Rent a Nissan Xterra

Rent a Nissan Xterra

  • Manual TM
  • 4.0 litres | Petrol
  • 2009 year
  • 261 horse powers
  • 12 litres / 100 km
  • All wheel drive
  • 5 seats

Required category of driving license - B, Seats - 5, Side Wheel - left, Fuel - Gazoline.




Returnable deposit by Cash.
Traffic fines are deducted from the deposit. Penalty notifications are received in real time, by SMS
Mileage limit
Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
18 to 36kg

Reviews (2)


It went well overall. The owner was 2 hours late when he dropped the car off and 40 minutes late for pickup. The car was good, but had some issues. Most important one was with the headlights, which gave very little light, so driving in the dark was dangerous. Other issues were minor. Overall, we had great time thanks to the car, it never let us down. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. The headlights installed on our cars comply with the norms and rules adopted in our country, the traffic police of Georgia strictly follow the mandatory observance of the technical regulations. On roads without artificial lighting, in remote corners and in mountainous areas, for traffic safety, it is better to move around during daylight hours. We apologize for the delay in delivery, we kept in touch with you throughout the entire journey, because that day there was a very big traffic jam at the Rikotsky pass, a force majeure circumstance. But nevertheless, we apologize again for the delay. And we are waiting for you again, in Georgia. See you soon.

Everything went well.

Check in Kutaisi.Georgia
Kutaisi, Georgia





Add’l. drivers

Child seats


    Returnable deposit of by Cash.
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