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Tbilisi car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Mads Nørgaard

Subaru Forester in Georgia

I was super happy about renting through you guys. A bit annoyed due to the car being empty when we received it and a bit annoyed about the car not being ready for us in time and the trouble with having another car for a day. We lost some money by that, because we did not return the cars as empty as we received them. Would rent through you again in the future though. Thanks!

August 2019
Andrii Shapovalov

Toyota Prius in Georgia

We were satisfied, the car was delivered to the airport on time, the condition is good, there were no problems) they also picked us up on time and took us to the airport. Thank you very much!)

August 2021
Gennadiy Korshikov

Toyota Prado 150 in Georgia

Everything was fine, thank you. Hello Georgia!

May 2019
Nikolai Kochishvili

BMW X5 in Georgia

rented this car for 10 days. everything was wonderful without any problems, the car was clean and in good condition. quick car pick-up and even faster return. Great service and attitude. Thanks for the service! We really enjoyed it. I will definitely use your services next time.

October 2019
Denis Bibik

Subaru Forester in Georgia

The car is very good value for it's money. The main disadvantage is manifested in winter - it's very slippery all-weather tires. Because of the rubber, you can forget about the off-road qualities of the car. The car is old, but from the premium segment. Nice interior, sunroof "panorama" and high-quality acoustics, electronic seat adjustment. The cabin is very noisy at a speed of more than 60 km / h, something terribly knocks when turning the steering wheel, fuel consumption in mountainous areas is 11.5 liters per 100 km. The rental site is convenient. Rental conditions from private owners are much better than in international services: there are no hidden fees, insurance is included, no one will dig into small scratches.

January 2022
Andrey Spasskiy

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Excellent. Absolutely adequate people, quick registration, the machine is in excellent condition. Thank you, I liked everything, prosperity to your business. recommend.

April 2021
Maxim Golovin

Mitsubishi Pajero in Georgia

With car rental everything was fine, the car was brought by the time to the hotel. All quickly and without problems. Also returned the car without any problems. An employee of the company picked up the car at a specified time at the specified address. Among the troubles: there was no wheel key in the car, I had to buy it. The radiator does not have enough liquid, the radiator expansion tank is empty. Air conditioning does not work, turns on for 5 minutes and stops working. It is not clear why the ABS bulbs light up, stability something and some third one – I do not remember what is called, as well as the switching-on light of the differential. The reason for their inclusion is not clear. Crunches in the front drive on the left when turning left. Need to replace something in the area of ​​the right front wheel. In general, the car has never failed us anywhere over Georgia. Off-road driving for this car is totally not a problem. Service 5, Car model - 5. Vehicle condition - 3. It is necessary to look after your fleet. Repair can cost more if not done on time.

May 2019
Khmura Volodymyr

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Georgia

We rented a Mercedes Vito minibus this summer. The service is excellent, I liked everything! The car is comfortable. There was a lack of an adapter for charging mobile devices and an aux cable for connecting audio from a phone or player. In general, I recommend it!

August 2021
Adam Braveny

Lexus Gx470 in Georgia

Everything went very well. Next time in Georgia I will use your services again.

March 2019
Alexander Gribachev

Nissan X-trail in Georgia

Booked this car in Tbilisi for 9 days) Nissan X-trail. The car is great - a working horse) did not let us down) everything was clear, honestly and with no hidden pitfalls! Great guys .... I recommend them to everyone!

May 2019
Dmitry Ivashin

Audi Q7 in Georgia

The car was brought in on time. But.. the light in the cabin did not work(I was told that the fuse probably burned out, it costs 5 GEL to make, so I drove in and did it myself). It turned out that in the car from the media there is only a radio and disks(we just did not expect this from the Audi 2010), it turns out that you need some special cord to have there. Well, OK. The air conditioner worked with a tension of 5 out of 10, we were lucky that the weather was not hot, and when working, it somehow made a strange noise(as if something is touching somewhere). In general, it is not pleasant, but it does not matter. We asked to change the car on the same day, but we were told that there are no cars of this class anymore. Then the steering began to make noise - I had to top up the oil.. And the final thing was that 3 days before the end of the lease, the Car just got up. Something broke in the undercarriage and that's it. To the credit of the tenant, it will be said that he arrived the next morning, gave us the other car and returned the difference in price, and paid the fine that we received on the first day. But the car must be looked after... we, of course, expected that the Car would not be new, but this was not expected.

June 2021
Petrov Ivan

Toyota Sienna in Georgia

Rented a Toyota Sienna car for 5 beautiful days in Georgia. The company operator has worked very well, without any complaints. We met at the airport at a convenient time for us (at night). A clean, refueled, almost new car (100% like on the website) - brief instructions on the conditions, and a group of 7 friendly tourists. Returned the car without quibbles at a preset time with a control message to the messenger, extra charge for “not washing” (15 lari, which we knew in advance), return of the deposit and flew back home. Score 10 out of 10. If I’m in Georgia (in which, after the visit, there is no doubt) I will re-use the services. Tourist Ivan and Co.

May 2019
Vitalii Lupynos

BMW X5 in Georgia

It is necessary to improve the technical condition of the car.

