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Tbilisi car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Georgia

Anton Tkachev
Anton Tkachev

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Everything is good. Only had summer tires. Mountains are unacceptable.

January 2022
Ivan Diakonenko
Ivan Diakonenko

Toyota Prius in Georgia

everything went perfectly. The car was delivered to the place where I asked for with an accuracy of + -10 minutes, the car fully corresponded to the description, there were no technical problems. Picked up the car in Gudauri just in time. I will contact you again.

August 2022
Vadim Kozlov
Vadim Kozlov

Subaru Forester Limited in Georgia

Everything is fine, there was no wash with the car, clean neat

January 2023
Artem Mliyukov
Artem Mliyukov

Mitsubishi Pajero Io in Georgia

Having rented a car, I was satisfied, the car was in good condition, the execution of the contract and the return of the car was easy and not forced, the people with whom I had to conduct business were polite and friendly. The only thing is that it would not be bad to introduce a memo for your clients, in which it will be written about the peculiarities of traffic rules in Georgia, that there are cameras everywhere, what the police especially pay attention to, where you can drive out and where not, at least a little, it would help exclude fines, otherwise we had to pay for those violations that are few in which countries are violations - the Congress in the wrong place, near the Tbilisi Sea. There was a fork and there were no signs.

October 2019
Bohdan Popovych
Bohdan Popovych

Ford Fiesta in Georgia

everything went well, they brought the car in a normal condition but with an almost empty tank, another thing I didn’t like was that I returned the car with a full tank to the eyeballs, at first everyone said that we would refund your money for gasoline and then they just started telling that now they have no cash and so on ... not very nice

July 2022
Anton Naimanov
Anton Naimanov

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Georgia

We liked everything very much, 5/5

November 2021
Jørn Albertus
Jørn Albertus

Mitsubishi Pajero Io in Georgia

The car used to be right handed, they changed it to left handed and it's a bit unusual to drive it.

June 2019
Kostiantyn Pimkin
Kostiantyn Pimkin

Toyota Highlander in Georgia

Luckily the car didn't break down, but it came close. This is probably the norm for Georgia, but of course it should be better.

January 2022
Rusinov Pavel
Rusinov Pavel

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Georgia

Thank you for the best rental price, after all, there are still companies that work for the client. I will use next year too.

December 2019
Aleksandr Kryuchkov
Aleksandr Kryuchkov

Subaru Forester in Georgia

Everything was fine, but there are a couple of nuances: The right headlight did not burn either near or far. The rear tires were summer, so also different!!! It's January outside and renting a car with summer tires - this is apparently a desire to kill your customers ?! The rest is all right. And the washer fluid in the reservoir was exactly three zilch. Here, I’m probably not particularly complaining, but people go to the mountains by car and there it became an unpleasant surprise, and there is practically nowhere to buy an anti-freeze there. It was only necessary to warn that the tank may be empty.

January 2022
Kerim Kassymbek
Kerim Kassymbek

Volkswagen Jetta in Georgia

It was perfect Service was in good level I would like to rate it as 5/5 I’ll try to use this service in a future I haven’t taken pictures But car was in proper condition

October 2019
Vytautas Kliore
Vytautas Kliore

Mitsubishi Delica D5 in Georgia

well there was some issues with the car , but we solved all problems there was very cold nights in the mountains and engine coolant froze inside , so engine was overheating we solve this after few days by adding antifreeze some issues with a car, but good support from people who was renting the car, all instructions remotely and etc.

January 2020
Sergey Krasnoperov
Sergey Krasnoperov

Audi Q7 in Georgia

Yes, it was good! It has seen a lot in the life. A bit shabby, but very reliable!

July 2019

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Tbilisi car rental questions

Are winter tires provided in Tbilisi?

Winter tires will be provided by default in Tbilisi during winter due to legal regulations.

Can I add an additional driver for my car rental in Tbilisi?

Yes, most often you can add an additional driver for your car rental in Tbilisi, although there may be extra charges.

What are the driver requirements in Tbilisi?

Drivers in Tbilisi must be at least 22 years old, have 2+ years of driving experience, agree to terms, and sign a rental contract on pickup. Young drivers may have additional terms.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Tbilisi?

Whether a credit card is needed to rent a car in Tbilisi depends on the supplier's terms. Use a filter on our platform to narrow down results according to your preferences.

How can I book a car in Tbilisi?

You can book online through our platform for rentals in Tbilisi. However, if you need custom assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much prepayment is required for renting a car in Tbilisi?

The prepayment for renting a car in Tbilisi is generally between 10 to 20%, depending on the supplier. For specific details, please check the booking information related to your rental in Tbilisi.

Can I cancel my car rental booking in Tbilisi for free?

