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Podgorica Airport (TGD) car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Michal Filipowski

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Everything was great, I will definitely rent again on our next trip.

October 2021
Ione Marinelarena

Chevrolet Spark in Montenegro

Everything went very smoothly. Car was as described and I was met right in the arrivals hall.

October 2019
Michal Filipowski

Volkswagen Touran in Montenegro

Car was great, clean and prepaired well for rent, personel was kind and helpfull, there was no pro lem with anything, peacefull mind all holiday ;)

September 2022
Harry Welshman

Renault Clio 3 in Montenegro

Great transition. Very helpful and great price - will certainly use again. In fact we are moving to Montenegro soon so if we need anything car related we will be in touch. Many thanks! Tracey and Harry.

June 2019
Lorena Navarro

Renault Clio in Montenegro

I totally recommend renting with Filip and Bojan, an exquisite treatment. the car is in perfect condition and also does not have a high consumption, without a doubt I will repeat.

July 2022
Patryk Gierach

Volkswagen Touran in Montenegro

Yeah sure, everything went well without any problems with the ordering process. Smoothly and quickly ✌

August 2022
Tetiana Batsenko

Mini Cooper S Turbo in Montenegro

A car was a bit old and had engine check on But otherwise all was great

August 2022
Benny Rochwerger

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Car and rates were good but what makes this company stand out is the team. Great experience and I highly recommend them

September 2022
Robert Januszewicz

Renault Clio 3 in Montenegro

Car was pretty good. It had enough power uphills and it was nice to break engine on downhills. We got clean and washed car according to standards. it had some scraches but it is normal for few years cars. Rental service was nice and fast.

October 2019
Milenko Nikolic

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Za svaku preporuku Vozila odlicna Vrlo fleksibilna ekipa Mozete se osloniti na njih od pocetka do kraja 5 ⭐️

June 2021
Englentino Rama

Renault Clio 3 in Montenegro

Very friendly and professional service. Definitely will use it again and recommend to everyone. Very satisfied.

January 2019
Matej Bendik

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

After reading lots of bad reviews from big car rental companies and how they scam people (especially google reviews from Avis), we decided to look for smaller local company, and it was the best choice ever. Our whole trip was an amazing experience which started with renting a car here. Not only it was much cheaper than any other company, we didn't even have to pay a deposit. We were a bit skeptical because of lack of reviews and it all almost sounded too good to be true, but it was real. The communication was great and straightforward. We picked up the car at Podgorica airport. It took couple of minutes and signing one paper and we were sitting in the car on our way for the road trip through Montenegro. We hired Skoda Fabia. The car looked like brand new, it was very clean and it drove really well. Half way through our trip I wanted to add my girlfriend as an additional driver, so I just messaged them on WhatsApp, wrote her details on the contract and it was done, for free. Returning the car was as easy as picking it up, also took only couple of minutes. There are no hidden fees and no lying, just honest people doing a great job. We will definitely recommend this company to anyone who travels to Montenegro.

June 2021
Kamil Waraksa

Toyota Auris in Montenegro

Everything was excellent 👍 It was really good offer !

October 2022

Podgorica Airport car rental prices

Car rental prices at Podgorica Airport (TGD) vary throughout the year depending on the season and the rental length in days. We’ll list the final rental price, including extras and insurance policies of your choice on your Voucher in EUR. With us, you will always know the exact amount that must be paid on pick up at Podgorica Airport.

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chartAverage car rental prices at Podgorica Airport (TGD) per day throughout the year, 7 days rental duration, delivery across Montenegro not included.

Frequent Questions

Do you provide your own insurance for rental cars at Podgorica airport?

The car rental insurance is always provided by the car rental company.

What is the cheapest car hire at Podgorica airport?

Our cheapest car to rent at Podgorica airport would be a Toyota Aygo 2011 automatic, 1.0, Petrol.

Am I going to get the exact car that I am booking at Podgorica airport?

Rental companies do their best to supply the exact car that you booked at Podgorica airport. Every effort will be made to provide the specified make and model of the vehicle. However, in an unlikely case, it may be necessary to supply you with a model from the same or a higher class of cars during your travel to Podgorica.

