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Kutaisi city car rental prices

How much is renting a car in the city of Kutaisi?

Car rental prices in city of Kutaisi vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your rental voucher in GEL. With us, you always know the exact amount that must be paid on pick up in Kutaisi city.

Average car rental prices in city of Kutaisi per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Georgia not included.

What to see in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the cozy capital of the Imereti region, located on the two banks of the Rioni River. The ancient city was founded in the far VI century BC. Old streets and buildings, tiled roofs and domes of churches surrounded by mountains and green hills look amazing.

  • White Bridge and the cable car.
  • The temple of Bagrat and Motsameta monastery.
  • Parliament House and Colchis Fountain.
  • Gelati Monastery and Prometheus Cave.

How to save on car hire in Kutaisi city

  1. No matter how low the price, never rent a car from a private person in Kutaisi city. Always sign a contract with a rental company in city of Kutaisi and keep the written paperwork.
  2. New car rental companies in city of Kutaisi often provide lower rates per day for their vehicles to collect real reviews from the tourists arriving to Georgia.
  3. Cheap car rentals in Kutaisi city have to be booked at least 10 days in advance. The cheapest deals in city of Kutaisi won't be available for last minute booking.
  4. Endeavor to return the car back to city of Kutaisi after your trip. Avoid one way car rentals to save on delivery charges across Georgia.
  5. Average car rental duration in city of Kutaisi is around 7 days. Rent a car for at least 10 days to get the lowest rates for car hire in Kutaisi city.
  6. Average car age in Kutaisi city is 5 years old. Older cars tend to be cheaper. New cars are normally more expensive to rent.
  7. Cheapest car rentals in Kutaisi city can often be sorted by car type. Economy car rentals in city of Kutaisi are at least 3 times less expensive than premium cars.
  8. Some rental offerings in city of Kutaisi have a limit set on how much you can drive. Consider limited mileage to save up to 30% cheaper rental deals in Kutaisi city.
  9. Some rental companies in city of Kutaisi provide free pick-up and return if you rent a car for longer than 10 days. Consider renting for long.
  10. The cheapest time to rent a car in Kutaisi city is winter. In January you could normally rent a car up to 50% cheaper than in summer.

Kutaisi city car rental reviews

Tourist reviews on local car hires in city of Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi city car rental questions

How can I review my car rental experience in Kutaisi city?

Go to your Bookings page after your rental has ended and click "Leave a Review" to rate your experience. Should you wish to discuss any issues that occurred during your car rental in Georgia, please contact us and allow us to investigate the matter.

How do you calculate car rental prices in Kutaisi city?

Car rental prices in city of Kutaisi are based on a 24-hour time period, e.g. if you reserve and pick up your car rental at 10:00 you will have to drop it off the next day at 10:00 the latest so you don't get charged for an additional day. The number of hours that a car rental company in city of Kutaisi will wait for a delayed return is entirely at their discretion.

What are the car rental rules in Kutaisi city?

We operate with a number of car rental companies in Kutaisi, each with their own terms, conditions, charges, and fees. Most important, the terms and conditions are displayed during booking and fixed in your rental Voucher.

What kind of driving licence do I need to rent a car in Kutaisi city?

International Driving License is not required, unless you do NOT have your name and credentials written in latin letters in your domestic driving licence.

Can I rent a car for one day in Kutaisi city?

Yes, rental companies in city of Kutaisi allow one day car rentals, although the same cars may be less expensive to rent for a period of at least 2-3 days.

Do you provide your own insurance for rental cars in Kutaisi city?

No, the car rental insurance is always provided by the car rental company.

What does CDW rental insurance cover in Kutaisi?

CDW insurance reduces your liability to your own rental car in case you cause a collision accident in city of Kutaisi or Georgia (that is YOUR fault). CDW sets the maximum amount of money you will have to pay for potential damages. Without CDW, you could be liable for the full cost of the rental vehicle if it were to be damaged. With CDW, you won’t have to pay the full cost of repairs, only contribute to them up to an agreed level. Note that the rental car's wheels, tyres, glass, underbody, roof, keys, locks and aerials are often not covered by the CDW in Georgia.

What does TPL insurance cover in city of Kutaisi ?

In case you injure other road users or damage someone’s property while you’re driving in Kutaisi or Georgia, TPL insurance will pay these costs. TPL does not cover any damage to the driver’s own rental car. Unlike many countries in Europe, TPL insurance is NOT required by the laws of Georgia.

Are there cars to rent without a deposit in Kutaisi city?

Most car hires in city of Kutaisi ask for a deposit at pick up. Deposit sums in local car hires vary from $0 up to $280 depending on the company and the car class. Expensive cars will ask for a higher deposit than the economy ones. All Deposits are taken to cover the costs of possible expenses. If no costs to the Rental company occur, the Deposit will be fully refunded.

What car rental companies in Kutaisi city allow rentals without a credit card?

Deme, GEO, TS Car Rental, accept debit cards for deposit. Make sure you have enough money on your debit card to lay down a deposit.

How old do I have to be to rent a car in Kutaisi city?

AutoRent, Comfort, Carex allow car rentals to customers aged 21+ without any additional fees.

What kind of rental insurance do they have in Kutaisi?

Most widely used car insurance in Kutaisi: Third Party Liability (TPL) – provided for free with 100% cars. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – provided for free for 70% of the cars. Super Collision Damage Waiver – provided for free for 15% of the cars.

Do I have to pay at the time of booking a car in Kutaisi city?

Most rental companies in city of Kutaisi will not hold a car for a specific client unless the client has committed to renting it (i.e. prepaid it). We don't require full payment, but we do collect a small deposit as a commitment that you're willing to rent a car in Kutaisi. This way, we may guarantee that the selected vehicle will be reserved for your car hire. If you change your plans, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before pickup in Kutaisi city (subject to the rental company's Terms).

Am I going to get the exact car that I am booking in Kutaisi city?

Rental companies in city of Kutaisi do their best to supply the exact car that you booked. Every effort will be made to provide the specified make and model of the vehicle. However, in an unlikely case, it may be necessary to supply you with a model from the same or a higher class of cars during your travel around Georgia. For instance, a Toyota Yaris may be substitued with a Toyota RAV-4 due to a late return by the previous renter.

To Kutaisi from airports by car

Airports car rentals Km to Kutaisi Driving, hours Delivery charge Free deliveries
Rent a car at Tbilisi Airport (TBS) 253.0 3:43 0.00 - 62.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car at Kutaisi Airport (KUT) 24.2 0:30 55.00 - 250.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car at Batumi Airport (BUS) 154.0 2:48 62.00 - 300.00 GEL 3+ days

To Kutaisi from cities by car

Cities car rentals Km to Kutaisi Driving, hours Delivery charge Free deliveries
Rent a car in Batumi 156.0 2:46 0.00 - 300.00 GEL 0+ days
Rent a car in Tbilisi 233.0 3:39 0.00 - 30.00 GEL 0+ days
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