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Can you reject our request for a car rental in Estonia due to the maximum age restriction?

Some in Estonia companies may not provide cars to elderly people, this is due to the possible risks before insurance in case of an accident. It is better to clarify this when booking with the rental company you are interested in.

What documents should be prepared in order to be eligible to get a car in Estonia?

To get a car in Estonia you need an original copy of a driver's license and a passport. It is also worthwhile to additionally clarify the option of insurance, driver and car's liability and a green card, if you wish to travel outside the country.

Are there rental options in Estonia for drivers with little driving experience?

Yes, rental companies in Estonia are usually ready to provide cars to people with driving experience of 1 year and more. You can usually see their driver requirements on each manager's page or clarify them via messages.

How are defects of the car recorded during technical inspection in Estonia?

The rental agreement contains a diagram of the car. It marks all the damages that were present at the time of receiving the car in Estonia. When the car is handed over, there should be no more damage. To heighten your peace of mind, you can video on your smartphone all the damage when you receive the car. But our rental providers don't usually find fault with the little things to practice. All on trust.

Where will we meet with a company employee at the airport? Are there special stands?

There are no special desks, but don't worry, the procedure for picking up a car at the airport is simple and streamlined. The rental manager will meet you at the airport with a sign and transfer the car. In case you get lost, you can contact the manager by phone specified in the voucher for car rental in Estonia, which you will receive by mail.

Could the time slots for the delivery / return of the car in Estonia be more accurate? Or can you only get it every 30 minutes?

You can specify the pick-up time in Estonia if you need it. To do this, there is an option "Your comment" - you can specify the exact time to the minute when making a car rental.

If we don't like the car upon arrival in Estonia, can it be replaced?

By renting a car through us in Estonia, you avoid such problems, as photos, reviews and a description of the car are available to you in advance. Without a serious reason, it will be impossible to abandon the car on the spot. If you have any doubts, it is better to contact support by mail estonia@localcarhires.com or in any other convenient way and we will try to help you with the choice.

Is it possible to order a car in Estonia to any point (for example, far from the city)?

On our website you can choose a specific settlement where you want to get a car. Then, when making a reservation, you enter the address where the manager will drive up with the car. If you cannot find the city you are looking for, prental contact us via the chat in the lower right corner of the page or by mail estonia@localcarhires.com.

Can we book a car in Estonia at your company's office?

Yes, sure. Select "Company Office" at the pick-up point and you can pick up the car yourself from the office of the rental company in Estonia. Only this will not be our office, but the office of the rental that you choose.

Who will compensate for the damage if the car is accidentally damaged in the parking lot in Estonia?

It depends on which insurance option you add to your rental. In case you have a CDW car repair, the insurance company covers. But this will be possible only if there is a police report of an accident. Therefore, when leaving in Estonia, always inspect the vehicle for damage first.

Is Super CDW provided by your website (organization) or by a rental company in Estonia?

All insurance products are supplied by rental companies in Estonia. If you have any question regarding the details of the insurance, you can contact the manager of the rental company directly via a private message.

In what cases is insurance included in the car rental price in Estonia?

The rental price per day is one service, and your liability insurance is another service (additional). When booking in the Insurance section, you can see all available insurance options for this car. TPL is always free, the rest of the options are more complicated. Some of them will be available free of charge, for others the rental company will ask for a small amount. Insurance terms and conditions depend on local car rental in Estonia and car.

What is the minimum deposit amount in Estonia?

We have cars that have no rental deposit at all in Estonia.

How is the deposit returned when renting a car in Estonia?

The deposit is most often returned in the same way that it is paid. The ways of returning / receiving the deposit, can be checked with the manager of your car - most often it is cash, but some rental companies also accept credit / debit cards.

How to find a car without a deposit in Estonia?

A deposit is most often a necessary condition for renting a car in Estonia. Don't worry - this amount will be returned to you after the rental is completed. The prescence of available cars without a deposit for your dates in Estonia can be checked using the search tools. Select Options => No Deposit.

Is it necessary to have a card with you to pay a deposit for a car rental in Estonia?

Depending on the rental company, the deposit can be made in cash or by card. This is spelled out in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental, which we recommend you to study when making a car hire. If the company provides the possibility of making a deposit by card and you are planning this method of payment, then, of course, you will need to have the card with you when you pick up the car.

What is the exchange rate for currency conversion?

Currency conversion takes place at the rate of your bank on the day of payment.

Is payment for car rental in Estonia available only in rubles, euros and dollars?

Making an advance payment for car rental in Estonia is possible with any Visa and Mastercard in any currency. Your bank will convert the required currency itself.

