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Petrovac car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Oleksandr Zakrevskyi

Mini Cooper S in Montenegro

Thank you for the site - a convenient way to resolve the issue of travel without overpayments. The wrong car that I ordered came to me. The order was Mini Cooper s roadster 2016, and Mini Cooper cabrio 2013 or 2014 arrived in a different configuration. The car broke down, so another one. This, of course, is more a question of the quality of the services provided by the car owners themselves.

June 2021
Vladimir Sidorenko

Renault Clio 4 in Montenegro

All was good. Received another car, bigger and better than initially booked. The only thing was to wait half an hour. Due to traffic jams delayed. Otherwise, everything is fine.

August 2019
Vladimir Kiselev

Skoda Rapid in Montenegro

Resting in Montenegro in 2022, I applied to this car rental company twice. The car was provided without any problems. Strictly on time, but the pick up was not tied at all, left the keys and documents in the glove compartment. And that's all. I continue to rest. I recommend this company.

September 2022
Sergey Boronin

Volkswagen Golf 6 in Montenegro

Great condition. Clean!

July 2019
Slawomir Szczesny

Mercedes-Benz A180 Cdi in Montenegro

Hi! instead of Mercedes ,Citroen C4, but everything was great! I can not complain about anything. Next year I will use your company and recommend them to other friends. I'll post a comment on your site. can I there?

July 2022
Augustinas Latvenas

Volkswagen Touran in Montenegro

Everything was good, the car is like new, everything works - Navi, Bluetooth audio and etc. Easy and simple pickup and return. It’s great for 7 people - enough space for everyone.

July 2022
Hubko Oleksandr

Skoda Fabia Combi in Montenegro

Everything was great. We recommend your rental. Thanks for everything.

September 2021
Karol Kulik

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

it was very good the owners were very nice and even though I manage to scratch it we agreed on certain sum without any problems. We were satisficed in general

June 2022
Roman Kiryukhin

Mercedes-Benz A180 Cdi in Montenegro

You gave mercedes . In principle, I am satisfied. But the car must be better monitored! The Mercedes did not have the adjustment of the side mirrors (this is critical) + the brakes creaked and a light on the abnormal state of the brakes was constantly on on the dashboard (this is very critical) + there was no wiper on the rear window + there was an almost empty tank with washer fluid. I will put separately: for the quality of service 5 for car condition 3

September 2021
Starikov Nikolai

Peugeot 207 in Montenegro

In the end, i've gpt paugeot becauseI could have received it a day earlier. Your site is excellent, I will tell you on the channel Vacation Golden mean in the video. The only one where I was able to get a car quickly and at a good price. Peugeot 307 car, old, more than 200 thousand mileage, but covered almost 1000 km and did not disappoint.

September 2021
Konstantin Korenkov

Hyundai Accent in Montenegro

Goran and his drivers are super 👍 The car is simple and reliable, it didn't let me down.

June 2022
Vadim Filipov

Renault Megane Cabrio in Montenegro

Everything went perfectly I was pleased with the car. So I'm satisfied with the service

July 2021
Artem Turlenko

Skoda Rapid in Montenegro

The car is generally in good condition, there are some defects in the bodywork, but it is not new and it was not critical, as always, this car dealer has a clean car outside and in the cabin. What is the "driving characteristics" when picking up speed, namely when shifting gears, the automatic gearbox sags in a set of speed, the car seems to slow down in each gear, maybe I am not aware of how the automatic machine of this car works, but it was somewhat uncomfortable to drive, but in general everything well. It is a pity that it was not possible to book a convertible on the last day of vacation, I had to rebook for this car, but thanks anyway.

September 2020

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Frequent Questions

Can I get my rental car delivered to my hotel in Petrovac?

Yes. Additional delivery charges may apply whether on pick-up or return. Some rental companies in Petrovac may offer free deliveries to some hotels and locations in Petrovac when the rental duration is over a certain amount of days.

What is the best drive route for 7 days from Petrovac?

This popular route could be easily done within a week. Petrovac > Budva > Kotor > Boka Kotorska bay > Kotor > Lovcen > Petrovac

Am I going to get the exact car that I am booking in Petrovac?

Rental companies do their best to supply the exact car that you booked in Petrovac. Every effort will be made to provide the specified make and model of the vehicle. However, in an unlikely case, it may be necessary to supply you with a model from the same or a higher class of cars during your travel to Petrovac.

What kind of car rental insurance do they have in Petrovac?

Third Party Liability (TPL) – provided for free with 100% cars. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – provided for free for 70% of the cars. Super Collision Damage Waiver – provided for free for 15% of the cars.

What are the car rental rules in Petrovac?

We operate with a number of car rental companies in Petrovac, each with their own terms, conditions, charges, and fees. Most important, the terms and conditions are displayed during booking and fixed in your rental Voucher.

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