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Who is allowed to drive a rented car in France?

Car rental in France usually requires a valid driver's license, 1-2 years of driving experience and an age of 21+. There may be exceptions to restrictions, this must be clarified directly with the car rental company. The companies require only documents, so if you have a license and are confident in driving, they will give you a car without any problems.

What are the chances of finding a car for rent for young drivers?

The chances of getting a car will depend on the car rental company. For young drivers from 18 to 21 years old, in some cases, an additional fee may be imposed, this will be specified at the stage of booking. In some cases, there is no fee, but the deposit will be higher. In some cases, the car rental will refuse to rent out, not wanting to risk it, since the insurance will not be valid in case of an accident.

Is it possible to bring a car to the hotel and not to the airport?

Yes, sure. Select the town where you want to get the cars and you will see all the available options. Next, make your choice and proceed to booking: you just have to indicate the address or just the name of the hotel from which you would like to get a car in France.

Does the contract include details of the technical condition of the car at the moment of receipt in France?

Yes, such details can be recorded in the rental agreement upon receipt of the car in France.

How much more expensive is it to arrange receipt and return in different cities?

For some cars, collection and return in different cities will not be additionally charged. If you want to find a car rental company that will not charge a separate amount for delivery, we advise you to use the filter Options => Free delivery when searching. Thus, you will see the cars that you can get in one city, and return in another for free.

If the car rented in France is in poor technical condition, can we have it replaced?

We work with reliable local car rental companies in France, which carefully monitor the condition of the cars. You can verify it by reading the reviews of our clients. Of course, in exceptional cases, if any technical problems are found, you have the right to demand a replacement.

Is it possible to save on delivery and pick up the car at the office in France?

You can pick up the car at the office of the rental company, just specify the Office of the company as the pick-up address when registering the car rental in France. However, keep in mind that delivery within the city and for some companies in the nearest settlements may also be free.

Is it possible to add a super CDW after having already booked in France?

Sure. Contact us via support chat or in any other convenient way with a description of your request. We will update your in France booking.

Will we receive a confirmation of insurance in France at the pick up of the car?

The confirmation of the ordered insurance will be in the voucher, you just have to make sure that the rental agreement will be marked with the corresponding note upon receipt of the car.

Why is super CDW better than insurance already included in the car rental price in France?

If the rental price in France includes regular CDW, then super CDW will be its extension. Thus, by purchasing Super CDW, you pay for the coverage of risks not included in the standard insurance.

Super CDW is a full car and liability insurance in France?

Super CDW in France or as it is sometimes also called "Full CDW" will help you relax on vacation and not think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

Is it possible to return a deposit in rubles?

The deposit is paid either in cash or by card upon receipt. This will be confirmed when booking a car. If you make a deposit with a ruble card, you can accordingly get it back to the same card in rubles.

When is the deposit withdrawn when renting a car in France?

The deposit will not be withdrawn from your card with which you make a prepayment, thereby guaranteeing your rental in France. A deposit / bail is paid upon car receipt, usually in cash in local currency.

Do the deposit and the procedure for its return depend on a specific car?

The amount of the deposit depends on the specific car. Also, both the size and the procedure of return may depend on the rental company in France that owns the car. You can search for details on the page of the rental manager, or send a private message if you have questions left.

Is it possible to pay a deposit by credit card when renting a car in France?

Deposit methods a car rental in France depends on the specific company. You can usually see the payment methods in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental when making your reservation. You can also check it directly with the manager.

If we rent two cars in France, do we need to leave the deposit for both of them?

Yes, if there is a deposit for each car, you have to depose it for each car, as well as the prepayment. The deposit is paid (or preauthorised) upon receipt of the car directly to the manager of the rental company in France.

Is a credit card obligatory requirement for car hire in France?

Any bank card will do, except for Maestro and Visa Electron cards.

The cheaper the car, the less the deposit?

Indeed, the collateral for cheap cars is often less. However, there is no direct relationship here - you can find more expensive cars with a low or no deposit, and cheaper cars with an average deposit.

How can I rent a car in France without a credit card?

In exceptional cases, we will be able to confirm the order without prepayment if you book a car with receipt for today. In this case, when placing an order, in the comments indicate that you would like to book a car with full payment on the spot. The managers will contact you, confirm the order, and you will be able to get the car.

If desired, can we pay for the reservation in France fully through the website?

No. The order is always paid in installments. On the site you make only an advance payment, and the rest of the amount you pay when you pick up the car in France.