Can I change my mind on the spot and get compensation if I don't like the car?

Unfortunately this is not possible. According to the terms of the service, prepayment is a guarantee of your intention to receive a car in Estonia under fixed conditions. Accordingly, abandoning a car, you risk losing your prepayment.

Are there any problems with returning the car a couple of days earlier than we indicate when booking a vehicle?

It is possible to return the car ahead of time in Estonia. There are usually no penalties for this. The main thing is to agree on this with the manager.

How many days before travel can I cancel my rental in Estonia?

You can cancel the car order in Estonia with a refund of the prepayment if 7 or more days are left before the car is received.

Is it possible to request additional equipment after making a prepayment for car rental in Estonia?

Yes, after making a prepayment for the car in Estonia rental, you can request additional equipment. Contact us or the manager of the rental company. If the options you need are available, they will be provided to you. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

Can we revise the rental terms in Estonia in agreement with the manager?

According to the terms, such changes or cancellation of the rental in Estonia are possible 7 days prior to the receipt of the car. If you cancel less than 7 days before your trip, it's best to contact our support and we'll try to help. Prental keep in mind that when you revise the rental terms, the price may be changed, both upward and downward.

We want to receive the car immediately upon arrival at the airport, but there is a possibility that the carrier may change the flight time. How can I book a car in such a case?

If the arrival time is changed in advance (more than a day), then you can write to us at estonia@localcarhires.com about the change and we will adjust the order. If there is an unscheduled flight delay, then you should contact the manager delivering the car directly by the phone number specified in the voucher. He will try to adjust his schedule so that the car is ready for your arrival. But then there is a possibility that you will have to wait at the airport or, with a long delay, pick up the car from the office of the company.

We are planning to take a convertible in Estonia, is there a fundamental difference when choosing between different options?

Technically, the cars are very similar. Therefore, choose according to the conditions, price. We also advise you to pay attention to the reviews - they are left by real customers who previously rented cars in Estonia.

Can there be more than one driver for a car?

The car can be driven by drivers included in the car rental agreement. Depending on the terms and conditions of the rental and your needs, there can be from 1 to 4. That is, in addition to the main driver, up to 3 more people can be added.

Is it possible to rent a right-hand drive car in Estonia?

Among the cars presented on our website in Estonia, there are no right-hand drive cars, so you can hardly rent them through us.

Do you have cars with a large trunk in Estonia?

For information on the size of the trunk, it is better to contact the company manager when booking. If you need a car for a large group and a large amount of luggage, we recommend that you pay attention to the categories of oversized cars, minivans and SUVs. You can filter the search results by car class to find in Estonia rent options that are suitable for you.

What category of driver's license is required for a car rental in Estonia?

Any car in Estonia through our website can be rented with a driving license of category B.

Can a foreign passport be required when registering a car renta in Estonial?

Under the terms of the service, you will need a main identity card to get your rental car. When renting a car in Estonia, a foreign passport is always required.

What do we need to have with us to book a car in Estonia on your website?

To book a car through us in Estonia, you do not need anything except your card data for prepayment. You will need your passport and driving license when signing the contract on the spot.

How are prices for cars and insurance established in different cities?

The prices for cars and insurance depend not so much on the city as on the specific local rental. Each rental will have its own conditions, including the cost of services, which you can familiarize yourself with when booking a car. Prices are determined directly by rentals and may depend on the time of booking, rental period, seasonality and other factors.

Is it possible to find reviews about local partner companies in Estonia you work with?

Of course, on the page of each manager of the rental company in Estonia there will be reviews from customers who previously rented a car from them. Moreover, you can see the average rental rating based on customer reviews near the photo and the manager's name (from 0 to 5).

My rental agreement in Estonia has expired, but I have complaints, who I should get in touch with?

Prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner or write an email to estonia@localcarhires.com. We really appreciate your feedback.

How do your customers give feedback on the cars in Estonia?

After the end of the rental in Estonia, each client can share a review in their personal account. Then they are displayed on the page of the car and rental service that the client used.

Is it safe to rent a car via your website?

Much safer than renting one from the street in Estonia. Moreover, we publish reviews from our renters in its original form. In case of any disagreement regarding the rental, our priority is the customer's interest, so that we become your rent-a-car in Estonia company of choice always and everywhere.

How is customer data protected?

Customer personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Only employees and partners who need this information to provide car rental services in Estonia have access to our customers' data.

Is it true that some companies give a child seat for free when renting a car in Estonia?

Yes, some rental companies do provide this service absolutely free of charge when renting a car in Estonia. You can easily check the conditions for the provision of child seats on the page of each car in the "Child seats" section.

