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What is international driving license needed in Finland?

This is a police-certified translation of your national driving license.

Is it possible to revise the minimum required driving experience under certain circumstances?

The requirements for drivers are based on the insurance risks and set by a specific car rental company in Finland that insures its cars. As a car rental platform, we do not cooperate with insurance companies and do not directly influence their requirements.

Do the requirements for drivers depend on a particular car in Finland?

Driver requirements depend on the car rental company. Usually in every country we have a number of car rental companies, each of which owns a certain number of cars. When you are on the car webpage, you can go to the car rental company webpage from there. All the requirements for the driving experience and age are indicated there.

Why is the delivery price high for some cars in Finland, and for some of them this option is available for free?

The delivery price depends on the specific car, the city of receipt or return, and the location of the rental company. Some rentals in Finland are ready to bring a car even to a remote settlement, but they ask for an additional amount.

How do we find a car manager at the airport?

The rental company manager will meet you with a sign with your name at the airport. You can also contact the manager by the phone number indicated in the voucher that you will receive by mail.

Why aren't all insurance options available in Finland for some cars?

This is due to how a particular rental company in Finland insures its cars, with which insurance company, what options and on what conditions they can offer. In general, this is working with risks.

Is there an economy car with insurance included in Finland?

The conditions for providing insurance and their cost in Finland do not directly depend on the class of the car. TPL will be included in the price for any car. To find economy class cars with hull insurance enabled, you can use two filters: Car type => Economy, Options = Free hull insurance.

Are there any car rental options with free super CDW in Finland?

Of course, some cars may be available with the free Super CDW in Finland option. The terms of provision and the cost of additional services are determined by the rental company, so it will depend on the car you choose.

If there is super CDW insurance in Finland, why do you have to pay more for CDW? Doesn't it cover the ordinary CDW?

Super CDW only expands the action of the standard CDW. As you can see even at the price, Super CDW does not include the usual CDW. To have maximum coverage, both insurances must be ordered at the in Finland rental.

Do I need insurance against theft in Finland?

Yes, to travel outside the country, a green card is required. You can order a green card when ordering a car rental in Finland.

Can car rental companies in Finland hold more money than the deposit amount in the event of an accident?

In the case of minor damage to the car in Finland, their estimated value can indeed be deducted from the deposit, provided that these damage is not covered by the insurance. In the event of an accident caused by your fault, most often the damage will be compensated within the amount of your deductible, if the amount of damage exceeds the deductible, the remaining amount will be compensated by the insurance.

Is there a difference between prepayment and deposit in Finland?

Prepayment and deposit are not the same things. Prepayment is a part of your rental payment to guarantee you are looking to rent a car. The deposit is a refundable amount that you pay when you receive the car in Finland to compensate for fines, delays, fuel, etc.

What determines the amount of the deposit?

The amount of the deposit is determined by the rental company for each car. Variable factors such as the rental duration do not usually affect the amount of the deposit.

Is it possible to refund the prepayment for the car rented in Finland in case of cancellation?

Of course it is possible. But only if there are at least 7 days left before receiving the car. Otherwise, the advance is withheld.

Is it possible to pay a car rental in Finland deposit in Russia (without money transfer)?

Advance payment for booking is made by credit card in rubles. For you, this is a payment within the Russian Federation. The deposit for the car, as well as the rest of the rental payment, is made on the spot upon picking up the car. Payment is possible only in the main currency of the country.

Can I use two different cards for prepayment and the remaining part of the car hire price?

Yes, sure. When paying on the site, you make an advance payment, which confirms that the car in Finland is reserved for you. If a specific rental in Finland accepts cards for payment (this is stated on the booking page), then you can pay for the main part upon receipt also by card.

Is it possible to pay the prepayment and the remaining part with two different cards belonging to different persons?

Yes, you can make an advance payment for car rental in Finland and the rest of the amount upon receipt with different bank cards, including those issued for different persons.

Will we have to take care of the paperwork again if we want to change the terms of car rental in Finland?

