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If we are going to rent a minivan in Ireland, do we need special documents, insurance, or equipment?

No, no additional documents are usually required for renting a minivan in Ireland. The available insurance options will depend on the specific company and vehicle.

Do the car delivery and return in Ireland always happen on time?

Clients do not complain about the punctuality of our partners - we cooperate with reliable client-oriented car rental companies in Ireland, which usually transfer and accept the car on time.

Does the car return happen at a fixed checkout time in Ireland?

No, there is no fixed hour. When registering a car rental in Ireland through us, you can choose the time of receipt and return of the car yourself.

What would be the grace period for the car pick up in Ireland?

Each rental has its own Late Return Policy, which is always discussed at the time of booking. On our website you can see this in the Terms and Conditions of booking when renting a car in Ireland.

Do you deliver the car to other locations besides those presented in the search on the website?

In our search, the main settlements are presented, where the delivery of a car may be required. If you have not found the location you need, prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner or send an email to we will try to help.

Will we be fined if we are late for picking up the car in Ireland?

You will not be fined in this case, but keep in mind that you pay the rental price according to the dates and times indicated in the voucher for car rental in Ireland.

If we decide to extend the rental period in Ireland, will the insurance be renewed automatically?

If you renew your rental through our website, you will be able to independently choose which insurance options you need in Ireland.

What insurance is required for those planning to leave in Ireland?

Those planning to travel abroad from in Ireland need appropriate insurance. Check the box next to this option when making your reservation.

What responsibility will the renter of the car have if new scratches appear on the car that is insured under TPL?

Without CDW it will be entirely the responsibility of the renter.

Is insurance issued for the full rental period in Ireland?

Theft insurance is not included in CDW, it is a separate insurance option in Ireland. But over the years of work we have not had any cases of theft. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you still want to insure your car against theft, you can add the appropriate option if possible.

How can I find a car in Ireland with free CDW?

You can find such cars in Ireland using our search tools. Prental select Options => Free CDW and the system will show you the cars you are interested in.

What is covered by CDW service in Ireland?

The CDW service covers the risks of damage to the vehicle. Thus, if something happens to your car through no fault of yours, the insurance will cover the damage.

What is the best insurance to choose if we are going to travel in Ireland?

Most of the clients renting a car in Ireland take cars with standard CDW and TPL. Moreover, for many options, both insurances will already be included in the price. If you wish, you can expand your insurance coverage and purchase additional options.

Are there any cases of holding a deposit when renting a car in Ireland?

There are, of course, but most of the in Ireland clients are refunded the full amount. The deposit can be withheld in the event of fines, late returns, missing fuel. We do not have cases of holding a deposit just like that without a reason, we part with such suppliers immediately.

What is the deposit in the car description in Ireland?

Bail and deposit are the same things. You pay a bail (or deposit) upon receipt of the car in Ireland to compensate for fines, delays, fuel, etc.

Can we choose in which way we can get our deposit back?

The deposit is most often returned in the same way as it was paid. The ways of returning / receiving the deposit in Ireland, can be checked with the manager of your car - most often it is cash, but some rental companies also accept credit / debit cards. It is also usually indicated when booking a car in the Terms and Conditions of Car Rental.

Can the deposit be transfered to my bank account?

Most often a deposit in Ireland is made and returned in cash upon receipt. There may be other ways of returning / receiving the deposit, you can check them with the rental provider. Check out the information available on the page of the rental company or by contacting the manager through private messages.

Is it possible to pay for car rental in Ireland by debit card?

Depends on the rental company in Ireland. Usually this is indicated in the terms and conditions of the rental, when registering a car in Ireland through us. You can usually pay for your order with either a debit or a credit card, but some rental companies only accept credit cards for the deposit, while others prefer to receive only cash. Read the rules when booking or contact the company manager.

Will we be required to pay the full car rental price in Ireland if we have to cancel the booking?

