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Debeli Brijeg car rental reviews

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Alexander Chernogorodov
Alexander Chernogorodov

Citroen C4 Picasso in Montenegro

Good day to all! It was the first time when we rented a car and our feelings about the services of this company, car rental, can be described in three words: IT WAS COOL !!! Previously, always drove south in his car. Booked through the booking and administrator helped us to settle all the issues of car rental in Montenegro. Already at this stage, Maxim did everything so that we did not worry about anything. We did everything as it was said to us - and we DON'T WORRY. Rest began, immediately, as soon as we flew out of Helsinki. So, starting from the meeting at the airport, everything was going on like oil. The first driver, named Igor, did everything so that we, from the airport, comfortably and quietly got to the place (Bar). Upon arrival at the place of the contract and made a few photos of cars, or rather its external condition. And everything, as if they forgot about us ... ... No one was looking for us and did not bother with questions. And we LOVED it. Used cars quietly. Only on the eve of departure contacted the manager Goran and all issues relating to the delivery of cars and, when you need to be at the airport, were decided quickly. And another driver, unfortunately forgot his name, drove us to the airport very quickly. Indeed, there was no need to worry. We were helped in everything so that only we could rest well. Montenegro is a beautiful and beautiful country. We traveled to this country for several years in a row, but this time, by plane and now we are firmly established that we will go here again. And we will also order cars in this company. Thanks. See you friends.

July 2019

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