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Is it possible to pick up a car from the rental company office in Israel by yourself?

Yes, sure. Select "Company Office" at the pick-up point and you can pick up the car yourself from the office of the rental company in Israel.

Is delivery within the city in Israel free?

Yes, delivery within the delivery point in Israel is free. In any case, you always see the detailed amount for the car rental if you book through us.

What should I do if I find scratches on the car in Israel when I receive it?

Any damage must be noted in the car receipt certificate upon receipt of the car in Israel. Insofar as the return of the car will be carried out precisely under this act. Point chips and small scratches, traces of small stones do not matter.

What should I look for when signing a car rental agreement in Israel?

Before picking up the car in Israel make sure that all the details in the rental agreement are complete and correct. Check that the document contains information about insurance if you are purchasing an extended insurance option. We also advise you to pay attention to the conditions for returning the car and the rights and obligations of the lessee in the contract.

Is it possible to specify the pick-up time in Israel a little more precisely (not 9:30, but 9:45)?

Select the nearest time when searching to find available cars for your dates. Already at the time of booking a car, you can indicate it additionally in the comments if you need a more precise time of picking up the car in Israel.

Where can I meet with a rental company representative when picking up a car in Israel?

You can choose where you would like to return the car you rent in Israel. In the search, you select a place, and then, when you have decided on the choice of a car, when making a reservation, you indicate a particular address, maybe a hotel, train station or any point in the city.

Is it possible to order the delivery of a rented car to the hotel in Israel?

Of course, on our website you choose where you want to get your car in Israel. Once you have decided on the car you want to receive, when making your reservation, indicate the hotel address in the pickup window. On the day of the rental, the manager will give you a ride there.

Why do I need additional insurance in Israel?

To see what each specific insurance covers, move your mouse cursor over the question mark next to the option name. A tooltip will pop up indicating which risks are covered when ordering this insurance in Israel.

Is the driver required to have insurance in Israel?

TPL insurance in Israel is required by law, so it is free. CDW insurance is issued at will, if it is not included in the rental price by default.

What are the advantages of super CDW option in Israel?

The advantages of the Super CDW service are that it covers additional risks that are not included in regular CDW insurance. In particular, damage to the windshield, underbody, mirrors. Thus, by adding this service to your in Israel rental, you are as secure as possible.

Do I need to do something to activate the insurance?

No, the insurance, if you selected it at the time of making the reservation, is already active, you just have to make sure that the rental agreement will be marked with the corresponding note upon receipt of the car.

What is not covered by full coverage and basic insurance with in Israel deductible?

Full insurance usually covers the maximum risks associated with the rental and operation of a particular car in Israel. Basic insurance with a deductible usually does not cover the glass, underbody and wheels of the car.

Does the deposit rule apply to all car categories in Israel?

Availability and the amount of the deposit does not directly depend on the category of the car. A deposit is required for most cars of any category. We can advise you to search for cars in Israel without a deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

Are there cars on the website that can be booked in Israel without a deposit?

Most of the cars in Israel are rented with a deposit. You can check Availability of cars without the deposit using our filter "Options", where you can specify the corresponding restriction.

Is it possible to pay a deposit after assessing the technical condition of the car in Israel?

Of course, signing the contract in Israel and making a deposit on your part is preceded by an assessment of the technical condition of the car.

The card was not debited, should I worry?

Yes, prental contact us via support chat or mail and report your problem. In the meantime, try contacting the bank that issued your card with a request why the transaction failed. In 9 cases out of 10, either there are not enough funds on the card, or the 3d-secure code was entered incorrectly.

How to check if cards are accepted for payment at the rental point in Israel?

This information can be found in the booking terms and conditions. If payment by card is a matter of principle for you, write to us in support of the date and which car you are interested in. We will select for you those that can be paid with a car in Israeld. The possibility of paying by card on the spot depends on the specific car rental company - we will advise you on whom to contact.

Do I have to provide my bank card details to the rental company in Israel?