Can I pay the full rental price in France at once?

Unfortunately, there is no way to pay for the entire order.

Are there alternative ways to pay rent in France if card payment is not possible?

Regarding alternative payment methods, we can try to solve this issue on an individual basis with each client. Prental contact us via live chat or mail

If we need to return the car earlier than we stated in the booking form, could this be done? Is it possible to recalculate and refund money for days not used?

It is possible to return the car in France ahead of time. As for the recalculation, upon picking up the car, you pay the full rental amount and agree to the terms by dates. The possibility of recalculation should be discussed with the rental company, but here it turns out that the car will be idle and the company is unlikely to be able to hand it over to someone.

How does car cancellation work in France if the trip is canceled for a legitimate reason?

Regardless of the reasons for canceling the car booking in France, if you do it 7 days before the date of pick-up indicated in the voucher, the prepayment will be refunded. If the cancellation is made later, unfortunately, the prepayment will be withheld, but no other penalties apply.

Can there be changes in the rental price in France?

The advantage of our service is that the price is fixed - you will receive the car you need in France at a pre-agreed price and conditions

How can I change my flight number if my plans change?

It is best to inform the rental company manager in France about the changes directly. If the change occurred less than 24 hours before pick-up, then it is better to immediately contact the manager's phone number specified in the voucher.

Do you have a system of penalties for late arrival to pick-up from a rental company in France?

In case of a critical delay, the rental price can be recalculated. We recommend that you contact the manager by phone specified in the voucher in this case. The late arrivals policy is usually specified in the conditions of each particular rental company in France.

Do you have cars like Mini Cooper, Kia Picanto, etc. in France?

Yes, this category is presented on our website. If you need help finding a car in France, prental let us know via live chat or email , .

Can I only find cars of economy class in France through you?

No, Economy is one of the categories on our website. We have cars of completely different categories, from compact to convertible. You can narrow the selection using the Auto type filter in the search.

Going to honeymoon in France, do you have any beautiful premium cars for such an occasion?

Of course, we can pick up premium cars for you for such an occasion. To make your choice even more convenient, we advise you to use the filter Car type => Luxury / Business / Cabrio to find the most relevant cars. If you need help, you can also contact us via the support chat.

Where can I find out about the сar rental terms in France?

Car rental conditions will depend on the rental you choose. The rules of each company will be displayed when you go to the car booking page in France.

I see that you work in different countries. Is it possible to take a car in one country and return it in a neighboring one?

Not yet. When renting a car in France, the site will not give the opportunity to return a car in another country in automatic mode, but we can try to collect such an order manually through the support service. Contact us.

Do you provide a car for rent in France with a subsequent purchase option?

No, we work with local car rental companies in France, all cars belong to them. There is no option for subsequent purchase of cars.

What cars are suitable for rent in France if I need to keep a lot of luggage in the trunk?

For travelers with a lot of luggage, we recommend taking larger vehicles - minivans, crossovers. There will be more luggage space. With the help of our filters in the search, you can get a list of cars that are already relevant to you.

We are looking for minivans, how can we check how many people will be comfortably seated in a particular car?

Minivans are usually designed for 7-9 seats. For each car, information on capacity is available on the car page. Go to the page of the car you are interested in in France, the main characteristics will be presented under the photo of the car.

I have a non-Russian driver's license, can I rent a car in France through you?

Yes, sure. Our service in France is available to citizens / drivers license holders of any country. But we recommend that you clarify whether you need a national driving license or an international driver's license with us in support, based on your citizenship.

Who estimates ​​such a damage as a small scratch in France?

The manager always evaluates the condition of the car upon return. Usually rental companies cooperating with us do not find fault with trifles - it is important for them to keep a positive experience of using the rental and get a positive feedback on the rental in France.

If our trip does not take place due to the fault of the travel agency, can we request the refund of prepayment for car rental in France?

If you cancel your booking more than 7 days before the date of car pick-up, the prepayment will be refunded to you minus a 10% charge. Otherwise, the advance payment for car rental in France will be withheld.

Is there a difference in car prices in different cities?

Of course, because there may be a different set of rental companies. However, within the same country in different cities, rentals will overlap, since many companies are ready to transport a car for customers between settlements for free or at an additional cost.

If it is not possible to order additional equipment in the booking form, does it make sense to additionally clarify the options we need with the rental company in France?

Normally, all available add. options are already visible on the website. But not always. It is better to check with us in support or with the manager of a specific rental company in France if, for example, a roof rack is critical for you.

