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Can local road police carp at documents?

Based on our in Germany experience, customers do not have any problems with the local police, you have every right to drive the rented car, provided you have a rental agreement and a driver's license with you.

Are there car rental options in Germany for drivers with little driving experience?

Yes, it is possible. But only cars of the Compact and Comfort class categories and with a rental period of at least 3 days.

Some companies in Germany do not rent out cars to people over 70 years old, does this rule apply to your service?

Various car rental companies in Germany are presented on our website. Some companies do have restrictions on the maximum age for renting, if so, it will be explicitly stated. If you wish, you can always further clarify this with the manager of the car rental company by contacting them directly through the website.

If, according to the documents, the driving experience is short, but the real one is much longer, can I get a car in Germany?

In this case, rental companies will not be able to provide you with a car. All companies have minimum period of driving experience and age restrictions. Exceptions are possible, but if at least one of the conditions is met and the renter really feels themselves confident behind the wheel. Contact us and we will clarify the possibility of rent for you.

How does airport pick-up affect the cost of a car rental?

It depends on the vehicle you choose. For some vehicles on our website, airport delivery will be free. For others, there will be an additional charge for this, depending on the car and the rental company. On our website, you always see detailed details of the rental amount.

Why do you need insurance against theft in Germany and how does it work?

In order to understand what this or that insurance covers when renting a car in Germany, hover the mouse cursor over the question mark - a hint will pop up, which will explain what exactly the car will be insured against. The conditions for providing insurance (included in the price or providing for a fee) depend on the specific local rental and the car that you rent through us.

What is the implication of TPL insurance with a deposit in Germany? In case of renter fault in car accident, he will hold responsible anyway?

The deposit for renting a car in Germany is in no way connected with the insurance of MTPL. For rental companies, a deposit is a guarantee of full and timely fulfillment of the terms of the contract by the tenant in terms of compensation for damage. In case of violation of any clause of the rental agreement, the rental company reserves the right to withhold a certain amount from the deposit. But in most cases it does without it.

Is insurance with a deductible sufficient to obtain a car in Germany?

You yourself determine which insurance options you need - it is your responsibility. Rentals in Germany by default insure the car only against damage to third parties (TPL), but sometimes also CDW with a franchise is included.

Having already booked a car in Germany, can I add a super CDW?

Contact us in the customer support chat in the lower right corner of the pages or simply write in response to the email with the voucher that you want to add Super CDW to your booking in Germany.

Am I obligated to pay for additional insurance in Germany?

You decide which insurance options to purchase. Of course, the probability of an accident in Germany is minimal. However, if you want to feel calmer while traveling, we recommend taking extended insurance.

What are the risks of traveling without CDW in Germany?

If you do not prioritize CDW or it does not go to your rented car by default, then you are not insured against damage to the car due to your own fault. You yourself decide on the insurance options you need when renting a car in Germany.

How much deposit will I need to pay for an economy class car in Germany?

The amount of the deposit depends on the specific rental company and car. To check the amount of the deposit for Economy class cars in Germany, enter the rental dates in the search and use the filter "Car type: Economy". The amount of the deposit will be indicated on the page of each car.

Based on your experience, is there a chance of not getting the deposit back?

Usually our clients in Germany receive their deposit back in full. Be careful when driving, and you will definitely receive your deposit back after returning the car. Double-check the fuel policy, if the car wash is included, etc.

Is it possible to reduce the deposit when renting a car in Germany?

The deposit is not negotiated. According to our booking rules, you need to agree to the terms of the rental company, including the amount of the deposit in order to rent a car in Germany. Remember that the deposit will be fully returned to you after you finish the rental, if there are no claims to the condition of the car on the return.

Do you have options for paying rent by installments in Germany?

The way the process is organized, in fact, is the installment plan. When renting a car in Germany through us, you pay only 15-20%. cost when booking, and pay the remainder upon receipt. Or we didn't understand your question.

What percentage of the prepayment, that we pay before receiving the car in Germany?