If you cancel your car booking in Ireland more than 7 days before the date of receipt, the prepayment will be returned to you in full minus a commission of 10% of the prepayment amount. If you cancel your booking afterwards, the prepayment will be retained, but of course you will not be obliged to pay the full cost of the booking under any circumstances.

Is it possible to rent a car in Ireland without prepayment and pay in cash upon arrival instead?

When booking on the website, only a small advance payment of 15-20% of the rental price must be paid by card. The exact amount is indicated for each vehicle in the estimate. The rest of the rental price you already pay in cash upon picking up the car on the spot.

Can I cancel a reservation in Ireland without losing the prepayment charged from the card?

Yes, you can cancel your order if there are more than 7 days left until the car pick-up in Ireland. In this case, the advance is refunded in full minus a small bank transaction fee. If the cancellation of the order occurs literally on the eve of receipt, then the entire paid advance is withheld as a penalty. All of this is described in the Booking Conditions, which each client agrees with when booking a car with us.

If we refuse a car rental in Ireland in advance, will it be possible to apply for a refund?

7 days before the rental date, you can cancel your car reservation in Ireland with a refund of the prepayment.

Is the pick-up of the booked car in Ireland scheduled at a fixed time?

We do not define a fixed checkout time. The convenience of our service is that you choose the time of pick-up and return of the car when registering a car rental in Ireland.

If I realized that I made a mistake in choosing a car, can I apply for a replacement?

After booking, you received an email with a voucher. Contact the manager at the phone number indicated in it, and our colleagues will try to help you.

Can I rent a car with floating rental dates in Ireland?

According to the terms of the rental in Ireland, it is possible to revise the rental dates for at least 7 days without overpayments. If you cancel less than 7 days before your trip, it's best to contact our support and we'll try to help. Keep in mind that when revising the rental terms, the cost may be changed, both upward and downward.

When an international driver's license be required in Ireland?

We do not know of such cases. In practice, an IDP is not required.

Can I include two cars from different rental companies in Ireland into one booking?

This functionality is not provided - you will need to make two separate bookings for rent in Ireland.

Is it necessary in Ireland to the car wash the vehicle before returning it or it is already included in the price?

Generally, it is not necessary to wash the car when returning in Ireland. But if there are such requirements, then they will be mentioned on the car booking page.

How do we receive confirmation of our reservation in Ireland?

Confirmation of booking - voucher for car rental. This is one of the documents with which you will receive the in Ireland vehicle. We always recommend that you have the voucher with you, at least on your smartphone screen.

Can I request vehicle specifications by mail? Is it better to get in touch with you or with the rental company in Ireland directly?

The main characteristics of the car are presented on the page of each car. If you need any additional information besides the one you see on this page - go to the page of the manager who rent out a car in Ireland and send them a private message.

Is it possible that new offers for cars in Ireland will appear or will their number only decrease closer to August?

The number of cars will only decrease with the approach of rental dates. If it is August (peak season), then it is even faster.

Do you have scooters and motorcycles on offerin Ireland?

No, we only rent out cars of different classes in Ireland. We do not rent out scooters and motorcycles.

My name is spelled differently in Latin in my driver's license and in my passport. What should be indicated in the car booking form in Ireland?

The car rental agreement in Ireland includes the data of your foreign passport / id and driving licence separately. Therefore, no problems will arise.

Up to what age of the child in Ireland should the car be equipped with a booster?

Up to 12 years old.

Are there cars with toning in Ireland?

Unfortunately, we have no data in Ireland on car tinting in Ireland. Look at the photos, prental.

Is it possible to add a child seat for a child over 7 years old in Ireland?

Yes, if you need a child seat in Ireland, you can add it after you have decided on the travel dates and the car on the booking page. Select the weight of the child and add the car seat to your rental.

Where can I see/find out the cost of additional services in Ireland?

The cost of additional services is available for each car in Ireland. In order to get acquainted with the cost of additional services, go to the page of the car you are interested in in the search.

For a child of 9 months, what kind of seat will we be given?

