Rent a Toyota Prius

Rent a Toyota Prius

  • Automatic TM
  • 1.8 litres | Petrol
  • 2015 year
  • 135 horse powers
  • 4 litres / 100 km
  • Front wheel drive
  • 5 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required

Mileage limit

Additional drivers
Child seats
Up to 9kg
9 to 18kg
18 to 36kg

Reviews (27)

Jonathan Medina

it was great! very convenient and easy

Artur Shelaev

Everything was great!

Pavel Markov

Great! The car is in good condition, clean, excellent equipment. When renting there were no breakdowns, everything worked like clockwork. Special thanks to George for the quality service. Recommended

Naira Karapetian

The car is in perfect condition, all

Pavel Khramkin

Service and car were good. Thank Giorgi for this! The car was comfortable, clean and without problems. Giorgi is very polite, sociable and punctual. Delivery and return of the car was quick. I recommend and will be back for a new rental

Ali Karimov

Everything was great and the car is comfortable and no problem. The owner too 👍 very happy thanks for everything

Dmitriy Gerasimovich

Very happy with the rental! Everything went very smoothly, great service! The car was brought to the house, the car was clean, refueled, was in touch with the owner and resolved all issues instantly. The return of the car also did not take much time, the owner came to me at the agreed time, inspected and took the car. I recommend, the best rental, service in Tbilisi. My advice when renting a car in Georgia: watch where you park, download the application to pay for parking. It is very easy to get a fine or evacuation. I got the impression that this is a separate business for them) they will slap a fine even for a minute of downtime without payment.

Herman Botha

Service was good and car clean. Thank you

Erik Fortuna

Dear Colleagues, good afternoon! I thank you for the promptly provided transport, the car helped me a lot because mine was in the service, I wish you success and business development. Thank you! Sincerely, Eric

Aleko Mushkudiani

Good day. I would like to leave a positive review and I want to thank Georgiy for his punctuality, communication skills, rather polite in any matter regarding the operation of the car. I recommend and will be back myself.

Maciej Olchowik

I had good experience. The car was delivered on the same day that I booked and collected without any issues. Highly recommend.

Victor Asarkhinov

Everything went perfectly, Giorgi confirmed the booking in a short time, brought the car himself and took it to the address, no complaints, I recommend it to everyone!

Alexander Pickering

Basic little car! Gets you from point A to point B - exactly what we needed. Georgi and his team were super cool guys, easy to talk to, no hassles. Cool company! Definitely recommend!

Azlam azeez Azeez

Everything was great. I wanted the Car to be delivered at Bakuriyani and within few hours of time Mr. Giorgi deliver the car from Tbilisi to Bakuriyani. Car was cleaned and in very good condition. Most importunely the communication was great and he was always available thru what's app and calls. on my last day in Tbilisi he helped me with city parking tickets. as I wasn't able to download the parking application to my mobile phone. Over all it was a great experience. I would highly recommend this company for Car Rental In Georgia. Thank you Giorgi...

Sayat Suleimenov

Everything is exactly as we wanted. Car is fine And George is a true professional, exactly and on time. A good person is definitely recommended.

Aleksandr Doronin

Everything went great. George himself brought the car to my address. The car is great, clean and comfortable. There is a bluetooth. I recommend to everyone

Egor Zotov

Everything was great! The owner replaced the car for free with a class higher, as he could not provide a Prius, having agreed this option with me in advance. And then he brought it for free :) We rode all day and everything was great. Thank you!

Evgenii Baikov

I didn’t like that the tank was almost empty when they brought it and that they took the money for washing, although they didn’t warn, but otherwise it was normal.

Dmitry Vorontsov

The car is clean and in good condition. Quickly brought to the place I needed, the owner is always in touch. Thank you, George.

Ivan Diakonenko

everything went perfectly. The car was delivered to the place where I asked for with an accuracy of + -10 minutes, the car fully corresponded to the description, there were no technical problems. Picked up the car in Gudauri just in time. I will contact you again.

Sofiia Volchkova

A good economical option, we drove briskly, there were no breakdowns of the car on the road. They took it for a week, drove 1700 km, the road was well tolerated, including bumps. Communication with the owner is also flawless, everything is on time and to the point, I recommend

Dmitrii Iakobson

I am completely satisfied with the rental, with the exception of one but significant malfunction, namely climate control

Svetlana Gershovich

Thank you for the quality service to the owner of the car! The rental was for 6 days. The car was brought straight to the entrance and also taken away from my entrance! The car is perfect! When I return to Georgia, I will contact George again! I will recommend to friends!

Milana Makhmudova

Good afternoon! My husband and I wanted to leave a review about LocalCarHires. We searched a bunch of car rental sites on the Internet and stumbled upon LocalCarHires. We chose a suitable car, booked it, and after 5 minutes the manager called back to confirm the reservation and the delivery address of the car. The car was delivered on time, in excellent condition, with a clean interior, everything was shown and explained. Payment was made on the spot. My husband and I were very pleased with the no-hassle service. We drove more than 300 km and never regretted choosing a car on this site.

Andrey Gavirin

Very Good Service, Great Rental Agent, Recommend to Everyone

Pavel Iudin

The owner (Tengiz) takes care of the car, the car is in good technical condition, it never let me down and didn’t even hint at it. Feels good in the heat and in the mountains. Brought to our hotel in Tbilisi, returned from our hotel in Batumi: everything is ok. Thanks

Andrej Galcenko

Our family of three rented a Toyota Prius Hybrid car from July 14 to July 30, 2022. The owner of the car - Tengiz drove the car from Tbilisi to Kutaisi airport at no extra charge. The car is not new, but fully serviceable and corresponds to the description. The machine is in good technical condition with low fuel consumption (Hybrid). I was somewhat surprised that we did not sign any documents, that is, nothing at all! It was said that everything would be recorded electronically. But where can I see everything, I did not understand. The passport and driver's license were photographed on the phone of the owner of the car and that's it. For rent for 16 days, we paid 1200 GEL + 200 GEL returnable deposit, which, in terms of dollars, came out to about 27 dollars a day. Taking into account the fact that in Georgia in July the high season, we can say that this is for nothing. For the entire time of the holiday, we traveled around half of Georgia and got two fines - turning in the wrong place (20 GEL) and speeding (50 GEL). Of all the documents for the car, we had only a plastic card - a technical passport. The presence of only one document did not raise any questions for the police. No one asked for a green card, no car lease, no insurance. I don’t know how it works in Georgia, but apparently it works somehow. )))) In Europe, I would already have problems, but here everything is fine. Miracles. I would like to express my gratitude to Tengiz for meeting and seeing us off on time, and for helping us quickly pay the fines at the Kutaisi airport. I wouldn't have made it without his help. We liked everything. We definitely recommend the owner!

Tbilisi, Georgia





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