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Frequent Questions

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Are there any special requirements if we want to rent an SUV in Latvia?

There are no special requirements for renting an SUV - for renting any car on our website you need a category B license. Requirements for the driving experience, age of the driver, the size of the deposit will depend on the specific rental company and car in Latvia.

Will my driving experience be checked when renting a car in Latvia?

The car rental company is only interested in the experience that you have according to the documents. The certain requirements for drivers are set by a specific rental company in Latvia, which insures its risks. As a car rental platform, we do not directly influence their requirements.

How is the car return organized at the airport?

You park in the designated area, where the receiving manager is already waiting. After a cursory inspection, you sign the return certificate and fly home. The deposit in Latvia is returned either immediately or after a certain period, in accordance with the car rental agreement.

Is it possible to deliver a car to the train station in Latvia?

Of course, on our website you choose where you want to get your car in Latvia. Once you have decided on the car you want to receive, when making your reservation, indicate the desired address in the pickup window. On the day of the rental, the manager will drive the car to this place.

What determines the price of car delivery in Latvia?

The cost of delivery depends on the specific car, the city of receipt or return, and the location of the rental company. On our website, you can easily find cars with free delivery using the filter Options => Free delivery.

Is there a list of hotels in Latvia to which you can deliver a car?

Car rental companies can deliver a car to any hotel in Latvia. When making a reservation for your car rental, you can enter the required address. On the appointed day, the manager will drive up to your hotel or any other location.

What is the cost of the deductible in Latvia?

Not if you are not to blame.

If we decide to extend the rental period in Latvia, will the insurance be renewed automatically?

If you renew your rental through our website, you will be able to independently choose which insurance options you need in Latvia.

What insurance is required for those planning to leave in Latvia?

Those planning to travel abroad from in Latvia need appropriate insurance. Check the box next to this option when making your reservation.

Does the cost of insurance in Latvia depend on the age and driving experience of a renter?

The cost of insurance will not depend directly on age and experience. However, some companies may ask for an additional cost for providing a car to a young and / or inexperienced driver in Latvia or refuse it altogether. In particular, this is due to the fact that if the car is damaged, the insurance company will not cover the damage.

What is the difference between regular insurance and Super CDW?

Normally, the usual CDW does not cover damage to the windshield, wheels, underbody of the car. Super CDW applies to all these elements. The deposit remains in both cases. Insurance against theft is indicated as a separate item and is not included in the usual CDW. But this is the smallest risk. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

In what cases is it better to take a super CDW in Latvia?

Super CDW in Latvia or as it is sometimes called "Full CDW" will help you relax on vacation and not think about increased responsibility. Experienced drivers with extensive experience usually save on extra costs. insurance and take the risk of damage to wheels, mirrors, underbody and windshield. To find out what exactly this or that option is insuring, move the cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option.

What are the risks of traveling without CDW in Latvia?

As with other insurance, you must take into account that in the event of any damage, you will be responsible for it. Insurance, and CDW in particular, allows you to relax a little and be sure that certain risks will be covered by the insurance company. We always recommend our clients to consider the choice of insurance in Latvia consciously.

What determines the amount of the deposit?

The amount of the deposit is determined by the rental company for each car. Variable factors such as the rental duration do not usually affect the amount of the deposit.

Is the deposit charged per day or for the entire car rental period in Latvia?

The amount of the deposit that you see when making a rental is indicated for the entire period.

Is deposit paid separately when renting a car in Latvia?

You make a deposit upon receipt of the car in Latvia to compensate for possible fines and tickets, delays, fuel, etc.

Is it possible to make a deposit at the time of booking a car in Latvia?

The deposit is paid on the spot in Latvia. That is, it is received and returned directly by the rental company from which you rent a car through our service. When registering a car rental online, it will not work.

Do the deposit and the procedure for its return depend on a specific car?

The amount of the deposit depends on the specific car. Also, both the size and the procedure of return may depend on the rental company in Latvia that owns the car. You can search for details on the page of the rental manager, or send a private message if you have questions left.

The cheaper the car, the less the deposit?

Indeed, the collateral for cheap cars is often less. However, there is no direct relationship here - you can find more expensive cars with a low or no deposit, and cheaper cars with an average deposit.

Is it possible to pay a deposit for a car rental in Latvia by card?

For some rental providers in Latvia this will be possible. You can clarify the methods of payment for the deposit on the manager page of the rental company or ask a question by sending a personal message through the website.

If we do not currently have the opportunity to book a car in Latvia with a credit card, are there any other options?

