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Kotor car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Laimonas Maigis

Volkswagen Touran in Montenegro

Everything was ok👌

August 2022
Olena Kasian

Skoda Fabia Combi in Montenegro

Excellent, nice car, brought it on time and took it too)))) Thank you very much !!!

October 2021
Yulia Skokova

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

Thanks a lot for the good car Clean, Economic, Perfect Conditioner in the car. Very fast reservation the car, quick answer, support 5 stars, very recommended

August 2021
Andrey Romanov

Citroen C4 in Montenegro

With the rental of car everything went very well. The car was delivered promptly with agreed characteristics at a very low price. There were practically no technical problems with the car, except for one case with loss of engine power caused by injector failure, but after restarting the engine everything was solved. I recommend this person as a reliable provider of services in the field of car hires.

June 2019
Mikhail Zavadskii

Mercedes-Benz E Class Cabrio in Montenegro

Special thanks to the local landlord for their 24/7 support. In case of a small problem with closing the roof, we HAVE ARRIVED from Budva in 20 minutes in Kotor in 20 minutes and showed / repaired everything (earlier, when renting a car from other companies, I learned the way to the only car service in Kotor and its mode of operation). The landlord speaks excellent Russian. The car is clean and in very good condition. We are very pleased with the rental and plan to use the services of this particular company on our next visit to Montenegro. Thank you dear friends!

October 2021
Élodie Quezel

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro


August 2021
Adam Waryan

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

I am very satisfied with the rental. There was an employee waiting for us at the airport at the agreed time with documents and the car. After a short inspection and signing the documents, we could start driving. The car worked well for a whole week, the air conditioning works and it drove up every mountain, and there is no shortage of those in Montenegro. What more could you want? There was also no problem with returning the car at the agreed place in Kotor. Once again, the employee came at the agreed time, took the keys and we said goodbye, continuing our journey to Albania. I recommend Everything went smoothly and if I ever have the opportunity to visit Montenegro again, I will ask them about renting a car in the first place.

August 2019
Matteo Popolizio

Renault Megane in Montenegro

Everything was good, thank you!

December 2021
Benny Rochwerger

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Car and rates were good but what makes this company stand out is the team. Great experience and I highly recommend them

September 2022
Anton Pavlovych

Opel Corsa in Montenegro

The lease was in order, the service representative was quite OK, there were no questions for him. In the car itself, the air conditioner did not work (there was no climate control), or rather it worked, but only in the maximum power position - it was noisy to the maximum and blew with the coldest air, and simply did not work at a lower power. It was a noticeable discomfort. The rest is fine, it is quite possible that I will still use your service in the future.

July 2021
Matthias Drever

Skoda Fabia Combi in Montenegro

Everything goes very good with our car rental. The car was in exellent condition for our trips in your country and if it will be necessary we are hopeful to rent a car through your website again.

August 2021
Dmitry Ivanov

Skoda Rapid in Montenegro

I liked everything, thanks. The cost for minor damage to the bumper seemed a little expensive. But this is a trifle. Otherwise, everything is in accordance with the promises.

June 2021
Artem Bakhmutov

Peugeot 307cc in Montenegro

8/10. Before issuance, they changed the type due to a breakdown: from Peugeot to VW eos, then to Renault 5, the body and the price are the same. There are no issues with the car, everything is fine. A little blunt box, but the corresponding mileage. Delivered a little later, but that day there was a hurricane, terrible traffic jams. There were difficulties with the delivery, someone’s sister, with whom we had not communicated before, was picking up, we could not immediately confirm that it was her (you can’t just give the keys to a stranger). Upon delivery, the car was not checked at all, we left everything in the best possible condition, even with extra fuel, but this may be important for you.

July 2022

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