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Petrovac car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Roman Kiryukhin
Roman Kiryukhin

Mercedes-Benz A180 Cdi in Montenegro

You gave mercedes . In principle, I am satisfied. But the car must be better monitored! The Mercedes did not have the adjustment of the side mirrors (this is critical) + the brakes creaked and a light on the abnormal state of the brakes was constantly on on the dashboard (this is very critical) + there was no wiper on the rear window + there was an almost empty tank with washer fluid. I will put separately: for the quality of service 5 for car condition 3

September 2021
Nigel Moore
Nigel Moore

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Car in good condition and as described. Delivery/collection on time. Would certainly recommend!

May 2019
Oleksandr Zakrevskyi
Oleksandr Zakrevskyi

Mini Cooper S in Montenegro

Thank you for the site - a convenient way to resolve the issue of travel without overpayments. The wrong car that I ordered came to me. The order was Mini Cooper s roadster 2016, and Mini Cooper cabrio 2013 or 2014 arrived in a different configuration. The car broke down, so another one. This, of course, is more a question of the quality of the services provided by the car owners themselves.

June 2021
Viktor Koriaka
Viktor Koriaka

Renault Clio 3 in Montenegro

I rented a car in Montenegro. Everything went well, satisfied with the service, Goran (representative) did his job well (the car was provided better than ordered)

August 2021
Starikov Nikolai
Starikov Nikolai

Peugeot 207 in Montenegro

In the end, i've gpt paugeot becauseI could have received it a day earlier. Your site is excellent, I will tell you on the channel Vacation Golden mean in the video. The only one where I was able to get a car quickly and at a good price. Peugeot 307 car, old, more than 200 thousand mileage, but covered almost 1000 km and did not disappoint.

September 2021
Augustinas Latvenas
Augustinas Latvenas

Volkswagen Touran in Montenegro

Everything was good, the car is like new, everything works - Navi, Bluetooth audio and etc. Easy and simple pickup and return. It’s great for 7 people - enough space for everyone.

July 2022
Vitalii Kots
Vitalii Kots

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

Thanks, everything is fine.

June 2021
Yulia Nikolaeva
Yulia Nikolaeva

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

Everything went well. By car: no complaints. The car body is clean, the interior is clean, which is nice. Pleased with the relatively new child seat, working properly. This is important for those with children. Drove on time. Contacted in advance. The return is also no problem. In general: everything is clear, without surprises. If we come again, then we will probably return to them. Thanks!

September 2019
Karol Kulik
Karol Kulik

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

it was very good the owners were very nice and even though I manage to scratch it we agreed on certain sum without any problems. We were satisficed in general

June 2022
Alexander Khobotov
Alexander Khobotov

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Everything was perfect!

April 2022
Hubko Oleksandr
Hubko Oleksandr

Skoda Fabia Combi in Montenegro

Everything was great. We recommend your rental. Thanks for everything.

September 2021
Sergey Boronin
Sergey Boronin

Citroen C4 in Montenegro

It is evident that they cleaned it inside, but did not wash the car outside. Compared with the previous guys, of course, on contrary it rings the bell immediately. Probably everyone has their own standards of cleanliness...

July 2019
Bjørnar Sand
Bjørnar Sand

Mini Cooper Cabrio in Montenegro

The mini cooper convertable was a super car and our rental agreement with Dino was very easy. He was helpful and make sure everything was good. I woul recomend him to eveyone else and deffinetly rent from him again next time im in the Budva area :)

August 2019

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Petrovac car rental questions

Is there a discount code I can use for a car rental in Petrovac?

Yes, you can use the code LOCAL for up to 10% off your first car rental in Petrovac.

What is the minimum rental duration in Petrovac?

The minimum rental duration in Petrovac is 1 day, with a 24-hour tariff rate system.

What documents do I need to provide for renting a car in Petrovac?

You'll need to provide your passport and driving license for renting a car in Petrovac.

What are the deposit amounts in Petrovac?

Our deposit amounts in Petrovac are generally low compared to international chains. Cash or cards are accepted for deposit entry, as specified in the terms at checkout.

How can I book a car in Petrovac?

You can book online through our platform for rentals in Petrovac. However, if you need custom assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much prepayment is required for renting a car in Petrovac?

The prepayment for renting a car in Petrovac is generally between 10 to 20%, depending on the supplier. For specific details, please check the booking information related to your rental in Petrovac.

Can I cancel my car rental booking in Petrovac for free?

Yes, you can cancel for free up to 7 days before the rental in Petrovac, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement.