Contact us via the support chat by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner or in any other way convenient for you. We will try to make it so that you can still rent a car in Latvia.

Do all rental companies in Latvia provide payment by bank transfer?

The payment methods for car rental in Latvia depend on the car rental company you choose. You can clarify the possibility of payment by card either on the rental provider's page, or by asking this question to the manager through personal messages on our website. You cannot pay by bank transfer through a bank.

Can they bring us another car when renting in Latvia and do we have the right to give up a car and request a refund?

By booking a car in Latvia through us, you receive a car from local car rental companies who strive to provide each customer with the car requested. In rare cases, the car can be replaced with a similar one or a higher class - this is spelled out in the service conditions. If this happens, under the contract you have no right to refuse without withholding the advance.

How can I change my flight number if my plans change?

It is best to inform the rental company manager in Latvia about the changes directly. If the change occurred less than 24 hours before pick-up, then it is better to immediately contact the manager's phone number specified in the voucher.

Is there a possibility of extending the rental in Latvia if we decide to stay longer? If so, how?

Extension is possible if the car is available for the required dates in Latvia. To do this, just write to your manager or in response to a letter with a voucher.

If the specific dates and the city will be known at the last moment – is it possible to conditionally rent a car in Latvia for now and clarify the details closer to the trip?

We need to decide on the dates of car rental in Latvia in advance - we need to understand what cars are available for these dates, the rental conditions also depend on the travel dates. You can make time changes closer to the travel dates. Alternatively, we can offer you to book a car just before the trip, but, of course, it will be more beneficial to do it in advance.

Will a 7-seat minivan be comfortable for a long trip of 5 adults and 3 children in Latvia?

A 7 seater car is not suitable for a group of 8 people. We advise you to look for a more spacious minivan with 9 seats, or consider renting two cars in Latvia. If you need help choosing, prental contact us via the support chat in the lower right corner of the page.

Does the person booking a car in Latvia have to be a driver? Can I book a car if another person is driving?

You must book and rent a car for the driver who will operate the vehicle in Latvia.

Do you offer cars for long term rent in Latvia? Can I get a discount?

Just select the dates you need and you will see the available options for any period in Latvia. All discounts are already included in the price.

Is it possible to change the rental agreement terms after the prepayment has been charged?

Yes, you can make any changes if there are more than 7 days left until the car is received (for Lux and SUVs - 30 days). And, of course, provided that the car is available for new dates. If there are fewer days left until the car is received, the advance payment for the unused days will be withheld.

How to rent a diesel car in Latvia?

The engine type is listed on the page of each vehicle. Specify the dates and locations you need and you will receive available where you can choose from diesel cars in Latvia. If you cannot find a suitable option, contact us and we will try to help.

Do you have vacant cars for a day in Latvia today?

You can easily check the availability of available cars through the search tool. Enter where you would like to pick up and return the car and dates and you will see the available options in Latvia. Also, you can always contact us in any convenient way - our contacts can be found at the bottom of this page.

We would like like to read reviews from travelers who have taken cars from your website, is it possible?

Reviews are available for every car on offer in Latvia. When you go to the car page, you have access to all the detailed information, specifications, the page of the manager who rent the car, real photos and, of course, reviews at the bottom of the page.

What should we base our choice on when choosing a car in Latvia?

Based on our in Latvia experience, customers are most often guided by budget and their own expectations, such as car type, price and specifications. Already having a choice of several suitable options, you can choose with the help of photos, reviews from other customers, as well as consulting with our support.

Is it possible to find a car with three rows of seats in Latvia?

To find a car in Latvia with three rows of seats, we recommend that you filter our offered range by Car Type: SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans. Further you can see more detailed information and photos of the car on the page of a specific car. For any questions, you can contact the managers or ask for support from us in any way convenient for you.

Is the electronic version of the voucher suitable for receiving a car in Latvia?

Yes, the electronic version of the voucher will be enough to receive the car in Latvia.

If we plan to travel outside the country, do we need to have an international driving license in Latvia?

Depends on where you want to go. Availability of an international driver's license is required in countries that do not allow the use of Russian and other national driving license on their territory. Write to us and we will advise you what is required to rent a car in Latvia depending on your route.

When renting a car through you in Latvia, how will the road support be organized in case of unexpected breakdowns or problems?

Technical support on the roads is provided by the rental providers themselves. No one keeps their own technical assistance crews, but if something happens, the rental provider is always in touch, in no case will he leave his client in trouble and will certainly help solve the problem. In general, there is nothing to worry about.

Are the car rental companies in Latvia responsible for the maintenance of your cars?

