• Automatic TM
  • 1.8 litres | Petrol
  • 2014 year
  • 150 horse powers
  • 7 litres / 100 km
  • Front wheel drive
  • 5 seats

Required category of driving license - B, Side Wheel - left, Fuel - Gasoline.




Returnable deposit by Cash.
Traffic fines are deducted from the deposit. Penalty notifications are received in real time, by SMS
Mileage limit
Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
18 to 36kg

Reviews (4)


Well actually it went in slightly different way than i thought. Another thing that we arived five and that's why i took a car woth 5 seats. But we had to lift the driver. So went six of us to kutaisi. The same back to airport

Здравствуйте, вы могли отказаться, это просьба при очень ранньем или очень поздней доставке (и доставка и возврат у нас все равно бесплатные) И это просьба, а не обязанность, вы могли сообщить, что вас не устраивает и мы никого не обязываем доставлять водителя, это добрая воля клиента, если он направляется в Кутаиси. Вы могли просто отказать и все. Водитель добрался бы сам в таком случае, как это обычно происходить, если не по пути и если клиент едет в другую сторону.



Everything was good ! The guy was very flexible with the time to give back the car which was very convenient.


For the first time we took a car in another country, it was a little scary. Since we did not know how the whole rental process takes place. But thanks to the managers were met at the airport, they explained everything and prompted. Very friendly attitude towards customers. And the car is in excellent condition, clean, not smoky, which is the most important thing! Thank you very much 🤗🤗





Add’l. drivers

Child seats


    Returnable deposit of by Cash.
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