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Tbilisi Airport (TBS) car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Hamad Alnimi

Toyota Prius in Georgia

Very good

May 2022
Vladimir Antoshevsky

BMW X5 in Georgia

Everything is super, on time and fast!

August 2019
Andriy Shaptala

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Amazing. Received and handed over the car - no questions asked. From the comments: the headlight and washer did not work.

June 2021
Viktor Chmil

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Everything was perfect! subaric was beautiful

May 2021
Robert Nedelcu

Toyota Prius C in Georgia

The car was old and damaged everywhere on exterior, but i realized that most of the cars from Georgia are the same, so it was fine for me as well. I went till the mountains and back without any issue and the whole paperwork process was very easy. The consumption of the car was very low as well. So, if i’ll come back in Georgia and i need a car, for sure i’ll contact back the same guy because he was very nice and kind like the most of the local people.

June 2022
Stephen antony prakash Alphonse raj

Mitsubishi Pajero Io in Georgia

It was really good and we enjoyed our trip due to your car rental...thanx for your guys sure I will recommend my friends too..

August 2021
Vladimir Kushnirsky

Subaru Forester in Georgia

everything was great!

November 2021
Yevgeniy Yefimov

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Georgia

We liked everything, thank you. There are no photos of the car, I did not photograph it

October 2019
Bohdan Shydlovskyi

Toyota Highlander in Georgia

Everything is fine, thank you

January 2022
Golnaz Ahmadi azad

Mercedes-Benz B200 in Georgia

That was very good. I will call u when i want to rent

September 2019
George Fedorov

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Georgia

Everything is good!

January 2020
Petr Dmitriev

Mitsubishi Outlander in Georgia

Everything was great. on time and convenient

August 2022
Stanislau Strechyn

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Everything went great, thanks.

September 2021

Tbilisi Airport car rental prices

Car rental prices at Tbilisi Airport (TBS) vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your Voucher in GEL. With us, you will always know the exact amount that must be paid on pick up at Tbilisi Airport.

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chartAverage car rental prices at Tbilisi Airport (TBS) per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Georgia not included.

Frequent Questions

I see that my booking is declined. Is that correct? Can you offer any other car for the dates I choose?

Sorry but this car is not avillable for your dates. We'll offer a very similar one in a minute.

We would like to rent a Mitsubishi Pajero IO 4×4. Picking it up at 4 a.m. on 12/08/2019 at Tbilisi airport and returning it at 4 p.m. 24/08/2019 at Tblisi city center. Is picking up the car at the airport that early possible?

Yes, it is possible to pick up the car at any early time.

Where will we meet you to pick up the car on Tuesday night?

After booking we sent you all contact info phone, whatsapp, viber and we are online 24/7

Toyota RAV4 is 4 wheel drive and has working air conditioner?

Yes, for sure

What price is for navigation device?

About 5$ per day. Sometimes free. Depends...

Hello! I want to rent a car (Mitsubishi Pajero IO) on 4-6 June. Do you have 2 baby carseats category from 9kg?

Yes, child seats are available.

I am planning to rent sequoia2 for 3days from 9 May. Is it available during that period?

We already confirmed your booking for Toyota Sequoia

Regarding the deposit, It is accepted by cash as I see on the web page. Is USD also acceptble?

Security deposit we require only in cash, because we can't hold the amount on credit cards.

Can I have chance to get any discount. I will wait for your kind reply. Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, it's a high season, we have fixed prices and we can't agree on discount for 3 days and change current prices.

The rest of rental fee is to be paid by cash or credit card is acceptable?

you can pay rental fee with card, with cash or both of them seperatley.

As I found on the website, 2 hours late returning is free of charge, so I plan to return it 8 PM on May 12. Is it ok?

Yes, you can return at 20:00 in the evening.

Hello bro I need more information about your car.

Can you please be more specific? What kind of info is required? and which car are you looking at?... Regards...

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