Yes, you can cancel for free up to 7 days before the rental in Tbilisi, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement.

How can I modify my car rental reservation in Tbilisi?

To modify your car rental reservation in Tbilisi, please contact our customer support. Please note that this may cause additional charges, and you'll need to wait for confirmation that the changes have been accepted.

What is the minimum rental duration in Tbilisi?

The minimum rental duration in Tbilisi is 1 day, with a 24-hour tariff rate system.

Can young drivers rent cars in Tbilisi?

Yes, young drivers aged 21 and older can rent cars in Tbilisi. Additional charges may apply for a 'Young Driver' insurance option.

Is an International Driving License required for car rentals in Tbilisi?

No, an International Driving License is not required for car rentals in Tbilisi.

What documents do I need to provide for renting a car in Tbilisi?

You'll need to provide your passport and driving license for renting a car in Tbilisi.

Is there a discount code I can use for a car rental in Tbilisi?

Yes, you can use the code LOCAL for up to 10% off your first car rental in Tbilisi.

What is included in the car rental price in Tbilisi?

A mandatory free Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in the car rental price in Tbilisi.

What about CDW and full insurance options in Tbilisi?

CDW and full insurance options in Tbilisi depend on the car supplier. Compare and choose your CDW options by checking the "?" icon on our platform. Full coverage with zero liability may be subject to additional terms.

What are the deposit amounts in Tbilisi?

Our deposit amounts in Tbilisi are generally low compared to international chains. Cash or cards are accepted for deposit entry, as specified in the terms at checkout.

Can I rent a car without a deposit in Tbilisi?

A few suppliers in Tbilisi provide cars without a deposit, subject to their additional terms. Others may include this as a paid insurance option.

When will my deposit be returned in Tbilisi?

Deposits in Tbilisi are normally returned immediately if paid in cash, otherwise as specified in the rental terms. Use filters and review information while booking.

What is the franchise amount (deductible) in Tbilisi?

The franchise amount (deductible) in Tbilisi is the limit of your responsibility in case of an accident. It may be the same, lower, or higher than the deposit.

Can I choose where to collect and drop off my rental car in Tbilisi?

Yes, you can select the exact place from available locations to collect and drop off your rental car in Tbilisi.

Is car delivery to a custom address available in Tbilisi?

Yes, car delivery options to custom addresses are available in Tbilisi. Specify your needs in your reservation, but note that additional charges may apply.

What are the working hours for car rental services in Tbilisi?

Working hours for car rental services in Tbilisi depend on the supplier. Specify in your reservation, but 24/7 delivery and late/early returns are generally okay. There may be charges for non-working time, but we always have options.

Are bank cards accepted on pickup in Tbilisi?

Whether bank cards are accepted on pickup in Tbilisi depends on the supplier. Check the rental terms at checkout for more information.

Are parking fees included in the rental rate in Tbilisi?

No, parking fees are normally not included in the rental rate in Tbilisi.

Is fuel included in the rental price in Tbilisi?

No, fuel is normally not included in the rental price in Tbilisi, and it depends on the fuel policy.

How can I find a better car for rent in Tbilisi?

To find a better car for rent in Tbilisi, search online on our platform and use filters to narrow down your options.

Are additional equipment options available for rent in Tbilisi?

Yes, many additional equipment options are available for rent in Tbilisi, such as navigators, child seats, ski racks, and more.

Are cabrio cars available for rent in Tbilisi?

Yes, cabrio cars are available for rent in Tbilisi, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are minivans available for rent in Tbilisi?

Yes, minivans are available for rent in Tbilisi, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are SUV 4x4s available for rent in Tbilisi?

Yes, SUV 4x4s are available for rent in Tbilisi, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Will I get the exact car I see in the photos in Tbilisi?

In most cases, you'll get the exact car you see in the photos when renting in Tbilisi, but this is a rental vehicle, and there may be no guarantees.

Why should I book a car through you in Tbilisi?

Compare yourself! Use the promocode LOCAL for your first booking in Tbilisi. We provide the lowest prices, as our suppliers are local family businesses without extra charges and royalty fees.

Do you have a best price guarantee in Tbilisi?

Yes, we have a best price guarantee for rentals in Tbilisi. If you find a better price elsewhere, show us a confirmed voucher and we'll beat that price with an individual offer.

When will I receive my voucher for rental in Tbilisi?

You will receive a rental voucher for your booking in Tbilisi within a few hours after approval. Check your email and SPAM folder. After you receive it, switch communication to the rental supplier/manager.

Who are your rental suppliers in Tbilisi?

Our car rental suppliers in Tbilisi are small to mid-size providers run by local people who strive to satisfy every customer.

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