Rent a Nissan Sunny

Rent a Nissan Sunny

  • Automatic TM
  • 1.5 litres | Petrol
  • 2018 year
  • 130 horse powers
  • 8 litres / 100 km
  • Front wheel drive
  • 5 seats




Refundable deposit is not required Deposit is not required
Refundable deposit Deposit

Mileage limit


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Denis Shchurikov

Having arrived on vacation in the UAE at the end of February 2023, I decided to rent a car and travel around the neighboring emirates and Dubai itself. Before that I read the forums on how and through what company to rent a car (the difficulty was mainly in the absence of a credit card working in the UAE to make a deposit and the search for companies working with Russian cards). I had a choice between two car rental companies but after comparing prices I settled on I booked a car with the delivery to the hotel the next day, receiving and returning the car after 1.5 weeks passed without any problems (upon receipt and delivery, I and a representative of the local rental company, each on his phone took the car inside and outside checked the mileage and the amount of gasoline and I paid the passage of the UAE toll roads in the end). But since I didn't have a valid credit card, I paid the deposit in cash in the amount of 1500 dirhams. The local rental company had promised a refund in 3 weeks to my bank account or via money transfer. When I returned home and waited for my deposit to be refunded, I wrote to the local rental company representative about the deadline to send me my deposit. I gave them my bank account number (Raiffeisenbank accepts SWIFT transfers from UAE) and the second way through a money transfer system CONTACT (there are also points of acceptance in the UAE). But then the local company in the chat messaging on messaging that send via SWIFT to Russia will not work, and the system KONTAKT they do not know and can only offer Western Union (which does not accept remittances to Russia). In my correspondence with them passed 10 days and finally my annual question "When will I get my deposit refund?" and the answer of the local rental company "We are dealing with this problem. The dialogue for a refund came to a standstill. So I decided to seek help from, the company through which I had booked my car from a local. After my explanation of the problem with the refund of the deposit, the support service contacted the local rental company and within three days, the local company returned the deposit to me (via money transfer system CONTACT, there are many money transfer offices in the UAE, including the popular Al Ansari Exchange network available in almost all malls). In my situation, the fact that I booked a car through a major rental company did not allow the locals to wash out my deposit.

Dubai, UAE






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Child seats


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