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Batumi car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Vladimir Merkin

Subaru Forester in Georgia

The rent went great. We were met, showed and explained everything. There were no problems with the car.

June 2019
Daniyar Baltabayev

Toyota Highlander in Georgia

Great service. Great car. Consumption of 8-9 liters per 100 km in the mountains with 6 people in the cabin, + luggage. Thank you very much Giorgi and Emil.

July 2021
Aleksandr Zernov

Lexus Gx460 in Georgia

Everything is fine: communication, receipt, delivery of the car. The car fully matches the description, the photo on the website of this particular car. The rental service is very convenient! Thanks.

October 2021
Abdulmajid Musa

BMW X5 in Georgia

Everything went well, It was a good experience all round.

August 2021
Andrey Ignatov

Subaru Forester in Georgia

The cars are quite worn, we had to change the car for 1 day. The previous one is broken. They provided a worse car. I won't be using this company again. Although the owner has no questions. He was always in touch and tried to help.

February 2022
Andrii Prylipkin

Subaru Forester in Georgia

We rented a Subaru Forrester for 4 days. We got the car right at the airport in Tbilisi and handed it over to Batumi. Everything is very clear. Were satisfied

August 2021
Mykola Porytskyi

Toyota Rav4 in Georgia

Everything is very cool! Price, quality, vehicle 🚗! Thanks ! The flight took Kutaisi instead of Batumi. The car was brought to Kutaisi. Thanks !

January 2022
Jana Halušková

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Georgia

Rent a car from Iaa was a good choice and car rent was super easy and fast. We got diffrent car than we ordered, but better for the same price :) - JEEP For driving in Georgia you need to have a little self-confidence, courage and luck (the stories about Georgian drivers are truth :) ). We had everythig and traveling across the country by car was very convenient. Car was working well and we made around 1100 km with no problem. Without a car we would not have so many experiences and we would not see so many beautiful places. Iaa and her colleague were nice and professional. They explained everything in detail. We will use their services next time in Georgia.

September 2019
Yuriy Silyuk

Suzuki Grand Vitara in Georgia

In principle, everything was fine, the price was right, the car was waiting, but there were a couple of questions - it was difficult to find the office (there was no sign on the building), as far as I could read the Georgian papers, the year the car was made was not 2008, but 2006, and the most unpleasant thing – it had a burnt beam light bulb.

August 2019
Pavlo Heletei

Toyota Rav4 in Georgia

Everything is super, the car is super!

August 2021
Dmitry Ivashin

Audi Q7 in Georgia

The car was brought in on time. But.. the light in the cabin did not work(I was told that the fuse probably burned out, it costs 5 GEL to make, so I drove in and did it myself). It turned out that in the car from the media there is only a radio and disks(we just did not expect this from the Audi 2010), it turns out that you need some special cord to have there. Well, OK. The air conditioner worked with a tension of 5 out of 10, we were lucky that the weather was not hot, and when working, it somehow made a strange noise(as if something is touching somewhere). In general, it is not pleasant, but it does not matter. We asked to change the car on the same day, but we were told that there are no cars of this class anymore. Then the steering began to make noise - I had to top up the oil.. And the final thing was that 3 days before the end of the lease, the Car just got up. Something broke in the undercarriage and that's it. To the credit of the tenant, it will be said that he arrived the next morning, gave us the other car and returned the difference in price, and paid the fine that we received on the first day. But the car must be looked after... we, of course, expected that the Car would not be new, but this was not expected.

June 2021
Denis Narylnev

Toyota Rav4 in Georgia

Nice car, all worked well, didn't have any problems at all)

May 2019
Stepan Ivanov

Toyota Prius in Georgia

Thank you, I liked everything,the car is in good condition, the guys did everything clearly

June 2021

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Frequent Questions

I would like to rent the Subaru Forester, Automatic, 2012 year from the 6. of July till the 19-th. Is this possibe?

Yes, it is possible.

About the car I reserved, i will return at 11:30 Pm not 11:30 Am, i made a mistake, it’s okay right?

Contacted you personally

I cannot see a blue Mitsubishi Pajero on the website anymore. I would like the car from 12 noon Tuesday 23rd July until Wednesday 7th August. The price was showing 1500 lari with no deposit. However, when I tried to book this it was asking for a 150 lari deposit.

It disappeared from search cuz you didnt finalise the prepayment. See the link in your email. Returnable security deposit for this car = 0. But a prepayment of 10% (150 gel) is required.

Where in Batumi would be the pick up and drop off point?

It varies. See delivery section inside car options.

Hello, can I change my booking for Lexus GX470?

Your booking has been confirmed, you can only cancel it now and make a new reservation.

You need international license or only passport and italian license?. we have italian license and passport only. sorry, but i don't understand

International license is not a must we can work with local license also, the only requirement is to have driving experience for a 1 year minimum.

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