Is the dashcam installed in the car by default?

No, the dashcam is not the hardware that goes to cars in Estonia by default. And rental companies rarely have them.

Are there navigators with built-in offline maps?

It is better to check Availability of such a navigator for the car you interested in directly with the manager of the rental company in Estonia. On the page of each car, you can find a manager card, and after going to his page, send a personal message.

How does the inclusion of a second driver in the car rental booking affect the cost of the car rental in Estonia?

The conditions for the provision of the "Second Driver" service depend on the specific car and the rental company. You can see this in the "Additional Driver" section on the page of each car. Usually car rental companies in Estonia provide this option free of charge.

Does each car offer the option of choosing an additional child seat in Estonia?

Yes, child seats are available from all rental companies in Estonia. Some provide them for free, others will ask you to pay a small amount per day for a child seat or booster.

Can I drive to Latvia or better rent a car there?

Yes, sure. You can easily drive your rented car to Latvia, or you could rent a car in Latvia with us.

What are the most popular travel routes from in Estonia?

It is difficult for us to give recommendations on the best route without knowing what exactly interests you. We recommend you to contact the manager of the rental company, which will give you a car. Normally, all managers are very sociable and know their region perfectly.

Are there any problems with renting a car in Estonia with a group 1 car seat? Do companies mainly provide boosters?

Here you can order a car with a child seat, or you can order a booster. Just indicate your wishes for the chair when booking in Estonia. Car rental companies always take them into account.

Which car is better to rent in Estonia?

It depends on many other factors, such as the purpose of your trip, the number of passengers in the car, and others. It is better to contact us via the support chat and we will tell you what options are available for you in Estonia.

How do I choose between two identical vehicles in Estonia available for the same dates?

Usually our clients are guided by the information available on our website about cars. On the page of each car you can find photos and main technical characteristics and compare the cars you like based on these parameters. In addition, we share with you the feedback from customers who previously rented each car through us in Estonia.

Can I use DVR in Estonia?

The DVR can be used for personal purposes. But this is very rare on in Estonia roads.

Is there a guarantee for the availability of additional equipment when renting a car in Estonia?

When booking, you can see the optional equipment options available and add them to your booking. If available, the local car rental company in Estonia will be able to provide you with them. If they are absent, the manager will contact you and inform you in advance.

Is there a possibility that the car will be replaced without notice in Estonia?

The car provided in Estonia will be exactly the one you ordered. Replacement is only possible in case of force majeure. And the replacement will be agreed with you in advance.

Does the company guarantee a specific brand and model of a car when renting a car in Estonia?

You are booking a car of a specific brand and model. In exceptional cases, if you book a car through us, you can be provided with a car of a similar or higher class at no additional cost. This is stated in the rental conditions of the rental company in Estonia when booking.

Are there car height restrictions in in Estonia parking zones?

No, we haven't heard of that.

Is an international license required for car rental in Estonia?

No, they are not required.

What type of fuel is more appropriate in Estonia in terms of availability?

Hard to say. Diesel is available at all petrol stations. There are more than enough petrol stations in Estonia. There won't be any special problems with fuel.

Should the car rented in Estonia be returned with a full tank?

If a car was brought to you with a full tank, then it must also be returned with a full tank. In general, the fuel policy is usually specified in the Terms and Conditions of the rental of each rental in Estonia, as well as in the rental agreement.

Where to go if you still have questions about renting a car in Estonia?

You can contact the manager who provides the car you are interested in. Also, when you are on the site, it is as easy as possible for you to contact us through the support chat by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner.

I have noticed that you have favorable prices for cars in Estonia, how do you maintain them?

We cooperate with reliable local rental companies that have excellent conditions, a customer-oriented approach and reasonable, fair prices. Thus, we are able to offer our customers more favorable prices than international rental companies in Estonia.

Where else do you operate, except Estonia?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Finland, find car rentals in France and Germany. Many tourists want to rent a car in Hungary with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Are there any discounts when booking a car for a week in Estonia?

The tariff policy for each company is different. You can easily compare prices through search. Indeed, often the rental price will decrease as the rental period for the car in Estonia increases.

Do you have a loyalty program in Estonia for regular users of the service?

We do not have a special loyalty program for regular customers. Write to us in the support chat and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Estonia.

What should I do if I like the car in Estonia on your website?

If you liked one of our vehicles, make sure it is available for the dates you want. Then, you can proceed to booking, rental registration in Estonia. Prental read the rental terms and conditions carefully when booking. To complete your booking, you only need a card to make a prepayment of 15-20% of the rental receipt. After that - expect from us a voucher for car rental by mail.

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