We do not oblige you to provide your credit card details to the rental company. You can pay for the car order in Israel in cash and generally not use the card at the stage of paying for the car upon receipt.

If the flight is delayed, will there be a cancellation of the car rental?

There will definitely not be a cancellation of the reservation - you provide the flight number when booking in Israel and the manager monitors the arrival schedule. As a last resort, you will get the car a little later.

Is it possible to change the pick-up time closer to the date of the trip in Israel?

It is better to decide on the time in advance, as even small changes in the time of pick-up and return can affect the rental price. But in general, it is possible, contact our support and we will make this change to your rental in Israel.

Will a 7-seat minivan be comfortable for a long trip of 5 adults and 3 children in Israel?

A 7 seater car is not suitable for a group of 8 people. We advise you to look for a more spacious minivan with 9 seats, or consider renting two cars in Israel. If you need help choosing, prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the page.

What types of cars are available for rent in Israel?

We have cars of different categories available for rent. You can find both budget economy cars and more expensive luxury cars. We offer both convertibles and minivans - you just have to make a choice and arrange a rental in Israel.

Do you have a large family car in Israel? Or will you need to book two?

We have cars with different capacities. You can always see the number of seats on the car page. If you require more than 5 seats, we recommend considering Minivans. You can see all our Minivans in Israel using the appropriate filter in the search. Select Car type => Minivans and the system will present you with free cars that may interest you.

How can I book a car in Israel for a couple of hours?

You can't order a car for a couple of hours. The minimum car rental term in Israel through our website is 1 day.

If I do not have the original driver's license, but only photos and printed scans, can I rent a car in Israel?

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to rent a car with copies of documents, because to DRIVE a car in Israel you will need an original driver's license, and accordingly you will need it to get a car.

Are there any advantages of early car booking in Israel?

Of course. All in Israel rental companies offer a better rate to customers who book a car in advance.

Will there be a daily mileage limit in Israel? Where can I see the limit for each car?

If the rented car in Israel has a daily mileage limit, this will be specified at the time of booking. When you visit the car card on our website, from there you can go to the page of the manager in charge of the car. Here you can contact the manager directly and clarify the information you are interested in on the mileage.

We are looking for a car in Israel with three rows of seats, do you have such cars?

We have cars of different classes in Israel, including crossovers and minivans. In the photo, you can often see the interior of the car. You can also check with the manager if they have a three-rows car.

How many cars do you have in Israel?

The number of cars may vary depending on the season and how late you are looking for a car in Israel. In addition, with the development of our service, the offer for cars will increase. To see all the available cars for the dates you need, use the search form.

Do you have cars with automatic transmission on offer in Israel?

Of course we have automatic transmission cars. Transmission information is available on each vehicle page. Moreover, for your convenience, when specifying dates and places of booking, you can also specify the Type: Automatic. After you click "Search Cars", you will see a list of cars with automatic transmission.

Is it possible to book a car for a few hours for an event / photo shooting in Israel?

No, unfortunately, the minimum booking period is 1 day. This is the standard minimum period for car booking in Israel, we do not deal with hourly rentals in Israel.

How is the renter expected to behave in case of an accident in Israel?

Call the police, draw up an accident report, if you are not found guilty, the guilty party will pay for the repair. in Israel accidents are extremely rare, 80% of damage to cars is usually caused by inaccurate parking, without a second side.

Where is it cheaper to get a car in Israel: at the airport or already in the city?

In the city, but many companies are willing to deliver cars to the airport cheap or free. Accordingly, you lose almost nothing in price.

Do cars in Israel undergo regular maintenance?

All cars in Israel are officially registered, undergo mandatory inspection and maintenance, and meet the declared characteristics. You are fully protected from any unpleasant surprises.

Does the payment for additional services when renting a car also go through the website in Israel?

Yes, payment for additional services, like the main rental amount, is paid when ordering a car. When making a reservation, you pay 15-20% of the prepayment of the full check.

Can I rent a car in Israel for another person and drive it if I have less than 2 years of experience?

