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Panormo car rental reviews

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Alexandr volostnykh Volostnykh

Skoda Octavia on Crete, in Greece

The car was a Skoda Octavia, produced in 2011, as for me this is an old car for rent, we do not have cars older than 2017 in Ukraine, then the level of technical fluids in the car, apparently, is not checked, because one day the indicator for the absence of antifreeze came on, I had to buy and refill, but in general I drove where I needed. But these are all little things, in general I am satisfied, since the car in Crete is a problem, so thanks for helping with the car. Honestly, if I am asked about the possibility of renting a car in Crete, I will give the coordinates of your company, as the price is much lower than that of large, international rental operators. Thanks again.

August 2021

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