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Are there additional fees if the driver is under 25 years old?

Most car rentals in Japan provide cars to people over 21 years old, so there will be no additional fees. For drivers from 18 to 21 years old, in some cases, an additional fee may be imposed, which will be stated when booking. In some cases, there is no fee, but the deposit will be higher. In some cases, the car rental in Japan will refuse to rent out, not wanting to risk, since the insurance will not be valid in case of an accident.

Can I get a car in Japanwith a copy of my driver's license?

You will need your original driver's license with you anyway if you rent a car in Japan. Without it, you will not be able to drive a vehicle.

What does the delivery mean and why do they charge money for it?

Cars are based in different cities. Moreover, any car can be delivered to any other city for an additional fee. This is precisely what is called delivery. If the car is based in one city, and the client rents it in another, then upon receipt and return, you will need to pay extra for the delivery of the car.

What to do when returning a car to the rental office in Japan?

Returning a car in Japan is quick and easy procedure. If you did not have any damage on the road, nothing is required from you.

Is it possible to return the car late at night in Japan?

Yes, almost all cars in Japan are available for pickup / return late at night. Car rental companies work according to their own schedule, but for an additional cost they may bring you a car even at night. This is usually provided for an additional charge, you can see the details when booking a specific car.

Can super CDW really be a free option in Japan?

Yes, of course, there are cars with Super CDW enabled, but there are not many of them.

Do I need insurance against theft in Japan?

Yes, to travel outside the country, a green card is required. You can order a green card when ordering a car rental in Japan.

Which insurance companies provide insurance for your cars in Japan?

It is better to check with the specific rental provider in Japan. You can contact him through private messages.

Is it true that some cars are rented without CDW in Japan?

To find out the scope of CDW coverage, move the mouse cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option. There will be information about the risks that this particular insurance covers when renting a car in Japan.

What are the risks of traveling without CDW in Japan?

If you do not prioritize CDW or it does not go to your rented car by default, then you are not insured against damage to the car due to your own fault. You yourself decide on the insurance options you need when renting a car in Japan.

How is the deposit returned when renting a car in Japan?

The deposit is most often returned in the same way that it is paid. The ways of returning / receiving the deposit, can be checked with the manager of your car - most often it is cash, but some rental companies also accept credit / debit cards.

Are there any cases of holding a deposit when renting a car in Japan?

There are, of course, but most of the in Japan clients are refunded the full amount. The deposit can be withheld in the event of fines, late returns, missing fuel. We do not have cases of holding a deposit just like that without a reason, we part with such suppliers immediately.

If the voucher does not indicate a deposit, does it mean we don't need to leave any deposit for the rental car in Japan?

Absolutely right. If the deposit is not specified, then it is not provided for this car in Japan. See below it should say "There is no deposit required for this car"? This is one of the advantages of our service – you can find a car with a low deposit or no deposit at all through our website.

Can the rental company in Japan withdraw money from the card without prior notice?

You use the card solely for making an advance payment - a guarantee of your intention to rent a car in Japan. If you also use the card to make a in Japan deposit, money may be debited from the card in the event of a breach of agreement on your part, but this is extremely rare, and the rental provider always explains the reason: for example, received fines from the police. Money will not be debited from your card just like that.

Should the card used for payment belong to the driver?

No, the card does not have to be in the name of the driver. You can use the card of any owner to make an advance payment for car rental in Japan.

Do I have to pay the full amount of car rental in Japan right away?

Quite the opposite. One of the advantages of our service is that when booking you make only an advance payment of up to 20% of the rental receipt, and pay the rest of the amount at the place in Japan.

Are there any alternative payment options for booking in Japan – PayPal, Payoneer etc.?

We can accept payment via Yandex. Money or PayPal. To do this, you will need to go through the entire booking process on our website, click the "Pay" button and close the payment service page. Then email us at and we will send you payment instructions.

We are looking for vehicles for a corporate trip in Japan, do you have any car rental advice for companies?

We do not have any special conditions or functionality for companies. We can advise you on the available options in the support chat in the lower right corner of the site or by mail

If I need a car in Japan right now, is it possible to book through you?

Contact us via support chat (messenger icon in the lower right corner), by mail or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to find the best available car in Japan for you :)

Can the terms of the contract be revised after prepayment?

Critical conditions such as price, deposit, and rental object are fixed and accepted by both parties in advance. This is the advantage of our car rental service in Japan.

Do any of the car rental companies offer 6-7 seat vehicles in Japan?

In the search bar in the Type of car you can put a tick next to the word "Minivans". Then the system will show all cars of increased capacity.

Can you tell me which of the presented premium cars in Japan is rented at the best condition?

We do not own the vehicles featured on our site in Japan. They are owned by different rental companies. We recommend that you pay attention to the photos and reviews of customers who previously rented cars that interest you.

Can I only find cars of economy class in Japan through you?

No, Economy is one of the categories on our website. We have cars of completely different categories, from compact to convertible. You can narrow the selection using the Auto type filter in the search.

Which car in Japan are the most popular in the mid-range price segment?

The easiest way to find cars for your request will be using the search tools. We would advise you to choose Car Type => Comfort, Business. The system itself will give you the relevant cars in Japan. Then make sure that the "Most Popular" sorting is selected - this means that at the top you see the most popular cars by the specified criteria.

Do you have cars for special events in Japan?

If you want to find a premium car in Japan, you can do it through us. And in order to make it even easier for you to do this, we have a filter Type of car in the search. Select Car type => Lux / Cabrio / Business and the system will provide you with free cars that may interest you.

Does the service allow changing dates after prepayment is done for car rental in Japan?

If a car is available, we can, of course, adjust the dates and send you a new voucher for car rental in Japan. Just contact us via our customer support chat or by mail and we will help you with it.