How can I modify my car rental reservation in Petrovac?

To modify your car rental reservation in Petrovac, please contact our customer support. Please note that this may cause additional charges, and you'll need to wait for confirmation that the changes have been accepted.

Can young drivers rent cars in Petrovac?

Yes, young drivers aged 21 and older can rent cars in Petrovac. Additional charges may apply for a 'Young Driver' insurance option.

Is an International Driving License required for car rentals in Petrovac?

No, an International Driving License is not required for car rentals in Petrovac.

What are the driver requirements in Petrovac?

Drivers in Petrovac must be at least 22 years old, have 2+ years of driving experience, agree to terms, and sign a rental contract on pickup. Young drivers may have additional terms.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Petrovac?

Whether a credit card is needed to rent a car in Petrovac depends on the supplier's terms. Use a filter on our platform to narrow down results according to your preferences.

Can I add an additional driver for my car rental in Petrovac?

Yes, most often you can add an additional driver for your car rental in Petrovac, although there may be extra charges.

What is included in the car rental price in Petrovac?

A mandatory free Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in the car rental price in Petrovac.

What about CDW and full insurance options in Petrovac?

CDW and full insurance options in Petrovac depend on the car supplier. Compare and choose your CDW options by checking the "?" icon on our platform. Full coverage with zero liability may be subject to additional terms.

Can I rent a car without a deposit in Petrovac?

A few suppliers in Petrovac provide cars without a deposit, subject to their additional terms. Others may include this as a paid insurance option.

When will my deposit be returned in Petrovac?

Deposits in Petrovac are normally returned immediately if paid in cash, otherwise as specified in the rental terms. Use filters and review information while booking.

Is fuel included in the rental price in Petrovac?

No, fuel is normally not included in the rental price in Petrovac, and it depends on the fuel policy.

What is the franchise amount (deductible) in Petrovac?

The franchise amount (deductible) in Petrovac is the limit of your responsibility in case of an accident. It may be the same, lower, or higher than the deposit.

Can I choose where to collect and drop off my rental car in Petrovac?

Yes, you can select the exact place from available locations to collect and drop off your rental car in Petrovac.

Is car delivery to a custom address available in Petrovac?

Yes, car delivery options to custom addresses are available in Petrovac. Specify your needs in your reservation, but note that additional charges may apply.

What are the working hours for car rental services in Petrovac?

Working hours for car rental services in Petrovac depend on the supplier. Specify in your reservation, but 24/7 delivery and late/early returns are generally okay. There may be charges for non-working time, but we always have options.

Are bank cards accepted on pickup in Petrovac?

Whether bank cards are accepted on pickup in Petrovac depends on the supplier. Check the rental terms at checkout for more information.

Are parking fees included in the rental rate in Petrovac?

No, parking fees are normally not included in the rental rate in Petrovac.

Do you have a best price guarantee in Petrovac?

Yes, we have a best price guarantee for rentals in Petrovac. If you find a better price elsewhere, show us a confirmed voucher and we'll beat that price with an individual offer.

How can I find a better car for rent in Petrovac?

To find a better car for rent in Petrovac, search online on our platform and use filters to narrow down your options.

Are additional equipment options available for rent in Petrovac?

Yes, many additional equipment options are available for rent in Petrovac, such as navigators, child seats, ski racks, and more.

Are cabrio cars available for rent in Petrovac?

Yes, cabrio cars are available for rent in Petrovac, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are minivans available for rent in Petrovac?

Yes, minivans are available for rent in Petrovac, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are SUV 4x4s available for rent in Petrovac?

Yes, SUV 4x4s are available for rent in Petrovac, but we recommend booking early for a wider choice.

Are winter tires provided in Petrovac?

Winter tires will be provided by default in Petrovac during winter due to legal regulations.

Will I get the exact car I see in the photos in Petrovac?

In most cases, you'll get the exact car you see in the photos when renting in Petrovac, but this is a rental vehicle, and there may be no guarantees.

Why should I book a car through you in Petrovac?

Compare yourself! Use the promocode LOCAL for your first booking in Petrovac. We provide the lowest prices, as our suppliers are local family businesses without extra charges and royalty fees.

When will I receive my voucher for rental in Petrovac?

You will receive a rental voucher for your booking in Petrovac within a few hours after approval. Check your email and SPAM folder. After you receive it, switch communication to the rental supplier/manager.

Who are your rental suppliers in Petrovac?

Our car rental suppliers in Petrovac are small to mid-size providers run by local people who strive to satisfy every customer.

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