We need a child seat for a small child (11 months) for the next age group, can you offer this?

The seats are available in three types: infant carriers for babies up to one year old, a sitting seat and a booster. When creating an order, select the type of chair you need and indicate your wishes for the seat in the additional comments. If possible, wishes will be fulfilled.

Is it possible to select additional equipment on the spot in France?

If available, you can add additional equipment when making a rental in France, but it is better to buy these options immediately on the website.

Which seat is suitable for babies under 1-year-old in France?

For babies up to one year old in France, most often people order a infant car seat - an analogue of a cradle from a stroller, in which the child is lying. You can add the chair you need when booking your rental with us.

Is it possible to take a group 1 car seat in France?

Yes, there are different types of car seats available for each car in France, including group 1. To order a group 1 car seat to your booking a car, add it in the "Child Seats" section by selecting the 9-18 kg category.

Are there cars in France that do not allow leaving the country?

Yes, for some cars in France, travel abroad may be unavailable or restricted. It depends on the policy of the rental company. You can familiarize yourself with it in the Terms and Conditions of Rent, when booking a car.

Which car is suitable for five people in France?

For five, it is better to choose a bigger and more powerful car. Pay attention to the technical characteristics of the car, as well as the roominess. These in France groups usually rent SUVs and sometimes minivans.

Is there a selection of cars suitable for families with children in France?

Of course, our rental companies provide cars of different categories in France. Among them there are cars that are ideal for families with children. In our experience, SUVs are a common choice for families. If you cannot decide, contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the site and we will help you with your choice.

What additional local fees will I need to pay in France?

The cost of renting a car in France, which you see when comparing the options on the website and in the voucher after booking confirmation, is final. There are no additional fees.

What is the local attitude towards tourists driving in France?

They are calm and adequate. The cars that are rented in France do not have any identification marks, so no one will even recognize you or a local as a tourist.

Is it possible to guarantee that a car of a certain class will be received in France?

We do not have any cases of replacing a car with a class below in France. You are guaranteed to get the car you need. In exceptional cases, a car of a similar or higher class can be provided.

How do you test your partners in France for reliability, customer focus and caring attitude?

Before granting rental access to our site, we always make sure that this is an officially registered and reliable potential partner in France. We also check the company's business reputation in the market and are confident in the quality of their services. You can safely book a car from local car rental companies in France through us.

How can I contact the company that provides the car in France?

You can contact the company directly through private messages on our website. After you book a car rental in France through us, you will receive a voucher where the manager's phone number will be available.

Is there a system of fines in France from the rental companies?

In most cases, in France trips are without fines. Sometimes, in cases where the client does not comply with the terms and conditions of the rental, with which he was informed in advance, the company can withhold a certain amount from the deposit. This happens if the rental company detects damage, non-compliance with the fuel policy, or the client does not return the car on time.

How and where to park the car in France? What are the payment methods available?

“You can park wherever it is not prohibited by the traffic rules. Just pay attention to signs, markings and other parked cars (or lack thereof).

We are going to rent a car in France for a week or 10 days in winter. Should we order the snow chains?

If you see chains in optional equipment, then they must be ordered separately. But in general, the cars presented will have a set of chains in the trunk, if required by the traffic rules during the rental period in France. You can check it with the manager or our client support. In practice, they have to be used on a rare occasion, and on ordinary roads they are not needed at all.

Where else do you operate, except France?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Germany, find car rentals in Hungary and Ireland. Many tourists want to rent a car in Israel with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Does Local Car Hires have promotions in France?

There are no specific recurring promotions for car rental in France, but something periodic can be tracked by visiting the site more often. But we can advise you to book in advance - it will be much more profitable in terms of rental cost.

Are local taxes and fees in France included in the price?

Yes, the cost of car rental, which you see when comparing the options on the website and in the voucher after booking confirmation, is final. There are no additional taxes and fees and are not provided.

I urgently need a car in France, what should I do?

Contact us via the support chat by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to urgently find a car in France for you.

Can I travel with small children in France?

Of course, traveling with young children in France is possible and necessary! On our website, you can pre-order the required child seat and be sure that the trip will be safe and easy.

What are the ways to book a car in France?

Usually all our clients in France book a car through the site - it's very easy and you don't need anything other than a credit / debit card to make a prepayment. However, if you have any difficulties with renting, let us know in the chat (lower right corner) or in any convenient way.

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