For children 9 months old, most often rental companies give a infant car which the child is lying down, and the seat itself is fixed in the back seat of the car, but you make the choice yourself. Add the seat you need when registering your car rental in Ireland.

Is a dashboard camera required when traveling in a car rented in Ireland?

There is no need for a dashboard camera in Ireland. For personal purposes, they are allowed for use.

Many rental websites ask for an additional payment for winter tires, is this option included in the car rental price in Ireland?

All cars that are provided on our website in the winter are equipped with winter tires. This option is included in the price.

In summer, is it possible to book a car in Ireland upon arrival or there will likely be no options available?

We recommend that you book your car in Ireland in advance, especially during high season. In addition, there will definitely be fewer options closer to the travel dates, booking in advance is much more profitable.

What is the most popular car category in Ireland?

It depends on the purpose, duration of the trip, and the number of passengers. Standard in Ireland is taken by Comfort class cars. Those who are used to increased cross-country ability on the road and more power are SUVs.

Taking into account the climate, which cars are the best to choose in the summer in Ireland?

In the summer, it is important for everyone to have an air conditioner. But usually this option is present in all cars in Ireland. Also, of course, convertibles are popular in the summer season, but this is a car exclusively for two, only children will be accommodated in the back rows.

How do locals behave on roads in Ireland?

The local population as a whole is hospitable and treats Russian-speaking tourists well. You can read thousands of reviews of people who had stayed here before. On the road, their behavior is not very different. The police behave in the same way. It happens that they stop the car to find out if everything is in order, and let go in a few minutes.

Are local drivers car in Irelandeful on the road?

Quite yes. It is worth being careful, as always, but in general the driving style of the local in Ireland is quite calm. You can book a car without a doubt and travel without any problems.

Are there special requirements for traveling in Ireland with the children?

No, there are no special requirements, but for children you will need to add child seats to your in Ireland order.

Can they give us a car of a class lower than the one we booked in Ireland?

Such cases in Ireland do not arise in practice. You will receive exactly the car you need, but in exceptional cases, a car of a similar class or a higher class can be provided.

Can I contact the rental company in Ireland directly?

Yes, there is such an opportunity. You can send a private message to the rental company - this option is available on each manager's page in Ireland. Also, after booking, you will receive a voucher with the manager's phone number.

Will the car in Ireland be equipped with winter tires in winter?

If required by local traffic regulations, the car you book through us in Ireland will be equipped with winter tires.

Where else do you operate, except Ireland?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Israel, find car rentals in Italy and Japan. Many tourists want to rent a car in Kazakhstan with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

When do you provide a discount in Ireland rental?

We do not provide specific discounts for rental in Ireland, as rental companies themselves change prices depending on the load and the period of the booking range of their fleet. The basic rule is: the earlier you book a car rental in Ireland, the more profitable.

When booking in winter in Ireland, is there a discount?

The tariff policy is determined directly by the rental companies. You can easily compare prices through the search functionality. Indeed, rental prices will often be lower during low season in Ireland.

What cars in Ireland are rented with discount?

There are no discounts for cars presented on our website. The general rule is to book in advance and for a longer period is much more profitable in Ireland.

How to rent a car through you in Ireland?

Here, on this page above. If you don't see the booking form, prental disable ad blocking extensions like AdBlock.

Can I specify my home country phone number if I don't plan to use this SIM card upon arrival in Ireland?

Indicate Russian for now, and if possible, as soon as you purchase a local SIM card, tell us the new phone number and the manager who is responsible for your car. The phone is required so that you can stay in touch with the rental company in Ireland in case of anything.

Several hours have passed since the booking was done, but the car has not disappeared from the list of available cars in Ireland. Is it worth rebooking again?

No, we will send you a car rental voucher in Ireland as confirmation that your booking has passed. In most cases the car disappears from the search results, but some companies rent out several of the same cars - in this case, the car may still remain in the search results.

Do you provide cars in Ireland for disabled people?

Some companies have restrictions on the maximum age of the driver for car rental in Ireland. As for disabilities, there are no such restrictions, but common sense has not been canceled.

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