An advance payment is made in the amount of 15-20% of the booking amount. The rest of the amount is payable locally upon collection of the vehicle.

Are there any additional rental costs in Germany besides the amount indicated on the website?

Yes, depending on the company and your needs, the cost of renting in Germany may be increased due to the cost of additional services, ordering additional equipment, insurance, and so on.

If our flight is delayed, can we lose the booked car in Germany and money?

In theory, this is possible, but in practice, in Germany managers always meet you halfway and wait for the client.

Does your system allow changes to bookings in Germany?

According to the rules of the service, all changes must be made through support and accepted, and there should be a message in the chat or by email about that. Yes, the changes during the rent may both increase or decrease the total sum of the rent.

Can I change the car class at the rental station in Germany?

According to the rules of the service, all changes must be made through support and accepted, and there must be a message about that in the chat or by email. Such changes to the rental in Germany are possible 7 days before the date of car pick-up, otherwise, according to the conditions, you risk losing the prepayment made at the time of booking.

How are changes or cancellations of a car rental regulated in Germany? Does this work the same for all cities and cars?

Cancellation and change conditions are the same for any rental made through our service. You can cancel your rental 7 days before your travel date. You can make minor changes to the rental in Germany, such as the pick-up location, additional options, no later than 24 hours in advance.

Do you have a car for a big company in Germany?

Through our website you can find cars with different capacities. You can always see the number of seats on the car page. If you require more than 5 seats, we recommend considering Minivans. All cars of the category Minivans in Germany you can see using the appropriate filter in the search. Select Car type => Minivans and the system will present you with free cars that may interest you.

Do you have a selection of luxury cars in Germany?

You can check the availability of luxury cars in Germany for the dates you need using the appropriate filter in the search. Select Car type => Lux and the system will present you free cars that may interest you.

Will we be able to navigate all tourist destinations in Germany in a convertible without any problems?

Yes, why not. Read reviews of convertible rental in Germany through us to find out about their experience. This can be easily done on our website on the page of a specific car.

Is it necessary to return the car in the same place where we pick it up?

No, it is not necessary. Through our service, you can pre-select rentals that will be able to bring the car to one locality, and pick it up from another. Use the search to find the options that suit you.

What rights of the renter are fixed in the contract?

The usual national driving license of the main driver, if the international one is not required by the rental agreement for a specific car in Germany. This will always be stated in the conditions on the booking page. The additional driver is subject to the same requirements as the primary driver.

Is it possible to change the rental price in Germany and recalculate it already in place?

There will be no recalculation of the price from the rental side in Germany - it is fixed in the voucher for you. If you somehow modify your rental, purchase additional services or increase the rental period, then the total amount may change.

Can I choose the pick-up and drop-off times for the car rental in Germany?

Yes, of course you can. When placing an order, you yourself choose the time of receipt and return from the available ones. Keep in mind that if the return hour is later than the pick-up hour, the difference even in 1 hour will be considered an additional rental day.

Is it possible to make small adjustments to the rental terms (1-2 days)?

Subject to vehicle availability, this is possible. Contact us via our customer support chat or by email germany@localcarhires.com. We will check the possibility, try to make adjustments to your booking and coordinate them with the rental company in Germany.

Do you have a mileage limit in Germany?

Some companies may set a mileage limit per day or for the entire rental period in Germany. All conditions are known in advance, you can check this moment on the page of each manager on our website.

Will it be possible to shorten the rental period after receiving the car in Germany?

Car rental companies do not have penalties for early return. But you will hardly have to rely on recalculation - better plan the rental term in advance in Germany.

How many medium suitcases would fit in the trunk of a minivan?

This will depend specifically on the car you choose, as well as how many people will be in the car. On average, the trunk of a minivan can fit up to 5 suitcases, but it is better to clarify this on the car page or through personal messages with the manager

Can I check the availability of air conditioning in the car in Germany?

Of course, information about the availability of an air conditioner can most often be found on the page of the car you are interested in in Germany. If it is not clear whether the car has air conditioning, you can also contact the manager to clarify such details.

