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Antalya car rental reviews

Real reviews on local car hires in Turkey

Vitalii Klimenko

Skoda Scala in Turkey

Everything went perfectly. I received the car and gave it to the terminal. With registration, everything is fast and convenient. Calculation and return of the deposit, the amount as agreed. Paid and returned in the same way in the terminal. The machine is in excellent condition, everything worked properly. Thank you very much, I will need to rent I will contact you. I advise everyone!

October 2022
Aleksandr Pavlenko

Renault Symbol in Turkey

everything was fine

March 2021
Aleksei Repin

Hyundai Accent Blue in Turkey

I rented a car for 15 days from December 19, 2022 to January 8, 2023. The declared Hyundai Accent was not in stock, they replaced it with a fresh Fiat Seger diesel. The car turned out to be nimble and economical (4.4 liters per 100 km). The delivery took place in the same place as received (Antalya Airport). I recommend the service, thank you for your help in finding Omer and in providing Sefa services!

January 2023
Denis Shmelev

Renault Clio in Turkey

The car was delivered on time and picked up too. The car is in good condition. There is one complaint. The car was delivered with an empty tank. This is a low move on the part of the lessor, as he hoped to get additional benefit from my unused fuel.

January 2023
Ulan Kairbekov

Ford Focus in Turkey

Everything was great. The owner of the car was very responsive and accommodating. We had to stay 3 extra days. Gokhan extended our lease. The car was also excellent, consumes very little fuel. I recommend.

January 2022
Leonid Pogozhy

Hyundai i20 in Turkey

everything good

November 2021
Viacheslav Lapshin

Opel Astra in Turkey

Everything is fine. I use the second time. Easy choice of car, support works quickly, helped with the choice of car and with payment. The car corresponds to the description, did not disappoint anywhere. All agreed, drove the car to the airport, met with a sign, clearance on the spot for 5 minutes and drove off. Similarly, the delivery of a car, near the entrance to the airport, gave the keys, shook hands and flew

November 2022
Iatsenko Sergei

Fiat Egea in Turkey

Everything was great. The car is good, the service is excellent.

January 2023
Aleksandr Sinitsyn

Renault Symbol in Turkey

Receipt and return are excellent, the machine itself is in poor condition

July 2022
Evgeny Kolesov

Fiat Egea in Turkey

Organization is great, thank you! But the car was not prepared - it was dirty in the cabin, everything fell off and so on. I will try again next year 😀

August 2022
Dmitry Advokatov

Renault Symbol in Turkey

everything went perfectly! we had a slight misunderstanding with the delivery of the car - it was brought to a nearby hotel for some reason, but we figured it out, found each other, explained everything to us in an accessible way, signed the documents and parted. The only thing that was not very convenient was that the car was practically with an empty tank, but it was enough to get to the gas station, so everything was fine :) The driver's side mirror did not hold in the car, but we folded the piece of paper five times, put it between the casing and the mirror and that's it it was great :) otherwise the car is 100% working, I liked everything, what we paid for, we got it, and we paid very cheaply when compared with competitors! There was also a problem with the fact that the car did not come to the hotel either, but we successfully found each other again, the car was checked and we parted, everything ended well. Despite some unfortunate coincidences, I am very pleased and plan to contact you next year if we are in the same region! thanks for your work!

August 2022

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