By booking a car in Finland through us, you do not face any difficulties of paperwork. Just make a change to your booking and we will send you a new voucher by email.

Can we get a car if the flight is delayed?

Yes, of course, but if possible, inform the manager directly that your flight is delayed. The manager's contacts are in the voucher.

Can I shorten my rental period in Finland without overpayment?

7 days before picking up the car in Finland, you can make a change in the booking, including changing the rental period. If you mean, is it possible to return the car ahead of time already on the spot - this is also allowed and there are no penalties for this. The main thing is to agree on this with the manager.

Do any of the car rental companies offer 6-7 seat vehicles in Finland?

In the search bar in the Type of car you can put a tick next to the word "Minivans". Then the system will show all cars of increased capacity.

Do you have compact city cars in Finland?

Yes, this category is presented on our website. If you need help finding a car in Finland, prental let us know via live chat or mail

What is the minimum and maximum period for which you can book a car in Finland?

Normally, when renting a car in Finland less than 24 hours before receipt, overlaps occur. The maximum period is limited only by common sense.

Is it possible to rent a car in Finland for just one day?

Yes, 1 day is the minimum rental period. You can order a car through us for just 1 day on the most favorable terms.

Is it possible to change the rental agreement terms after the prepayment has been charged?

Yes, you can make any changes if there are more than 7 days left until the car is received (for Lux and SUVs - 30 days). And, of course, provided that the car is available for new dates. If there are fewer days left until the car is received, the advance payment for the unused days will be withheld.

Can I show a copy of my passport when picking up the car in_location}?

It is better to clarify this point with the manager of the rental company in Finland, who is responsible for your car. Car rental companies usually require an original identity card.

Is it enough to have a copy of my passport with me when I receive a car in Finland?

It is better to check with the manager of the rental company in Finland, but, based on our experience, rental companies require everyone to have original documents with you to receive the car.

What should I do if I notice that the car is damaged?

We recommend that you be careful when picking up the car in Finland and record all obvious damages in the contract. If you notice damage on the way, it is better to contact the rental company and report it.

Does the price increase if we rent a car in Finland for a short time?

Yes, the rental price per day can really grow as the car rental period in Finland decreases. Almost all rental companies adhere to this policy.

Is the price indicated in the car rental voucher?

Yes, of course, the price you see when calculating on the website is the final price. It is fixed in the voucher.

How can I add a review after renting a car in Finland?

A review after renting a car can be added to the booking that has the "Completed" status in your personal account. We are always glad to receive feedback from you on the experience of using our service in Finland!

Do you check the technical condition of the cars in Finland that can be found on your website?

We are an intermediary between clients and the car rental in Finland, the cars are owned by the rental companies. All companies carefully monitor the condition of vehicles and carry out regular maintenance.

How to pay for additional services in Finland?

Additional services are included in the rental price. When you make a rental through us, you pay an advance payment of 15-20%, including the cost of additional services.

Is there a good GPS navigator with which it will be convenient to travel around the country?

Which GPS navigator will be the most convenient for your trip - it is better to discuss this moment with the manager of the local car rental who rents you a car in Finland. In most cases, a GPS navigator can also be provided by the rental company at a low cost. You can order this service when registering a car through our website.

Is it possible to take Wi-Fi in the car in Finland?

For some cars in Finland this option may be available at an additional cost. After you have decided on the dates of your trip and the car, on the booking page you will have the opportunity to order additional services. Wi-Fi can usually be found under the "Hardware" section. You can also contact the manager of the rental company to clarify the possibility of providing this service.

Is it possible to take the navigator in Finland for an additional fee?

For most cars in Finland a navigator can be added at an additional cost per day. You can add a GPS navigator by marking "Equipment" box when making your reservation.

What is the minimum green card period in Finland?

As a general rule, a green card (insurance "Abroad") is issued for the entire rental term in Finland. This is the procedure for issuing a green card. But you can try to contact the rental manager and clarify whether they can meet you halfway, sometimes they agree.