August 2021

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Frequent Questions

I want to hire a car, pick up and return back both in Tbilisi. I see the price of Pajero on website plus no deposit needed, so I should pay just in cash, 38€ per day?

The price in the system is correct.

Could you specify why the booking of the Mitsubishi pajero is declined, please inform me of any other options.

Contacteded in person

We would like to rent your Pajero jeep (2.0 engine) from 10th September to 20th September. We would also like to go to Armenia for 3 days. What would be your offer?

Contact us in person

If I book a car for 2 days, a Volkswagen Jetta will be 250 GEL, and there will a returnable deposit of 250 GEL in addition. Correct?

Yes, that is correct.

Is it possible to get cars at 7-00 or 8-00, those before the opening of the office?

Yes it is possible. Book it.

Hi. just booing a Q7, wanna confirm about the picking address and if u can send car to my address

Yes, we can deliver it to your address in Tbilisi.

Can I drive your car to Turkey?

We do not allow our cars to go to Turkey

Are you able to bring the vehicle to Tiflis, Mekethi #2 this morning?

Well, we should be able to do so.

I can't see the car in the list any more.

We see your booking created, but it wasn't prepaid, so these dates are temprorarily protected from new bookings.

I’m planning to rent a car, but i have a question about the timing that i can pick up the car, i want to pick it up at 5:00 Am on 10th August, is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible

Is a second driver possible and included or does it cost extra?

Second driver is possible and it is often free.

Hi, I'm looking for rent a car in june at Tbilisi. I don't see if your cars have any limit km/day.

Hi. Mileage unlimited.

I read that Gergeti and Ushguli is restriced area. What does it mean? The renters can not go there by your car?

It's possible to drive in Ushguli if you take a SUV car. Gergeti is also acceptable even for sedan, because last summer they fixed the road. anyway you will need 4x4 SUV car for driving in Ushguli. Keep in mind that, from Ushguli to Lentekhi we do not allow to drive even with SUV car, because the road is extremely damaged and restricted.

We will need a car from February 26 to 28. Reception at the hotel in the morning in Tbilisi, return at airport 28 at 15:00. Machine.

Book it.

Do you provide a replacement car if there would be any problem? You provide towing of the car? Do you pay or the car renter needs to pay the towage costs?

If situation requires, we can replace or upgrade cars for our customers. But timing depends on current location. We have offices in Tbilisi only, so we shall deliver car from Tbilisi and it may take some time.

Is there any Insurance Deductibles? If yes how much is it, how many percent is it?

Car, passengers, third party damage and theft are insured. Around 200$ is deductible (your maximum responsibility if accident happen with your fault). If accident is not your fault, insurance company covers all damages and when you return car without any damage, security deposit returns to you. Keep in mind, little scratches, side mirrors, tires and Off-road driving is not insured.

How is the procedure to return back the car? We stay in Tbilisi at the end of our holiday, so we would like to return the car in Tbilisi. Where exactly and how, what time can we return to you or your office?

You can return the car in our Office ( In Tbilisi ), or you can send an address where you want to return the car. Any desired time can be arranged.

I am 20 with 4 years of driving experience and lots of driving abroad. Can I rent this car? I will pay extra fee.

The minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle with us is 21 years of age.

hello! I am reaching out to rent a car from Tbilisi. I am 20, but turning 21 this year with 5 years of driving experience. Is it possible to rent a car?

Hello, to rent a car min. age is 21, please contact support about this.

Are you interested in renting a car, from 02.16.19 to 02.16.19, for a trip to Tbilisi-Borjomi-Tbilisi, can I pay by card or cash in which currency? What car could it be?

Payment in cash preferred. Currency – Lari (or USD/EUR)

I want to rent a car in Tbilisi 27/04 at 09:00 and return this one in Kutaisi city 02/05 09:00. Can I return it right in the city center (for example near my hotel) or I must return my car only in the Kutaisi airport?

Hi and thanks for you message! You can easily return it at city center. We'll be glad to pick it up anywhere you want.

Do you have an unlimited mileage for your vehicles in Tbilisi?

We have unlimited mileage for most of our vehicles.

Tell me your address, we want to come and take a car.

The addresses are different. Which car are you interested in?

Is parking in Tbilisi, Batumi included in the rental price?

Yes, parking is included.

What happens in case of a breakdown on the road? Or upon receipt, something will happen. I see that your fleet is not very large.

In the event of a car breakdown, you call the manager and he solves the problem. The speed depends on where exactly you will be at that moment.

Driving license and passport must only be presented upon receipt. Right?

Yes, they will be photographed and included in the lease.

From June 3, 2019 (8 a.m.) to June 14, 2019 (21.30). Place Tbilisi, office. Driver's age 28 years, experience over 10 years. Does the service correctly believe that the total amount is $ 354? No additional surcharges provided?

Yes everything is correct. $ 354 is the equivalent in Lari. In Georgia, by law, all prices must be fixed in the GEL ...

Made a reservation at your Subaru Forester. I wanted to clarify whether it is possible to get a car not in 2008, but in 2010?

No, if you have already confirmed the car 2008, then you will receive it with a high probability.

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