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Kutaisi city car rental prices

How much is renting a car in the city of Kutaisi?

Car rental prices in city of Kutaisi vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your rental voucher in GEL. With us, you always know the exact amount that must be paid on pick up in Kutaisi city.

Average car rental prices in city of Kutaisi per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Georgia not included.

What to see in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the cozy capital of the Imereti region, located on the two banks of the Rioni River. The ancient city was founded in the far VI century BC. Old streets and buildings, tiled roofs and domes of churches surrounded by mountains and green hills look amazing.

  • White Bridge and the cable car.
  • The temple of Bagrat and Motsameta monastery.
  • Parliament House and Colchis Fountain.
  • Gelati Monastery and Prometheus Cave.

Kutaisi city car rental reviews

Tourist reviews on local car hires in city of Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi car rental questions

I made a reservation a bit too soon and I forgot about the pick up location. The pick up location will be Hotel California the address is 32 Gogebashvili Street, Kutaisi. Can I also change the drop off hour to 6PM?

Yes, you can change drop off hour to 6 pm, will it will be an extra day.

We're flying from Katowice and arrive Saturday the 3rd of August at 22:40 and stay until Tuesday the 13th of August to fly back at 17:00. Can you do a meet and greet that late? Or do you prefer handing over the next day in the city? Both would work for us.

Any time works fine for us. The car is available for your dates, yes. Meet and greet possible at whatever time. See your booking unpaid, contact website support if any error there.

I'm filling out the form for b200 from August 19th to August 24th. in addition to the passport what do you need? is the Italian driving license ok?

Please take a photo of your driving license and send it to us in whatsapp, so we can answer on your question.

I would like to rent two cars from July 14, 2019 to July 19, 2019. I would like to pick up the car from Kutaisi and give it back to Tibilisi.

Ok, find 2 cars avialable. We receive the date and time and we will meet you.

I have a question whether Mitsubishi Pajero IO and Subaru Forester have air conditioning

Yes, both of them have air conditioner.

We have to pick the car from you ? Or there is a possibility to deliver a car ? Thanks

Which car have you reserved and what are the dates of the reservation?

I arrived to Kutaisi. If you could tell me where the address is so that we can meet-up to pick up the car and also I can pay the balance. Thanks.

Provide us with you location address and we'll send the car to your doors.

I will come to Kutaisi and want to rent car to travel to Batumi. I come with family, it is important for me to be sure that I rent car from you, it will be 100% available? You will bring it to airport or we must travel somewhere to pick it up? Also, do accept Eur, Usd or I need to have GEL?

We can deliver it to your hotel if you wish so. Payment preferred in GEL. Car will be available if you book it.

To Kutaisi from airports by car

Airports car rentals Km to Kutaisi Driving, hours Delivery charge Free deliveries
Rent a car at Tbilisi Airport (TBS) 253.0 3:43 0.00 - 62.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car at Kutaisi Airport (KUT) 24.2 0:30 50.00 - 250.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car at Batumi Airport (BUS) 154.0 2:48 62.00 - 300.00 GEL 3+ days

To Kutaisi from cities by car

Cities car rentals Km to Kutaisi Driving, hours Delivery charge Free deliveries
Rent a car in Batumi 156.0 2:46 0.00 - 300.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car in Tbilisi 233.0 3:39 0.00 - 30.00 GEL 0+ days
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