The driver must be the one who will be included in the car rental agreement in Israel. You can try to find a rental company that is ready to provide cars to drivers with less than a year's experience. Contact us via the support chat located in the lower right corner of the page and we will try to help.

Is it allowed to use the dashboard camera in a car in Israel?

The use of the dashboard camera in Israel is permitted.

Are the rented cars equipped with dashboard camera?

There is no dashboard camera in rental cars in Israel. If you need one, then you need to take your own or choose from the available additional equipment, but in general this is not necessary.

What additional services and options can I order in Israel?

You can explore the available additional services and options on the page of each car in Israel. In general, our rental companies provide a standard package of services, which of course may vary depending on the company. Some services may even be provided free of charge, you can also easily check it when making a rental through us.

Why it may not be allowed to leave the country in a car rented in Israel?

The possibility of traveling abroad does not depend on us, but on a specific rental company in Israel. This possibility can be checked, among other things, during the registration of a rental through our website in the rules and conditions of booking.

Is it easy to find a diesel refueling station in Israel?

There are no problems in Israel with refueling on diesel engines. You can safely book such a car. For petrol stations, you can then find the manager of the local rental who is responsible for your car.

What options can you recommend within a budget of 5000 rubles per day in Israel?

With our search tools, you can easily narrow down your selection to those cars that fit your budget in Israel. Set an acceptable price range for you and the system will automatically generate a list of suitable cars for you.

We are traveling with a lot of bulky luggage, which of your vehicles in Israel is the right choice for us?

In this case, we advise you to choose more spacious cars. If you are also a large number of people, we recommend taking a minivan. You can easily filter these cars using the Car Type => Minivan filter.

We want to find a car at the lowest possible price in Israel, what is the best way to do this through your website?

You can limit the price range in the search - set the highest possible price that is acceptable for you. Also, when choosing a car in Israel by price, we recommend that you sort them using the cheapest filter that you will find in the search bar.

Do we know in advance the year of manufacture of the car rented in Israel?

Yes, through our service you get access to information on all cars available on offer in Israel. Select the dates you need, the pick up / drop off address and you will see all the cars available during this period. The year of manufacture is indicated on the page of each vehicle.

Do you guarantee the working condition of the cars in Israel?

Usually local car rental companies take good care of their cars. All cars undergo regular maintenance. If something does not satisfy you during the initial inspection of the car in Israel, you have the right to refuse the rental, but based on our experience, such situations do not happen.

Is it possible to get a car on weekends in Israel?

Quite yes. Just enter the desired dates in the search bar and the system will suggest those cars that are available for booking in Israel on the weekend.

What are the pick-up/return hours in Israel?

Depends on the specific rental company in Israel, they all have their own schedule. Usually this is from 8 am to 8 pm. However, some of them are ready to provide a car outside office hours for an additional fee.

Are there car rental companies in Israel that do not provide cars on weekends?

At the moment all our in Israel companies provide cars without any problems on weekends. You can familiarize yourself with the work schedule on the page of each manager of a specific rental.

When an international driver's license could be needed in Israel?

International driving permit is simply a translation of national driving license. As a general rule, without presenting a national driver's license, international license in Israel is not valid. The IDP in in Israel is usually not required.

International driving license may be needed in case of a traffic accident in Israel?

In case of an accident in Israel, you will need to present the rights for which you rented a car and whose number is indicated in the contract. If these were Russian rights, then they are needed, if the IDP is the same.

What are your advantages over competitors in Israel?

On our site you can see many local car rental companies in Israel. On our site there are only fair prices - you can see in advance the detailed rental amount, which will remain unchanged. We do not charge any additional fees or commissions. Finally, here you can find real photos of cars provided to us by car rentals, as well as reviews from real customers, so that you can make your choice easier.

Where else do you operate, except Israel?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Italy, find car rentals in Japan and Kazakhstan. Many tourists want to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

I enter rental dates in Israel from 06, May 10 am to 08, May 10 am. The system counts it as two days rental period. It's right?

Quite right, the system counts the number of days (i.e. time intervals of 24 hours).

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