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Becici car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Mark Wicksteed

Volkswagen Golf 7 in Montenegro

Ivan at Piano is a very good businessman. Great service, communication and competitive pricing. Can recommend

October 2021
Ramazan Chekunov

Mercedes-Benz B180 in Montenegro

Nicola the manager delivered the car on time, quickly executed the necessary papers. Rented a Mercedes B180 in a good configuration, beautiful color, sunroofs. We liked everything, we were satisfied with the service. Thanks! I recommend these guys to everyone! 👍

August 2019
Andrey Kuzemchenko

Renault Fluence in Montenegro

The company from which I rented, including you, is essentially cool, but there are some minor flaws. Just understand, I am not often in Montenegro, and sometimes help is needed in such a situation. In fact, you, as a mediator, acted in renting a car, and you should be interested in having me, as a consumer, delivered during the car. Be in fact in touch from the moment you receive the car until the moment you return it. And for 2 hours not to answer is somehow not beautiful. I will rate 5 out of 5, despite the minor flaws.

July 2021
Aleksandr Karpov

Renault Grand Scenic (6+1) in Montenegro

Everything suited me. Delivery of the car on time, the car is clean. The price is also quite reasonable for a car of this class. I will definitely use your site next time. 4, only because there were technical flaws in the car.

May 2022
Vsevolod Dubyna

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

We ordered a Toyota yaris car for rent, instead they drove a Mercedes for the same money, since the air conditioner did not work in Toyota, we liked it even more. The car was driven under the hotel for the specified time, the car is clean, everything works, leather interior, a car seat for the child, everything is clear. They were also taken from the hotel a day later. I liked everything, I recommend this company to everyone !!!

August 2021
Volodymyr Hlushkov

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

I liked that they provided the car in a short time. I turned in the evening with a request for a car, and early in the morning she was already standing under the house. Arranged quickly, all is well. Dropped the car off with no problems. Thanks for the service. I will contact again.

May 2022
Andrei Volossatohh

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

Thanks to Localcarhires, the car was provided on time, without any pitfalls, our family was pleased with this first experience in Montenegro, I recommend

August 2021
Mikhail Kalinin

Renault Megane Cabrio in Montenegro

I liked everything, nice fellows!

July 2019
Yevhen Hurfinkel

Skoda Fabia Combi in Montenegro

Great car and very convenient service. We booked a car literally at 11, and at 15:00 it was already at our house, despite the fact that there were no cars in any service. No deposit required. The car that was booked was not available (smaller in size), they offered this car - for the same money +/- and it was a hit, since for 5 people with hand luggage this is a chic option. We took the car in Becici and handed it over in Tivat. You do not need to bother with a sink. Telegram questions are answered constantly and quickly. The delivery of the car took place in a matter of seconds. This is the best car rental service used. I wish you success! We will only contact you in the future! 👍

June 2021
Oleksandr Tiurin

Citroen C4 in Montenegro

I got a Citroen C4. The car is normal, but the tires on the car are very budget - slipping on wet asphalt, and also not balanced. The windshield washer did not work, as water was leaving the tank somewhere. The left side mirror is broken and the adjustment does not work. Everything else is OK.

October 2021
Boris Bunkin

Mercedes-Benz CLA in Montenegro

Everything was all right! Thanks for the assistance!

October 2019
Alexander Stamov

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

5 out of 5 points. Auto provided in excellent condition. The manager is very polite, the driver who delivered the car is also very friendly. We are very satisfied. Thanks!

August 2019
Yevhen Protopopov

Renault Megane in Montenegro

Thank you, everything is fine. Everything is clear and simple. The car is in good condition. The owner is a decent person.

September 2021

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