How is the mileage limit calculated in Japan – daily or in total for the entire rental period?

The limitation of the mileage when renting a car in Japan is defined in the Terms and Conditions of the rental in the agreement. It may be so, and so, depending on the local rental provider and its policies regarding the mileage of a particular car.

Is Ukrainian driving license valid in Japan?

Of course. As for the IDL, you need to clarify in the conditions when ordering.

What is a car rental voucher in Japan and why do I need one?

A car rental voucher in Japan for you is a document confirming the rental of a car on pre-agreed conditions (price, deposit). You must have a voucher with you when picking up your car, in printed or electronic form.

Do I indicate personal data in accordance with a driver's license or with a passport?

When registering a car rental, it is better to indicate personal data in accordance with the driver's license.

Do we need a special driver's license if we want to rent a minivan in Japan?

To rent a minivan through our website in Japan, a category B driving license is enough. You can boldly rent it, having a standard driver's license for a passenger car.

What should we do if we cannot find the voucher?

The voucher is sent to the client after completing the booking a car and making an advance payment to the mail indicated when making the car hire. Try to find the letter in the mail, including checking the spam folder. If you can't find it, prental let us know via the support chat. We will send you a new voucher.

Is it possible to find a car in Japan for 30 EUR per day?

Certainly. You only need to limit the price range in the in Japan car search tools. Set the maximum price and the system itself will offer you options that will fit into your budget.

How do you ensure your customers' safety?

We select the most reliable car rental companies in Japan, and customers can choose cars based on photos and reviews. In case of disagreement between clients and rental companies, we, as an arbitration, will do our best to resolve the problem with the best outcome for the customer.

Can I smoke in the car in Japan?

No, all the cars shown on our website are strictly non-smoking. We care about the comfort of all our clients and the cleanliness of cars in Japan.

Up to what age do children in Japan need child seats?

Up to 12 years old.

Is it allowed to use the dashboard camera in a car in Japan?

The use of the dashboard camera in Japan is permitted.

How do I know if my additional requests have been taken into account?

Most often, the local rental manager or we will contact you if you have left any additional comments. You can also contact the manager by sending him a private message directly through our website.

Is it possible to add a child seat for a child over 7 years old in Japan?

Yes, if you need a child seat in Japan, you can add it after you have decided on the travel dates and the car on the booking page. Select the weight of the child and add the car seat to your rental.

Which cars are better for long-distance trips in Japan?

For long trips, tourists usually have bigger and more powerful cars. Popular for such trips in Japan SUVs and Minivans.

How do I know which cars are taken the most often in Japan?

If you choose the dates you need most often by default you will see the most popular and most frequently selected cars in Japan at the top of the list. Alternatively, you can target customer reviews.

Which car can be rented at a low rate in Japan?

We have options for any budget in Japan. If rental price is an important factor for you, our search tools can help you. You can initially limit the price range, or sort the cars using the "Cheap first" filter.

Which cars are most frequently rented in Japan?

Most often, they rent cars of the Comfort and Economy class, in particular, because there are most of them. But, of course, it really depends on the purpose of your trip and many other factors. We advise you to contact us via the support chat if you cannot make the choice yourself in Japan.

Are there any problems with renting a car in Japan with a group 1 car seat? Do companies mainly provide boosters?

Here you can order a car with a child seat, or you can order a booster. Just indicate your wishes for the chair when booking in Japan. Car rental companies always take them into account.

Who owns the cars in Japan presented on your website?

The cars presented on our website are owned by local rental providers with whom we work in Japan. We act as intermediaries between them and clients.

Where can I see the name of the company in Japan that owns the car I am interested in?

The names of companies and legal entities are hidden on our website. But in general, you will not need it to get the car in Japan - you can find the manager's name, phone number and coordinates in the voucher that you will receive by mail. You will have all the contacts.

Auto in Japan is delivered with full tank of fuel?

Usually in Japan the fuel policy is either full / full, that is, it is issued with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. Or same / same, that is, you need to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was upon receipt. The most honest and fair approach for everyone is full / full. A good car rental in Japan, which provides quality service, in our practice adheres to the full / full policy.

Where else do you operate, except Japan?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Kazakhstan, find car rentals in Kyrgyzstan and Latvia. Many tourists want to rent a car in Lithuania with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

How do you manage to keep the car prices in Japan low?

Our low prices are the result of a selection of reliable local rental providers who provide cars in Japan on favorable terms. We have the most honest prices and reliable rentals.

Why is it more convenient to choose a car in Japan through your service?

It is much more convenient to choose a car through our service. You can set a certain price range, filter cars of a certain category, search for the cheapest cars in Japan. After that, you see a list of relevant cars for which all the necessary information is available, including reviews and photos.

We are renting several cars at once through you in Japan, do you get a discount in such cases?

Discounts for 2-3 bookings in Japan are not provided, but write to us in the support chat, and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Japan.

While booking, you need to specify a phone number, but we are going to buy a local SIM card upon arrival in Japan, which means that the phone number will be different. What is the best way to proceed in this case?

Enter your current emergency number now. And when you buy a local SIM card, just send us and the manager your new number. We will add it to your order.

Is it possible to view all economy cars in Japan?

Of course, you can use our search tools for this. Select Car type => Economy and the system will generate a list of their economy class cars available for your chosen dates in Japan.

Is it possible to order more than 1 car in Japan at one time?

Yes, of course you can, but not the fact that they will be from the same rental company. You can book as many cars as you want in Japan for any available time.

Can I guarantee the car rental with my card for my parents who do not own a credit card?

Yes, you can book and prepay with your card, and they will pay the rest in cash upon picking up the car.

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