How to make sure that the car is the left-hand drive one?

All cars presented in Germany on our website are LHD. But you can see this if you look at the photos of the car - they are real.

We made a reservation for a car in Germany, the money was written off. Will the confirmation and voucher come by email?

Absolutely right. Confirmation from the payment service and a voucher from us. If you did not receive any of the emails, check your spam folder. If it is not there either, write to us at germany@localcarhires.com from the address that was specified when creating the order. We will send you a duplicate voucher.

What information should be included in the voucher?

The voucher for car rental in Germany includes the entire calculation of the rental cost, the dates and place of car receipt and return, the contacts of the client and the manager of the rental company, as well as the date until which it is possible to cancel the reservation with a return of the prepayment.

If a minor accident happens on the way to the airport in Germany, is it obligatory to wait for the police with the risk of being late for the plane?

By the rules, yes. In this case, you need to wait for the police. But we will not abandon you in such a situation, but we will do everything possible so that you do not miss your flight.

If a car breaks down on the way, is it possible to get another car immediately on the spot? Which party will carry the transportation expenses?

If the breakdown is due to the fault of the renter, the cost of towing can be deducted from the customer's deposit, but in the event of a normal technical malfunction, the car rental price in Germany already includes breakdown assistance. A replacement or replacement car will be given immediately during the repair. If damage has occurred, suitable for the insured event, the manager of the rental company must be notified by phone as soon as possible. Then the manager will tell you what to do. In any case, the rental company in Germany will provide all the necessary support.

What additional costs does the renter bear hiring a car in Germany in addition to the rental price per day?

The conditions for the provision of any additional services, such as additional equipment in the car, child seats, insurance, pick-up service after hours, and others depend on the specific rental company. For many companies in Germany some or most of these options will be included in the rental price, while others will be paid. So it really depends on the specific car.

Do the rental costs in Germany vary depending on the place and time of delivery?

The total rental price may vary. The rental price per day in Germany will remain the same. However, if it is necessary to deliver the car to or from the locality you need, the company will ask for a separate amount for this. Likewise, if you need to rent your car outside of business hours, the total rental price will increase.

We would like to book a car for two periods: 3-5 days at the beginning of the vacation and 3-5 days at the end. Will it be advantageous cost-wise?

In general, of course, yes. But the rental price per day in Germany may increase as the car rental period decreases. Try to compare prices for different options, some companies provide cars for a longer period at very competitive rates.

How confidential is my information when using your site for renting a car in Germany?

Regarding the protection of personal data, all information provided to us is processed in accordance with the regulations applicable in the European Union. You can also see information about personal data in the Privacy Policy.

Do I have to have a dashboard camera in my car?

No, it is not necessary to have a dashboard camera in the car. You can try to order it additionally when making a car hire, sometimes this option is available.

What will be a child seat for a child under one year old in Germany?

The child seat for a kid less than one year old is an infant car seat. The child is lying in it. The infant car seat is similar to a stroller carry cot that can be attached to the back seat of a car in Germany.

How do I know if the car rented by in Germany is equipped with a navigator?

You can check the availability and cost of the GPS navigator on the car booking page in Germany. Most often, this option is provided for a small additional cost.

How to find out the trunk capacity in Germany?

You can try to estimate the capacity of the trunk by eye from photographs, if a photo is presented for the car you are interested in in Germany. If not, then the easiest way is to check with the manager in charge of the car, who will be happy to help and prompt you.

Do I need to order additional chains when renting a car in Germany or will they be on by default in the winter season?

In the winter season, the car will be equipped according to local traffic rules in Germany. Only additional services and equipment are paid separately, which you can order as you wish.

Is the travel abroad option available for all your cars in Germany?

No, unfortunately, some in Germany rentals do not allow their cars to go abroad. Accordingly, not all cars will be able to leave the country.

Can you help me choose a car in Germany?

Of course we have a support chat in Germany, which you can open by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page. Write to us and we will be happy to help you.

