Rent a Nissan X-trail

Any difficulty of road. First Generation Model. Equipped with 2WD/4WD functions.
  • Automatic transmission
  • 2.0 litres | Petrol
  • 2006 year
  • 165 horse powers
  • 10 litres / 100 km
  • All wheel drive
  • 5 seats
0 days
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • 9 to 18kg

  • 18 to 36kg

  • Booster seat

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    The company give to us a better car than the one we booked. The best thing is that the company allow to cross the border of armenia for an honest price, so you can feel free to explore the caucasian region! We also left the car at kutaisi so a great company if u fly with wizz air. 5 stars!

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    All good, car was clean, strong and worked well.

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    This will be a long story but probably worth to read it. We rented a Nissa X-Trail for a week in Tbilisi. We picked up the car straight from the airport. After we checked everything we told the person that brought the car that something is wrong with the oil but he said everything is fine. Then we realised that the WIFI we payed for is not in the car. After many calls they told us to go to the city centre and they'll bring it asap. That's what we did but in the end we were waiting over 5 hours for that. So our first day in Georgia was lost. We started the journey the next day. The car drove good besides some engine sounds good. We told the manager that we think something is wrong with the engine and again we were told everything is fine so we continued driving. When we were in Telavi (around 2h from Tbilisi) the car didn't start anymore so we had to go to a work shop. The guys told us after a diagnose that they'll need 2 days to repair it. We contacted the manager and she said they will repair it the same day and we should just wait there. So we waited over 3 hours until they told us again that we'll not get the car back. Then we had to convince the manager to bring us a new car. We had to walk with all our luggage back to the city centre and were told a new car will come in about 2 hours. After waiting over 6 hours the new car arrived at 9.30 p.m.. No one was telling us during the day what is going on and that it will take way longer. So we lost another day. The new car was a Pajero in worse condition than the one we had before. It was way smaller, less HP and more used. Again we told the manager about it and that it would be just fair to give us a discount. She was avoiding us so we needed to find another person to talk about this issues. The boss agreed that we'll get back 150GEL once we bring the car to the airport. The guy taking the car just had 100GEL and refused to give us more. After long discussion we agreed on something. Georgia is a beautiful country with amazing people. The experiences we made with this car rental were very disappointing. It's normal that there can be a problem but the way it was handled and we were treated as customers was very unprofessional.

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