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Kutaisi car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Sardor Abaskhanov

Subaru XV Premium in Georgia

Everything was good. Your team is helpful. The car was also good!

August 2021
Csaba Pál

Mitsubishi Pajero Io in Georgia

Everything was fine! We had no problem with the car, the additional wifi worked also well. Everything went fine and fast, without bad surprises!

August 2021
Krzysztof Pawełkiewicz

Suzuki SX4 in Georgia

1. Pepople from Local Hires told me that This Suzuki will be fine to drive between Mestia and Ushguli. That was not right. I need propoer 4x4 car for this road. 2. The person responsible for collecting a car (Zaili)....He is unprofessional. We supposed to meet 100 minutes before my departure time(on Airport) to collect a car (we made appoinment 1 day before by WhatsApp). I called him at that time. He said he will be in 4 minutes! Finally he arrived 40 minutes before my schedule departure time. It was a bit stressful for me since there was a huge que to safety check. When he arrived , he charged us 5Euro for washing a car. 30 minutes earlier the car was washed by me, and i paid only 1Euro. Car was cleaned in my opinion. I did not have a time to "fight" about 5 Euro. My complain is nothing about a money, it is about to be fair: be on time - it is recommended when we have schedule flights.

October 2021
Deividas Strioga

Ford Escape Hybrid in Georgia

everything was great, the guy who delivered and took the car was friendly :)

December 2021
Kirill Pryadkin

Suzuki SX4 in Georgia

What can I say - I rented a car, the confirmation came. In the contract that they sent, the areas where to drive this car is highly discouraged (among them was the area where I was going, but I called back - they said that it is possible if you are careful). Upon arrival, they met me, took me to the car, and then it turned out that for those roads where I was going, it was not very suitable (which turned out to be not such a fiction). What is swinging auto - 2011, mechanics. Check burned, the suspension rattled, wheels of different patterns on the rear axle. I drove about 1400 km on it - everything is fine. I gave the car without question, the deposit was immediately returned to the state of the car, there were no complaints. For this money (in off. Rental more expensive), I would say ok, but those. the condition of the car is certainly alarming, although I think it is +/- the same for everyone there :) They always answered questions, met, took the car :)

October 2021
Daniel Bramkamp

Nissan X-trail in Georgia

Great communication, got the car delivered and picked up as promised and on time. Car was in solid condition, driving well, and the Wifi option worked great.

March 2019
Igor Michailin

Subaru Crosstrek in Georgia

Everything went fine, the car was brought directly to the airport. They met, gave the keys and told what and how. Arenda satisfied, I recommend!

April 2019
Issa Beshliyev

Hyundai Sonata in Georgia

I wish it were better I booked in Kutaisi, and finally received it in Tbilisi a day later than planned. The car was good. Above expectations definitely, on the road did not fail. Overall, not bad. The moment of receipt and delivery of the car, of course, needs to be worked out better, in terms of checking and the accuracy of the location and date of receipt.

October 2021
Liudvikas Juodsnukis

Kia Morning in Georgia

Everything went good, maybe car’s battery was a little bit dead, since we head to use cables to start, but i got help from man who delivered car, so i had no issues in my trip. So in general, i could recommend someone to rent cars from these people.

August 2021
Charles Guillemette

Toyota Rav4 in Georgia

Thanks, everything went well with the car

August 2019
Virginie Dogterom

Toyota Camry in Georgia

This car made our holiday in Georgia even more amazing. We felt very safe and free to go everywhere we wanted. We saw beautiful landscapes, cities, villages and drove different kind of roads and felt secure all the time. From sunny weather in busy Kutaisi to snow and ice on mountain roads near Mestia: the car took us every were without any problems. Also, the pick up in Kutaisi and drop off at Kutaisi airport were perfectly arranged with the people from the car hire. Very good communication. Next time visiting Georgia, we will definitely rent here again!

January 2020
Kirill Letov

Lexus Gx470 in Georgia

In general, everything went well. We did not receive Lexus GX, which was in the order, but we were given a Toyota Sequoia at no extra charge. The car is in good condition, although the tailgate did not work well. The car allowed us to travel well and not be afraid to move off the asphalt where it was needed. Special thanks to Irakli. He was very responsive and polite. Next time will use the services.

May 2019
Michiel Mensink

Toyota Prius in Georgia

The car wasn't available due to it not being ready yet, but we got a comparable and very comfortable car in stead. All the paperwork was properly in order and even when we had gotten ourselves into trouble with the car (our own fault entirely) the owner was helpful and provided a solution. We're very content with our car hiring experience here.

October 2019

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Frequent Questions

I will come to Kutaisi and want to rent car to travel to Batumi. I come with family, it is important for me to be sure that I rent car from you, it will be 100% available? You will bring it to airport or we must travel somewhere to pick it up? Also, do accept Eur, Usd or I need to have GEL?

We can deliver it to your hotel if you wish so. Payment preferred in GEL. Car will be available if you book it.

I arrived to Kutaisi. If you could tell me where the address is so that we can meet-up to pick up the car and also I can pay the balance. Thanks.

Provide us with you location address and we'll send the car to your doors.

We have to pick the car from you ? Or there is a possibility to deliver a car ? Thanks

Which car have you reserved and what are the dates of the reservation?

I have a question whether Mitsubishi Pajero IO and Subaru Forester have air conditioning

Yes, both of them have air conditioner.

I would like to rent two cars from July 14, 2019 to July 19, 2019. I would like to pick up the car from Kutaisi and give it back to Tibilisi.

Ok, find 2 cars avialable. We receive the date and time and we will meet you.

I'm filling out the form for b200 from August 19th to August 24th. in addition to the passport what do you need? is the Italian driving license ok?

Please take a photo of your driving license and send it to us in whatsapp, so we can answer on your question.

We're flying from Katowice and arrive Saturday the 3rd of August at 22:40 and stay until Tuesday the 13th of August to fly back at 17:00. Can you do a meet and greet that late? Or do you prefer handing over the next day in the city? Both would work for us.

Any time works fine for us. The car is available for your dates, yes. Meet and greet possible at whatever time. See your booking unpaid, contact website support if any error there.

I made a reservation a bit too soon and I forgot about the pick up location. The pick up location will be Hotel California the address is 32 Gogebashvili Street, Kutaisi. Can I also change the drop off hour to 6PM?

Yes, you can change drop off hour to 6 pm, will it will be an extra day.

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