What car would you recommend to book in Germany for two adults?

Many cars can fit two adults. It depends on many other factors, such as the purpose of your trip, the number of passengers in the car, and others. It is better to contact us via the support chat and we will tell you what options are available for you in Germany.

What is the minimum power of a car desirable for driving along serpentines in Germany?

The minimum engine displacement for driving on serpentines is perhaps 1.2 liters. But if there are more than 200 kg of passengers and luggage in the car, then this is +0.2 liters. If you take the car on the car, then this is +0.2 liters. And if you plan to stay in an apartment, which leads to a steep climb, then this will also require 0.2 liters to the minimum engine volume.

What can you advise if we want a comfortable and spacious car in Germany, and the price is not so important?

If price is not a key factor for you, we recommend that you pay attention to in Germany luxury / business cars, which are suitable for any trip, if you want a spacious cabin and are used to traveling in comfort.

Is there a language barrier when communicating with employees of local companies in Germany?

Usually our clients in Germany do not have such problems. The managers of the rental company, Normally, speak several languages, at least at a basic level. Very often it is English, and sometimes Russian.

Which car can be rented at a low rate in Germany?

We have options for any budget in Germany. If rental price is an important factor for you, our search tools can help you. You can initially limit the price range, or sort the cars using the "Cheap first" filter.

Does any car in Germany need a first aid kit?

If required by local regulation in Germany, the first aid kit will be in the car.

What is the maximum speed limit in the city in Germany?

As for the speed limits on different sections, the manager of the rental company in Germany can give you more detailed advice,

Is there a guarantee that I will get the exact car that I am choosing in Germany and not a "similar" one?

When ordering a car in Germany through us, you are ordering a specific car, not a type of car (unless otherwise stated). This is our difference from other booking services. Therefore, yes, this is the car you will get. Replacement is possible only in case of force majeure and only with your consent. But such cases are the exception to the rule. Therefore, you can safely book a car.

Do I need to call the rental company upon arrival in Germany and remind them or can I simply wait for the car to arrive?

No, the car will be delivered to you on time. It is enough just to be in the appointed place at the appointed time in Germany. If we have confirmed the rental, the rental company has received your order and left the car for you. But of course it's better to have your phone close at hand.

Is it possible to find out which car rental company in Germany offers a car?

The name of a particular company is actually not that important. Only the manager's name is available in clear text. Contacts will be indicated in the voucher that you receive when booking a car in Germany through us.

How do you choose rental companies in Germany for cooperation?

We work carefully to select the most reliable in Germany rental companies with a high level of service for our clients. We choose according to the criteria of customer focus, experience in the market, a decent choice of cars and their prices, the availability of additional services ...

What are the expected delays for getting a response from you?

We try to answer as quickly as possible on car rental issues through us. If you write to us during business hours, you will most likely receive a response within a few minutes. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for a response.

Can they not give us a car in Germany with a national driving license?

No, there are enough Russian rental rights.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license in Germany?

Yes, you can. Feel free to book.

Where else do you operate, except Germany?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Hungary, find car rentals in Ireland and Israel. Many tourists want to rent a car in Italy with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Where can I write to you?

All communication methods are available for you - you can contact us via the chat located in the lower right corner of the page or in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook.

Are there any discounts for loyal customers who are regularly renting a car through you?

Unfortunately, we do not have such a program yet. To get a car on the most favorable terms, we recommend our clients to book a car in advance and choose longer rental periods.

Does the search show only currently available cars in Germany?

Yes, in the search you only see available cars. If the car was booked through our site earlier, it will disappear from the search and will not be displayed for your dates in Germany, if such a model is in one copy.

Is it possible to check whether the car has a DVR?

Video recorders for cars are provided quite rarely, and we usually do not have such information. But you can always contact the manager of the rental company through personal messages and clarify this aspect in advance.

How can I see cars in Germany that are cheaper than a certain rate per day?

In the search, you can set a certain price range, including setting the maximum rental amount per day. This will give you a list of car in Germanys that fit your budget.

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