Egypt. Also, you can always contact us in any convenient way - our contacts can be found at the bottom of this page.

The travel agent has changed the hotel, can I change the place of pick-up and drop-off of the car in Egypt accordingly?

Yes, prental contact us via the support chat and we will agree on this change, depending on your specific situation.

After the prepayment has been withdrawn, is it possible to change the dates of the rental in Egypt?

After writing off the advance payment, you can make changes and even cancel reservations up to 7 days before the date of pick-up of the car.

Can we replace a car with a vehicle of the same category after confirmation?

Yes, such changes to the rental in Egypt are possible 7 days before the date of car pick-up. Otherwise, according to the conditions, you risk losing the prepayment made at the time of booking.

When booking a car in Egypt, I indicated specific dates, the voucher indicates the wrong ones. Can I change them?

Contact us egypt@localcarhires.com or in any way convenient for you - you will always find our contacts at the bottom of the page. We will correct the mistake and send you a new voucher.

Do I need to negotiate with you or directly with the manager about the rental dates change in Egypt?

You can make a change to the rental if there are more than 7 days left before the date of car pick-up in Egypt. Normally, there is no need to negotiate with us if you are already in touch with your manager. Otherwise, let us know via the support chat.

What is the "high" class vehicle in Egypt?

High class cars include Lux, Business, Cabrio cars. It is these cars that are most often ordered from us by customers who are looking for something more special and unusual.

Do you have cars for families with 5 children and 2 adults in Egypt?

Sure. For a trip of 7 people in Egypt a Minivan is quite suitable. To find them, use the Car type filter in the search. The capacity will be indicated on the page of each vehicle.

Is it possible to find diesel cars in Egypt on your website?

Of course, in Egypt technical characteristics are available for each car, both in a short card in the search, and on a more detailed page of the car. The engine type will be indicated in both cases.

How do I find a car with climate control in Egypt?

Sometimes the company informs about Availability of climate control on the car's page in the description. In some cases, it is worth checking this with the manager for the particular car you are interested in in Egypt.

Do I need to bring my voucher with me when traveling in Egypt?

The voucher in Egypt is likely to be needed only to pick up the car. You can have it printed or show it on your smartphone. You will no longer need this document on the road.

What should I do in case of lost documents in Egypt?

First of all, be sure to inform the rental company in Egypt. For the loss of documents, a fine is usually provided, the amount will depend on the specific rental company.

Does the final car rental price in Egypt depend on the season (summer / winter)?

Yes, seasonality can affect the price. Car rental companies determine their own pricing policy and many of them set higher prices during peak season in Egypt

Will the prices for car rental in Egypt be adjusted closer to the booking date?

The closer to the booking date, the fewer free options for cars in Egypt will be. In addition to this, prices can also rise on average.

Is it possible to select tinted auto in Egypt?

Unfortunately, we do not have data on car tinting in Egypt.

Can I pay by card for child seats?

Additional services are included in the rental price. The remaining amount, including the cost of child seats, is payable upon receipt of the car. If the rental company in Egypt, which provides the car, accepts cards, then yes, you can use this payment method.

What is the difference between a child seat for a child less than one year old and a regular seat?

Yes, a child seat for a child less than one year old is an infant car seat. If you need exactly a child seat, then choose the option "Child seat". In the comments, if you wish, you can duplicate which category and for what weight the seat is needed.

Does it make sense to write additional wishes for the car, do rental companies in Egypt usually fulfill them?

Of course, the car rental companies see your entire booking a car, including additional comments. The rental companies with which we cooperate in Egypt are customer-oriented and, if possible, will try to fulfill your additional wishes. After confirming the car hire, you can also contact the manager directly and clarify this point.

Can I cross the border in a rented car in Egypt?

For some in Egypt vehicles this option is available. You can check the possibility of leaving on the page of the car rental company or directly when registering a car rental.

Is it allowed to leave the country by car? What kind of problems we may face?

Some vehicles are allowed to leave the country. It depends on the rental company in Egypt - some rentals prohibit leaving or restrict the range of regions where you can enter. In principle, there should be no problems - the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the rules when ordering a car and adhere to them.

Which cars are better for long-distance trips in Egypt?

For long trips, tourists usually have bigger and more powerful cars. Popular for such trips in Egypt SUVs and Minivans.

Is it allowed to use my DVR in Egypt in the car?

The DVR is allowed to have for personal use. But this is very rare on in Egypt roads.

Are there any traffic rules in Egypt that may surprise a foreign driver?

There are probably no such traffic rules that may surprise in Egypt. If you are interested in something specific, you can always contact us in the support chat or ask the manager of the local car rental company directly.

Are the additional requests that we indicate in the comment box will be handled?

The additional comments field is available for viewing by the rental company. If it is possible to provide you with the requested services, they will be provided, free of charge or at an additional cost. The managers of the in Egypt company will most likely contact you with your comments, but you can also send them a private message and clarify the possibility of fulfilling your requests.

Is the return of the deposit guaranteed by the rental company in Egypt?

Of course, subject to all conditions of the agreement, the deposit is returned to the tenant by the rental company in Egypt in full. Deposit return methods are usually indicated on the manager page.

Is it possible to contact the employees of the rental company in Egypt to clarify the details?

You can always contact the staff of the rental company in Egypt. The manager's contacts are available on the page of each car - you can send him a message directly through our website.

Do you work on Sunday in Egypt?

Yes, our cars are available for rental any day in Egypt, including Sunday. Just select the dates you need in the search bar and you will see available cars.

Are there any good life hacks for using local parking in Egypt?

It is better to contact the manager of the rental companies you have chosen with such requests - they are local and will prompt you better than others. You can also read the reviews of our customers and search there for relevant information about parking in Egypt.

Where else do you operate, except Egypt?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Estonia, find car rentals in Finland and France. Many tourists want to rent a car in Germany with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Why is it better to rent a car in Egypt through you instead of travel agency?

Our advantages: a large selection of cars in Egypt, the ability to compare them by reviews and photos, cooperation with reliable rental companies that provide cars on favorable terms: we have fair prices and low deposits. We do not impose a company or a car or a bunch of unnecessary additional options on our clients - you make the choice yourself.

Are there special booking conditions for long term rentals in Egypt?

For long-term rentals, the cost per day will always be lower. But it depends on the specific rental company in Egypt and discounts are already reflected in the rates.

What cars can be rented out in Egypt with a discount?

The pricing policy is determined not by us, but by the rental companies in Egypt. There are usually no discounts, we advise you to choose a car in advance - this is more profitable in price, and you will also have a wider choice.

Can you provide a discount for a certain car in Egypt?

Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts for rent, our prices are the most profitable and fair on the market. To get the most out of our service, we advise you to book a car in Egypt in advance.

How can I cancel a request for car rental in Egypt?

Immediately after the prepayment of the reservation, you received a login and password to access the site by email. In your personal account, you can cancel the in Egypt order by clicking the Cancel button. If there are more than 7 days left before the start of the rental, we will refund the prepayment to you on the same card with which the payment was made, withholding 10% of the prepayment amount, according to the terms of service.

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