How can I understand that the rental company allows traveling abroad?

The company's policy regarding travel abroad is always presented in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental in Finland. You can familiarize yourself with them on the rental page, as well as when checking out one of their cars.

What cars do the locals usually drive in Finland?

It depends, also depends on the region in Finland. Most often, locals choose simple, comfortable and easy-to-use cars.

What car can you recommend in Finland?

We recommend choosing based on information from the public domain. You can easily compare cars by basic technical characteristics, additional services, price. Also, the advantage of our service is that you can see real photos and reviews and build on them when choosing a car in Finland.

Isn't it scary to drive in Finland? Are there any difficult areas?

None of our clients regretted that they decided to travel around the area by car. in Finland roads are safe and well covered. Everywhere there are markings, signs and bumpers. Therefore, if you drive slowly, then there will be no problems.

What are the speed limits in the city and on the highway in Finland?

As for the rules of traffic rules at various sites, the manager of the rental company in Finland can tell you everything in more detail.

Is the child allowed to ride in a car without his parents or caregivers in Finland?

We have not met such requirements in Finland. And this will definitely not be regulated by the rental companies.

A confirmed booking on my email is a guarantee of getting the car in Finland?

If you have received the car rental voucher that means that your rent was successfully confirmed by the rental company. You will surely get the car according to the rental conditions.

What would actions of Local Car Hires be if the rental company in Finland does not fulfill its obligations?

We usually don't have any problems with rental companies. But in case of a disagreement, we will surely support you. By booking a car through us, you thus get an additional advantage. After reading customer reviews about the rental companies we work with, you can make sure that booking through us is reliable and safe.

How many cars does each rental company have in Finland?

It depends, depends on the rental. You can see the number and list of cars for each rental in Finland on the manager's personal page.

Is there a free period of parking at the airport?

Yes, usually it's 15 minutes.

Can I use an international license instead of a national one to rent a car in Finland?

No, international driving permit in Finland by itself is invalid.

Auto in Finland is delivered with full tank of fuel?

Usually in Finland the fuel policy is either full / full, that is, it is issued with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. Or same / same, that is, you need to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was upon receipt. The most honest and fair approach for everyone is full / full. A good car rental in Finland, which provides quality service, in our practice adheres to the full / full policy.

From the money point, what kind of fuel is better in Finland?

95th gasoline costs 1.37 euros per liter, and diesel - 1.27 euros per liter.

Where else do you operate, except Finland?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in France, find car rentals in Germany and Hungary. Many tourists want to rent a car in Ireland with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

How do you find the rental companies you cooperate with in Finland?

We select reliable local rentals in Finland, which have been operating on the market for a long time, and promptly respond to customer requests. We focus on the balance between quality and reasonable price.

Where does Local Car Hires service work?

Local Car Hires operates all over the world. In the search, you can start typing a country or city and see where we work.

Where can I contact you to consult about the car rental in Finland?

If you need advice about the car in Finland, contact us in the chat on the site or in any way convenient for you. Our contacts are presented at the bottom of the page.

At what stages can I get support from you when renting a car in Finland?

You can get support from us at all stages of your in Finland rental. We can help you with your choice, make changes to your booking, listen and take into account your feedback after the trip. Write to us in the chat or contact us in any convenient way.

Am I paying extra money when renting a car in Finland through you? Is it cheaper to rent on the spot?

By renting through us, you save time and money, because you can compare and choose from a variety of cars available in Finland and narrow the range to the relevant cars in two clicks. We do not charge you a commission, as other services do, so here you do not lose anything, but only gain.

Where can I find information about road repair in Finland?

For such questions, you better contact the manager of the rental company in Finland. Being local, they are best placed to advise on the route and the current status of road works where they are being carried out.

I have not received a voucher by mail, what should I do?

Sometimes an email with a voucher from us may end up in the Spam folder. Prental check there. If you do not find it, prental contact us via the support chat on the site or write an email to

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