Do I have to pay at the time of booking a car at Podgorica airport?

Most rental companies at Podgorica airport will not hold a car for a specific client unless the client has committed to renting it (i.e. prepaid it). We don't require full payment, but we do collect a small deposit as a commitment that you're willing to rent a car at Podgorica airport. This way, we may guarantee that the selected vehicle will be reserved for your car hire. If you change your plans, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before pickup at Podgorica airport (subject to the rental company's Terms).

What kind of car rental insurance do they have at Podgorica airport?

Third Party Liability (TPL) – provided for free with 100% cars. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – provided for free for 70% of the cars. Super Collision Damage Waiver – provided for free for 15% of the cars.

Can I rent a car at Podgorica airport without a credit card?

Some rental companies at Podgorica airport have no deposit rental car offerings or accept debit cards for deposit. Make sure you have enough money on your debit card to lay down a deposit.

Are there cars to rent without a deposit at Podgorica airport?

Most car hires at Podgorica airport ask for a deposit at pick up. Deposit sums in local car hires vary depending on the company and the car class. Expensive cars will ask for a higher deposit than the economy ones. All Deposits are taken to cover the costs of possible expenses. If no costs to the Rental company occur, the Deposit will be fully refunded.

Can I get unlimited mileage for rental cars at Podgorica airport?

3/4 of rental cars at Podgorica airport have unlimited mileage. Those who restrict the number of kilometres usually set it at 200 km per day. The price for extra km varies. Payment for any extra mileage will have to be made on return, unless you purchased Unlimited Mileage when booking.

Can I rent a car at Podgorica airport with no deposit?

Many car hire companies at Podgorica airport have some rental car offerings without deposit required.

What are the car rental rules at Podgorica airport?

We operate with a number of car rental companies at Podgorica airport, each with their own terms, conditions, charges, and fees. Most important, the terms and conditions are displayed during booking and fixed in your rental Voucher.

Can I rent an automatic vehicle at Podgorica airport?

If you wish to rent a vehicle with automatic transmission, look for the Automatic TM displayed on a car page. When searching for a car, you can also use our search filters to hide all manual cars and display cars with Automatic TM only.

How do you calculate car rental prices at Podgorica airport?

Car rental prices at Podgorica airport are based on a 24-hour time period, e.g. if you reserve and pick up your car rental at 10:00 you will have to drop it off the next day at 10:00 the latest so you don't get charged for an additional day. The number of hours that a car rental company at Podgorica airport will wait for a delayed return is entirely at their discretion.

Can I rent a diesel car at Podgorica airport?

We clearly indicate which vehicles are diesel. In most cases, if a diesel vehicle is selected, a diesel vehicle will be provided.

What does TPL insurance cover at Podgorica airport?

In case you injure other road users or damage someone’s property while you’re driving at Podgorica airport, TPL insurance will pay these costs. TPL does not cover any damage to the driver’s own rental car. Unlike many countries in Europe, TPL insurance is NOT required by the laws of Podgorica.

What does CDW rental insurance cover at Podgorica airport?

CDW insurance reduces your liability to your own rental car in case you cause a collision accident at Podgorica airport (that is YOUR fault). CDW sets the maximum amount of money you will have to pay for potential damages. Without CDW, you could be liable for the full cost of the rental vehicle if it were to be damaged. With CDW, you won’t have to pay the full cost of repairs, only contribute to them up to an agreed level. Note that the rental car's wheels, tyres, glass, underbody, roof, keys, locks and aerials are often not covered by the CDW at Podgorica airport.

Is there a full insurance for rental cars at Podgorica airport?

Super CDW (or Full Damage Waiver as some companies call it) cover the car parts that aren’t covered by the CDW (often, the windows, wheels or tyres are not covered by the standard CDW at Podgorica airport). Full insurance may also reduce the returnable Security Deposit and/or Excess so you may be required to leave a lower deposit amount at pick-up or even not pay anything for your own fault damages.

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