Yes, this lies in the competence of the car rental companies, since the cars belong to them, but we cooperate with reliable car rental providers who regularly carry out maintenance, in accordance with the contract.

Do I need to order seats for adult children when renting a car? in Latvia?

For adult children, seats are not required when renting a car in Latvia. Children should be strapped in the back seat and that's enough.

Up to what age of the child in Latvia should the car be equipped with a booster?

Up to 12 years old.

Will there be a spare tire in the trunk of the car?

Normally, yes, but not always. It is better to check with the manager of a specific rental company in Latvia if this is critical.

Is it possible to choose seats for children on the spot?

You need to choose a child seat in advance so that you will definitely get it. If you have doubts about the condition or category of the seats in a particular rented car, you can consult with the manager and request additional photos.

How do locals behave on roads in Latvia?

The local population as a whole is hospitable and treats Russian-speaking tourists well. You can read thousands of reviews of people who had stayed here before. On the road, their behavior is not very different. The police behave in the same way. It happens that they stop the car to find out if everything is in order, and let go in a few minutes.

What is the minimum power required for serpentine driving?

The minimum engine displacement for driving on serpentines is perhaps 1.2 liters. But if there are more than 200 kg of passengers and luggage in the car, then this is +0.2 liters. If you take the car on the car, then this is +0.2 liters. And if you plan to stay in an apartment, which leads to a steep climb, then this will also require 0.2 liters to the minimum engine volume.

Are local drivers car in Latviaeful on the road?

Quite yes. It is worth being careful, as always, but in general the driving style of the local in Latvia is quite calm. You can book a car without a doubt and travel without any problems.

Are there any special driving rules to be aware of before driving in Latvia?

In general, driving rules in Latvia are the same as those to which drivers from Russia and the CIS countries are accustomed. The local driving style is calm and adequate. If you are interested in something specific, you can always contact us in the support chat or ask the manager of the local car rental company directly.

Can they give us a car of a class lower than the one we booked in Latvia?

Such cases in Latvia do not arise in practice. You will receive exactly the car you need, but in exceptional cases, a car of a similar class or a higher class can be provided.

Can I see information about the rental company in Latvia on the website?

On the page of each car you are interested in in Latvia there is a link to the page of the manager responsible for the car. By clicking on it, you will get access to information about the terms and conditions of the rental company and our customers' reviews about them.

Is it possible to contact the employees of the rental company in Latvia to clarify the details?

You can always contact the staff of the rental company in Latvia. The manager's contacts are available on the page of each car - you can send him a message directly through our website.

Do you work on Sunday in Latvia?

Yes, our cars are available for rental any day in Latvia, including Sunday. Just select the dates you need in the search bar and you will see available cars.

What is the loading of parking lots in tourist places in Latvia?

For the cost and conditions of parking in Latvia, we advise you to contact the manager of the rental company after renting a car.

International driving license may be needed in case of a traffic accident in Latvia?

In case of an accident in Latvia, you will need to present the rights for which you rented a car and whose number is indicated in the contract. If these were Russian rights, then they are needed, if the IDP is the same.

Where else do you operate, except Latvia?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Lithuania, find car rentals in Luxembourg and Macedonia. Many tourists want to rent a car in Malta with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

Are there premium cars options with discounts in Latvia?

The pricing policy is determined not by us, but by the rental companies in Latvia. There are usually no discounts, we advise you to choose a car in advance - this is more profitable in price, and you will also have a wider choice. There will be a surcharge during the high season.

We noticed that the car did not disappear from the website and is still available for booking in Latvia, although it seemed that our booking for this car went through. Is it worth sending the request once again?

Some in Latvia companies provide a large number of identical cars - in this case the car will remain in the search results. Do not worry - if you received a voucher, then your rental is confirmed.

Will I receive a booking number while renting a car in Latvia?

Yes, of course, your voucher for car rental in Latvia will be assigned a unique number, which you can always use to make changes, up to cancellation.

How can we book a car in Latvia if we need it urgently?

We can definitely agree on a car in Latvia if you book at least 24 hours before pickup. If there is less than a day left before the time when you wanted to get the car, contact us in any way convenient for you and we will try to come up with something.

I am renting a car in Latvia for 3 days, and the system displays it as 4 days. What could be an issue?

The fact is that the system calculates the rental period by day. If you have, say, the date of receipt is September 1, 10:00, and the return date is September 4, 12:30, the system will consider the difference of 2.5 hours between the time as the next day. Therefore, the time of receipt and return should be monitored when registering a rental in Latvia.

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