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Sveti Stefan car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Montenegro

Konstantin Rettikh

Audi A3 in Montenegro

Everything is fine, everything is in order. I was given a replacement - Touareg. The only caveat is that the car may be of a higher class, but its fuel consumption is slightly higher.

July 2021
Victor Sazonov

Hyundai i20 in Montenegro

The car rental went flawlessly, the car worked properly for the entire lease period, the owners brought the car to our hotel on the first day and met us at the airport upon delivery. They were also very polite and friendly with us, in case of problems on the road they promised instant assistance. but there were no problems. Next year we want to return and we will definitely use your services again! Thank you very much!

September 2021
Roman Lunin

Citroen Grand Picasso in Montenegro

Everything went fine, the car was upgraded, a minimum of questions, the car as in the photo.

October 2021
Dmitriy Ardinovich

Peugeot 107 in Montenegro

Dali Peugeot 107. Another microbus)) Outwardly beaten all over, there were problems with the wiper. It would not hurt to repair the steering rack and check the front shock absorbers. What else to say, for all the time the car did not disappoint us, and thank God it goes. Next time you need to take a car of a higher class

September 2021
Igor Dyachenko

Opel Corsa in Montenegro

Be sure to rent a car in Montenegro !!! We have not found the most profitable option !!! Polite staff, contacted in time, responded to all questions in time! Thank you for the typewriter, looked a lot, impressions - the sea !!! Next time, be sure to use

September 2021
Siarhei Tratsiuk

Opel Corsa in Montenegro

Everything went very well!

July 2022
Anton Demchenkov

Skoda Fabia in Montenegro

This model was not available. But I was promptly provided with a replacement, which suited me.

June 2021
Igor Zakhoda

Citroen Picasso in Montenegro

There are no complaints about the rental, everything is fine, thanks. Probably 4 only because of the state of the Auto.

September 2021
Maksym Malyshkin

Hyundai Accent in Montenegro

With rent everything is ok. There is a remark about the cleanliness of the car interior and the declared fuel consumption. But overall, everything is good.

September 2021
Sviatoslav Tomin

Hyundai i20 in Montenegro

Everything went very well! Nice people and gave a clean and nice car.

September 2021
Denys Bykov

Toyota Yaris in Montenegro

Instead of the Tayota Yaris, I was given a WV Golf 7. I traveled by car almost all over Montenegro. Conclusion - the country is not very convenient in terms of parking and driving, but very beautiful nature. I am 100% satisfied with the lease. I recommend to everyone

August 2021
Vladyslava Romaniuk

Mercedes-Benz A180 Cdi in Montenegro

Everything went great with the rental! To begin with, we did not book in advance, as it should have been. We spontaneously decided to book a car and only on your website could we do it right away. And do not wait for chimes and a long consideration of appeals. Of course, I was very pleased with the price, we got to the promo price. Were ready that the car will be flawed (at least a mechanic without an air conditioner). But they were very pleasantly surprised when they brought a clean, good car, with an air conditioner, on the automat. In general, we were very pleased and even surprised by many things! Thank you for helping to avoid negative emotions and problems!

July 2021
Mihail Hlohlov

Opel Corsa in Montenegro

Everything is fine, we were met at the airport with a name on paper, the car is in order, the guys are always in touch, there were no problems with the delivery.

August 2019

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